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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Reply To Islam Not The Problem

The below was sent to the editor of in response to the opinion of Dr. James Zogby that Islam is not the problem.

Shalom Tom Paine:
In reply to Dr. James Zogby who authored the article that Islam Not the Problem @
Where does the Truth lie? Below you will find a letter I sent to Pope Benedict this morning which addresses the crux of the problem that Dr. Zogby does not want to face -- i.e., the corruption of the world's sacred writings by those who use religion for their own purposes, and man's alienation from both the Truth and the Kingdom of God by the leaders of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. And while Dr. Zogby's suggestion that the pope remove the beam from his own eye before he speaks the truth about Islam may sound reasonable to the foolish, the fact that the Church of Rome was in the past entirely corrupted and violated the Rights of Man in much the same way that Islam is today, is simply not a rational excuse for the abomination that is being carried out by a segment of Islam -- whereby they promote the counterfeit teaching that God desires them to murder the innocent.
As stated on the Brother of Yeshua/Jesus Blog entry Should Pope Have Spoken - Denial of Truth Messiah/Christ -- neither Mohammed, nor his God Allah, stated the words that I have portrayed as Satanic Verses which Islam has used almost since its inception to convert people by the sword. And that the followers of Mohammed corrupted the Qur'an, is as true as the fact that the Christians corrupted the Bible (see ). Which means that in the same way that the Muslims accuse the Christians of the idolatry of worshiping the man Jesus as God, the Muslims are engaging in an even greater sin of murder in the Name of God. And if Pope Benedict fails to witness to the Truth as expressed in the below, then the pope will have the blood of the innocent on his own hands, as does the Muslims who are even complacent to the evil of Islam is today.
While counterfeit shepherds routinely corrupt the scriptures in order to make them serve their own needs, every man, woman and child is a Divine Expression of the Most High, and are all responsible for Knowing the Truth. And this is why Yeshua/Jesus condemned the Pharisees, because as counterfeit shepherds they were leading the people in the wrong direction. And while the counterfeit shepherds of Islam can kill the body of Pope Benedict and the innocent people of the earth, so long as they cling to the Truth, the Islamic despots who murder in the name of their god, cannot deprive the people they kill of their soul. It is an absolute abomination to murder in the name of God -- and all Muslims who themselves turn a complacent blind eye -- or attempt to justify this horrendous sacrilegious abomination which is being perpetratred by counterfeit shepherds -- will themselves be held accountable.
This letter is being copied to Dr. Zogby and the Arab American Institute, so that they might know that what the Catholics did in the past, does not in any manner justify what the Muslims are doing today. And if they fail to declare to the world that God does not in any manner condone the murder of others, then they will themselves be held accountable.
GodSpeed in TheWay,
Allan Cronshaw
Long Island, NY
The soul who lived as Jacob,
The Brother of Yeshua/Jesus


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