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Monday, June 19, 2006

Imprisonment Through Complacency - Terace Bundy

Greetings Jared Page:

You have done the American people a good service by publicizing the account of the prosecution of Terace Bundy in your article, as per the web site at . But just as important is to understand the Laws that bring what can often only be described as insanity about, and how they test and affect each one of us in this life. When Martha Stewart was prosecuted for a crime that all of us would be guilty of (see ), I wrote a number of articles on the Laws -- Laws which were acknowledge by the framers of the Constitution in the phrase "the Laws of Nature, and Nature's God" -- and how our Constitution was founded upon certain principles that would free the American people from entanglement in the Laws. Free, that is, only so long as the people were to remain faithful to these Constitutional principles -- and faithfulness to the Laws would enable them to better be able to find success in all their endeavors they seek. At the same time that I wrote about Martha Stewart, I demonstrated that often when government acts against another individual -- many times concealing and cloaking an even greater sin and abridgement of the Higher Laws -- that this has the effect of shackling the people who complacently ignore the persecution of the often innocent, while the politically elite and connected are given a free pass as in the case of the Town of Hempstead prosecuting attorney (see ) who all officials and law enforcement authorities looked the other way and ignored his fraud and criminal behavior that far exceeded that of Martha Stewart.

I have continually observed these cases that are perpetually brought to the attention of the people -- and often is used as a means of testing the individual. And while the Bible states that we are all being tested, because they fail to understand the Laws, few people are able to relate this to their own lives -- and the fact that the tests with which we are presented, are rarely ever as we would imagine. Where most people feel they are only accountable for their own actions, they forget the words of Jesus that: "As you do unto the least of them, you do unto me!" And by ignoring the plight of others, they in effect condemn and judge themselves. And what this means is that while this poor mother Terace Bundy is being pursued by a Constitutionally apathetic law enforcement and judiciary, it is the people who are looking on as observers that being tested. Those who are complacent, and ignore the attack on Terace Bundy, will themselves be entangled in the Laws that will not only keep them in a future state of ignorance, but are very much as debts that must be paid back.

If you have any means to get the above links to Terace Bundy which explain how the Laws bring these cases about, you would be doing her, her family and friends a great service. People who permit themselves to become shackled by the Laws -- which many people often call karma (see ) -- remain very much as Jesus portrayed them as imprisoned. In addition to the above article on the Laws, there is more written on how the minds and lives of these people become imprisoned by the Laws, and unable to comprehend higher reality, at the following link ( ). And if you desire to help Terace Bundy to understand the reasons why she is being persecuted for something that each and every one of us might ourselves do exactly as she did, then you will find a way to forward this information to her. If she reacts to her persecutors with the right mindset, she can invoke the Laws that can destroy their power to do evil, as stated in the words: "Therefore 'If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink; for in so doing you will heap coals of fire on his head.' Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good" (Rom 12:20-21 NKJ).

Further, if you choose to enlighten others with respect to the impact that their own complacency has to people being victimized by government that is guilty of Constitutional apostasy, then you will be doing others a good service also. As the Spiritual Leader of the Ebionites ( ), and the soul who previously lived as the Brother of Jesus ( ), I am using the case of Terace Bundy across my forums world-wide as an example of how people are tested in this life. And the quagmire that is portrayed on the web site at ), is how people become imprisoned in what has been portrayed as Plato's Cave ( ) -- which in the Bible is parallel to how the prodigal son falls under the control of what Jesus portrayed as the "citizen of the far country". Additionally, I will use the above case in how complacency to the abuses of government entangles those who close their eyes to the plight of their brothers and sisters, in my two Blogs that I recently began in addition to my many web sites and forums. To all the people who look to me as a spiritual advisor, I am using the above as an example of how complacency entangles souls in the quagmire of the Laws -- Laws which shackled them to the reality portrayed in the parable of the biblical Prodigal Son and Plato's Cave -- and how those who are complacent to the persecution of others, are maintained in a state of spiritual ignorance which Jesus portrayed as being imprisoned -- or even when he said, "let the dead bury the dead." I will also fax a copy of this e-mail to the numbers on the noted web site at -- so the authorities responsible are aware of the manner they are bringing judgement upon themselves -- and are entangling others in their evil.

GodSpeed In TheWay,
Allan Cronshaw
Long Island, NY


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