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Monday, January 08, 2007

Reply To Dr. Tony Campolo - The Failure Of Liberal Christianity

To my reply to the Rev. Dr. Tony Campolo entitled Tony Campolo's Misguided Letters To A Young Evangelical, I wrote the following to James Warren:

Shalom James:
I am responding to both his book and positions. I am hated by the Religious Right -- and in their spiritual ignorance, they perceive what I write throughout my many web sites and forums as satanic. And in view of the fact that I can prove all that I write, they remain in doctrinal denial and simply stay as far away from me as they can get. On the Ebionite web site you will see an article in opposition to Jerry Falwall ( ). And while I am sympathetic to the positions of Dr. Campolo, his secular methods are spiritually devastating.
I fully realize that it is difficult to understand the Laws that the Bible states controls all of man's actions in this world, without first understanding what Jesus called the Mysteries of God that were never revealed in the letter of the written word. But to be effective, the answer to man's dilemma has to be drawn from a new direction that will simultaneously resolve his present spiritual void, while also alleviating his physical sufferings. Thus, there not only must be a balance between left and right, this balance must wholistically satisfy the requirements of body, mind/soul and spirit -- and actively lead the people in TheWay.
In my Blog reply to Dr. Campolo, I reference the article at -- but there is a more compassionate version from a purely Christian and biblical perspective at this link . Using the Bible, I not only demonstrate that the doctrines of the Religious Right are condemned and in grave error, but they are blind guides who are leading their flocks in the proverbial ditch. And while I am sympathetic to their conservatism, what is spiritually unforgivable is their narrow minded reliance upon what is clearly demonstrated to be the doctrines of men. While Dr. Campolo is visionary in his compassion for the poor, in not understanding both the Laws as they move the lives of men, and the higher Mysteries of God that were only taught in private to Yeshua's most faithful of disciples, Dr. Campolo's condemnation of the right is invoking the Laws against himself and inhibiting what he is striving to accomplish. Christians not only need to maintain spiritual standards while seeking the Truth of the Kingdom ( ), but part of the outward practice of their religion should be the care and wellbeing of their brothers and sisters. And the path they walk must lead to Wholeness -- i.e., the harmonic balance of physical, mind/soul and spirit in the fulfillment to actively seek the Kingdom. And the secular solutions which rob the poor of their souls, is simply not the answer to the dilemma of the Laws that have orchestrated the present lives of the poor and downtrodden. One of the paramount aspects of Yeshua's teachings was to do what was right, while not leaving the other undone -- "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faith. These you ought to have done, without leaving the others undone" (Matt 23:23 NKJ). Thus, the answer is not a choice between this or that -- as in left or right -- but rather, the spiritual integration of Higher Truth that initiates Wholeness and releases the prodigal sons and daughters from the shackles of the "citizen" of this world.
GodSpeed in TheWay,
Allan Cronshaw

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Thanks for you email. Are you seeking a reply from Dr. Campolo, or just kind enough to share your thoughts? From reading your email, I can’t tell if you are responding to the actual, or if you did indeed read this book.
Many thanks,

James Warren
Executive Assistant to Dr. Anthony Campolo, Bart Campolo and Shane Claiborne
EAPE, Office Administrator
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