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Friday, August 18, 2006

The Law Of Octaves And The Failure Of All Manmade Institutions

The article on the Institutionalization of AIDS by LifeSite ( ) is important to understand, because it is typical of ALL manmade institutions which become corrupted by the Law of Octaves ( ). Moreover, that ALL institutions of man very quickly become corrupted -- and are in fact corrupted by the Laws that control this realm -- is the reason why there can be no true church of this world or government for and of the People. Star Parker has correctly pointed out that a new form of slavery has befallen the black race, and racism has become a self-perpetuating commodity and institution (see ). What the Churches fail to understand is the fact that Jesus never started a Church of this world -- and he taught that the Kingdom was purely spiritual, and not of this world (see ) -- because this world is incomplete without its spiritual opposite, and all the religions of mankind will very quickly fall to utter failure, when the corrupting reality of the Law of Octaves is not recognized by true visionaries who are able to foresee the natural currents which move the hearts of mankind.
Our Constitutional framers were Deists and Masons who possessed a greater understanding of the Laws which control this world which they portrayed as the Laws of Nature and Nature's God. And in possessing this esoteric wisdom and knowledge, they set about to form a government that would not become immersed in the bureaucratic quagmire that is presently choking it under the cloak of liberalism and socialism. And because our political leaders no longer possess this fundamental knowledge of the workings of the Laws, they are not much different than the spiritually apostate religious leaders who have turned our churches into a self-serving and self-perpetuating commodity. And in the same way that our churches and religious institutions have little in common with the original purpose and intent of the teachings of Jesus and TheWay as a means to bring about the manifestation of the Spiritual Kingdom within ( ), the whole purpose and intent of our present-day government has turned upon its very First Principles as foreseen by those who understood the Law of Octaves and the plight of mankind. And if modern man is to begin to emerge from the vast and consuming ignorance that has befallen our present-day culture, then he is going to have to return to his American Constitutional Roots -- and begin to understand the Laws that control and bring about ALL events in this realm. In the same way that once the spiritual essence was severed by pseudo-priests who attempted to recreate the Church as a worldly institution that, while on the surface appeared spiritual, was as a whitewashed sepulchre that was inwardly dead, so too has Americans permitted this same death to come upon our modern political and societal culture.
The below example of how AIDS has become institutionalized, and now has a self-serving life of its own, is merely an example of ALL institutions whose leaders are ignorant of the manner in which the Law of Octaves ALWAYS turns ALL groups, organizations, religious and secular institutions against their First Principles. Communism failed, because it did not understand the Law of Octaves. The same is true of Socialism, as well as our own pseudo-Constitutional form of government that is no longer serving the best interests of We The People. And so long as we continue to educate young minds apart from an understanding of the underlying Laws that control the realities and events of this world, then we will continue to walk the broad-way of self-imposed ignorance and ever shifting political winds that encompass us in their devastating and often brutal quagmires of human suffering and unnecessary turmoil. Knowledge is Power -- and Knowledge begins with the foundational Cause and Effect reality that we either comprehend and rule over, or become victims to by virtue of our groping in the darkness of our own politically correct self-imposed devices of ignorance.


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