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Friday, July 14, 2006

Reply To Free Muslim Coalition - Israeli And Palestinian Violence

Upon receiving an invitation from Free Muslims to enter a comment into their Blog ( ) on a solution to the Israeli and Palestinian violence, let me state that none of the suggestions offered can work, because the only solution is spiritual. If a cure is to be brought about, then you must wholistically go to the source of the disease -- and the source can neither be satisfied by negotiations, or continued war and conflict. Modern Quantum Physics has proven the vision of the Mystic, and confirmed that all events that originate in this physical realm, are brought about in causal realities which originate in the Etheric levels, which the modern scientist calls the field -- and are manifest in this realm by virtue of the Laws (Of God). As explained in a number of my letters to the media and various Christian groups (see ), the Hand of God has provided mankind important scriptures that would restore the spiritual essence of Christianity, and greatly impact both Judaism and Islam. When the Church ignored what had been placed in their hands, violence ensued -- and in his own ignorance, Pope John Paul II invoked further Laws ( ) by withholding important scriptures that belong to the people -- and are necessary for both Peace and Spiritual Rebirth. This was further detailed in a letter to President Bush ( ) who was of course judged by John Paul, even though his Church was the cause of the violence that had been brought about by the Laws.

Modern Jews have all but admitted that Jesus was the inauguration of the Final Temple which is Spiritual (see ). And it was the Hand of God that brought about the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple. Islam came into existence because of the corruption of Christianity ( ) which Paul predicted would worship the antichrist under Pagan Rome. But Islam itself became corrupted, and has become part of the threefold problem that can only be overcome when the three religions are restored to their original spiritual essence. Christianity is the key, because in addition to the above noted scriptures that remain concealed in the Vatican Archives, there exists five (5) libraries of scriptures which would begin the process of spiritual transformation (see ), and this would cause all three religions to re-evaluate many of their positions that separate them both doctrinally and politically. And so long as the three religions -- and especially Christianity -- continues to reject what the very Hand of God has given them, then even greater violence and conflict will ensue in the future.

Brother Of Jesus


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