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Monday, June 12, 2006

Why The Right Gets It Wrong, And The Left Doesn't Get It At All

I so liked the title of Jim Wallis book, God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It, that I decided to use it as part of my response to the Christianity Today and Lisa Ann Cockrel's interview with Brian McLaren on the implications of the Da Vinci Code. You can find my web page containing the below letter which is entitled Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right If Mr. Wallis or Sojourners magazine would like to respond to what I have written, then I would be glad to engage them in dialogue. The Truth is not in who is right or who is wrong with respect to liberals and conservatives -- but rather, the degree of truth that each side possesses, and how blind each side is in their condemnation of the other. That the Right gets it wrong, and the Left doesn't get it, is because each is attempting to create manmade doctrines in the endeavor to explain the great voids created by the Church of Constantine. And while the Da Vinci Code has begun to initiate many questions regarding the divinity of Jesus -- which has in turn spawned many inquiries into why the original Ebionites were condemned by the Gentiles who were generally too heathen to comprehend and embrace the very spiritual teachings of Jesus and TheWay -- eventually the world will take notice that the Truth was known all along, but the Church (liberal and conservative) chose to ignore what the Hand of God provided in answer to their prayers for greater truth and understanding.


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