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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Iraq - Democracy - School Choice And Constitutional Apostasy

When I was watching George Bush land in Baghdad, it appears that few of his critics understand what he is attempting to accomplish. The last people Americans encountered who believed it was a higher calling to die for their god, was the Japanese in WWII -- and this forgotten reality played heavily into the factor of why Truman dropped the atomic bomb on Japan in order to drive them to surrender. His father, the previous President Bush, had been shot down as a pilot, and actually swam away from land because the Japanese had been eating the organs of the Americans they captured. And in seeing the similarities between the Japanese, and radical Islam who both believed it is an honor and obligation to die for their god, President Bush is attempting to provide a very holistic solution to the barbaric violence which not only permeats much of Islam -- violence directed not only towards non-Muslims and women, but also Muslims who are members of other sects within Islam. Yet, when I saw the picture of President Bush landing in Iraq, what came to mind is the American hypocrisy and Constitutional apostasy that engulfs us as a nation.

On the Brother of Yeshua ( ) web site I just added a cartoon-like picture where the man asks: "Please Jesus. Protect me from your followers". Sadly, this is in like-manner true of the democracy practiced by most Americans. In contradistinction to liberal utopian philosophical speculation where they proclaim that all we need is love, conservatives such as the president tend to focus on a solution that will realistically cure and alleviate the problem. While George Bush has realized that the problem with Islam is seen in the fact that the people are ruled over by religious dictators who not only keep the people poor -- but use this poverty and ignorance as a catalyst to invoke hatred of others -- the president reasons that by bringing about an environment of freedom and liberty in Iraq, that it will become like a holistic introduction of antibodies which will eventually cure the sickness of the whole Islamic world as other Muslim nations seek this same liberty for their own selves. But sadly, for many reasons understood only by the few who understand the Laws of this realm, George Bush's good intentions will ultimately fail.

One of the problems with the people of this world is seen in the fact that they rarely if ever listen to the few who actually understand this world and the Laws that move it. Thus, only when they are shackled and suffering, are they willing to embrace Higher Wisdom. As a soul who has not only walked with Yeshua in past lives -- has myself many times returned to this physical realm -- and has directly interacted with the Higher Echelon of Souls in the Kingdom that many would call Angelic -- one of the gravest sins of mankind is when we either force others into a predetermined role against their will, or are complacent to this abuse of both secular and theocratic power exercised by those who George Sowell portrays as The Self Anointed. As the wisdom proclaims in the words that, he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword, when we force others into a role against their will, then we will ourselves loose our own freedom in the future. While many will make the case for and against abortion -- for and against such things as homosexuality -- and for and against a whole collective variety of concepts of morality and standards -- or lack thereof -- as a people who have been blessed, and exemplify freedom and liberty to the world, perhaps one of the greatest collective sins of our nation is in our own lack of school choice that secular activists promote under the cloak of separation of church and state. And why the Christians even tolerate sending their children into such a spiritually devastating environment, is perhaps the epitome of their own abject religious failings. As I recently told a Southern Baptist: Because Christians are not faithful with the things that are within their power to change, such as the education of the American children, the knowledge of the Higher Mysteries of God has been withheld from them.

No doubt if the Religious Right could get away with it, they would force every child into a theocratic type of school. But what about their secular opposites? Are the people as equally protected against the Left? When the objective is to indoctrinate someone else's children into your own ideology, as the so-called un-liberal Left is attempting to accomplish in the public schools, the result is that they are not only responsible for the harm they are perpetrating upon the children, but they will in the future lose their own freedom and liberty. And the fact that we fail to remember our more distant past ( see ), and we don't know the answers to the many tests of life ( see ), is all part of the School House environment that this realm is. In the same way that an integral part of the Golden Rule is to do unto others as we would want them to do unto us -- when we support a system that forces other people's children into a philosophy, mindset and lifestyle against their own choice, then it is we the people who will in time be the greatest loosers. That we fail to perceive the longterm results of our actions, and inactions, is all part of the learning environment of this world. If we knew the answers to the tests of life beforehand, then the lessons of life would be totally undermined. So as stated at the above Divine Strategery web site, the answers to the many tests of life are withheld from most of us, in order to ensure that the learning environment of this world is not compromised.

Jesus had great compassion upon the multitudes, because he understood that there was a pre-existing reason for their torments. Jesus knew that every ill and malady of mankind -- whether moral, mental, physical, or spiritual -- has a pre-existing cause that we have inflicted upon ourselves. And often the tests of life are not so much a judgement of sin -- but rather, our own failure to observe the Golden Rule. Knowing what has been portrayed as the Laws of Nature and Nature's God, our Constitutional framers sought to insure that as a people, we were never overcome by the sickness of either secular or theocratic control of our lives. The whole concept of government schools that, under the cloak of education, attempts to indoctrinate the thinking of young impressionable children into a homogenizing ideology that totally alienates them from their own soul and inner spiritual nature, is not only Constitutionally reprehensible, but is in absolute opposition to man's gift of higher reasoning and sensibilities. That we are blind to this fact, is a far greater failing of the many tests of life, than what most people would consider immorality and sin.


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