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Friday, July 21, 2006

Spiritual Submission - The Failing Of The Three Religions

Shalom, Peace,

I find it odd that in all the comments everyone is ignoring the actual problem to the conflict. In the same way that Islam is a religion of submission, so too is Christianity a religion of enlightenment, and Judaism a religion of Messiah. And while all these religions make similar claims, there is a great void of Muslims who are submissive to Peace, Christians that are Enlightened, and Jewish Messiahs. Is God Jewish? Is He Christian? Is Allah a Muslim? The divisions of the religions represent a division of mind, and it is little different than the 3 blind men looking at the elephant and each explaining it according to the part that they can feel. Only the whole picture restores the Truth, and you cannot find the whole picture while squabbling over which sectarian dogmatic tradition is correct. As Brother of Yeshua stated, the problem is spiritual and requires a spiritual solution. Spiritual does not mean that we all need to read a set of notes that one religion considers mainstream over another. Spiritual means that each of us must look beyond the letter of EVERY text and see the SAME source that exists within, then we will all be looking at the SAME God. And the only way to do this is to begin to change yourself, to open your heart and mind to the scriptures and instead of interpreting them literally in an outward and demonic fashion to turn them inward and make the ultimate sacrifice of self by living a consecrated lifestyle to God/Allah in accord with the tenants of Peace.

It is interesting to note that one blogger comment brought up the silence of the Muslim community as a result of murders, and yet violence is the only solution offered as a result of "politically incorrect" cartoons. Surely this is a message of "my way" or "my way" according to the Muslims - this is not freedom or peace, nor the teachings of the Prophet, who would be ashamed to call himself Muslim at the present time. To promote peace it must be lived throughout every aspect of our lives, and this is only done by living a Spirit filled life in accord to the highest tenants of Truth that we have received.

Any Muslim who supports the violence that is conducted should be ashamed. And the fact that if a True Muslim where to speak out in the Muslim community he would be silenced as readily as those who are considered allies of the enemy is an example of extreme intolerance. True Muslims cannot practice their religious observance because of fear, unless the Muslims who know the Truth speak out an condemn the violence as having nothing in common with True Islam they are as guilty as those who commit the violence themselves. But this cannot happen while they fear for their lives - which is a result of the LACK of free speech -- largely due to intolerance.

There is yet to surface additional scriptures that will put all those Muslims who commit violence in the name of Allah to shame. Christians who cut themselves off from their own religion in the 4th Century will be no better off, and Jews will have an opportunity to either embrace the true teachings that are inherent in their own religion, or perish with the backlash.

Messiah cannot come to those who are not themselves fulfilling the conditions of the higher path to Peace, and this path is a narrow, narrow road. Mohammad's first wife was an Ebionite princess and his uncle a Nestorian monk. The Prophet was taught by the inner teachings that we must all take care to abide by, and anyone who has been given the wisdom from On High knows that within each of these religions are principles of Truth that have been corrupted by those who are too carnal, too "Jewish" to accept them - as were the Pharisees and all teachers of this world become who fail to Know Thyself. The wisdom of God/Allah is to look to the source, the heart of the scriptures that have been placed within each of your cultural hands, and fulfill the essence of these teachings throughout your daily lives. Then and only then can you know and be revealed the Truth and see the picture clearly as a whole, just as the Prophet does.

Peace, Love, and Light in TheWay,

Ebionite of the Nazirene Vow of Consecration
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