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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Is Gnosis Concealed?

Shalom Seekers:
In my mail today I got some advertisements selling various books on the Zohar, and I copied this statement because of it's relevance: It's not that The Zohar is really hidden. The field of which The Zohar speaks is completely open. So why do we call it "hidden"? It is hidden only with respect to us, to our inborn perception ability. In order to perceive what The Zohar speaks about, we need to transform our perception so that it "moves" closer to the level of perception from where The Zohar speaks. Then we won't read its stories as some kind of abstract imagination about roses and donkeys, but we will see the qualitative, inner part of it through our own inner correspondence of qualities with its author. This is a long way from us.
Actually, there is nothing that is hidden from the people of this world -- they are just blind. Why doesn't organic man see, perceive and understand what lies before him? While it is true that the body-senses, and the body-mind, in it natural state, can only perceive and comprehend the vibratory frequencies of the earth, but also the fact that organic man is in a constant struggle to free himself from the shackles of his own thinking. If the author of one of these books on the Zohar was to take the next step, and state that the Torah and related writings have absolutely nothing to do with the Jewish people -- and that the usage of what is portrayed in the Jew is parallel to that of the usage of "...roses and donkeys", he would very quickly be rejected as an apostate from Judaism -- i.e., a Jew who hates Jews. Thus, Judaism itself becomes a barrier that causes seekers who align themselves with Judaism, to become spiritually flat-lined. And what we have here is one of the primary causes of why few seekers ever achieve soul-birth.
It was suggested by Suzanne on the reincarnation forum that I am an infidel -- a betrayer to the teachings of Yeshua and TheWay, because I refuse to worship one who is my brother, and I convey the reality that the New Testament isn't about a man named Jesus. And the mere fact that I often make this statement, causes me to be condemned as a heretic. But in truth, myself and others in this forum know, what others do not know, because over the course of countless lifetimes we were willing to break the cultural, religious and philosophical shackles of this world, and seek Truth over the doctrines and opinions of men.
There is no such thing as a Jewish soul. There is no such thing as a female soul. My wife is often amazed at how other women expect her to side with the, because of their gender. And in many respects, women's groups are often the greatest of shackles for women to overcome. Unlike Caucasian men, the black race has additional shackles which makes them slaves to this world, because they align themselves to the body. Jews, women, the black race, are all victimized by the very victim mindset that engulfs them. Their minority status which has often caused them to perceive themselves as having been suppressed or victimized, causes them to align themselves with the body that they presently inhabit. Like the Jew who is under the grave misconception that the Torah is about a historical Jewish people. Or the Christians who believe that the New Testament is about a man named Jesus.
Personally, I don't even like to align myself with what is portrayed in the word man. I have absolutely nothing in common with men. And since I perceive that I am limitless and without organic bounds, it is easy for me to raise up in consciousness, and simply use the body-vessel as a tool -- much like us use tools to create a piece of furniture. Like a lathe, a table saw, a radial arm saw, a router, or my shaper that has at times attempted to kill me, at present I am using this body-tool -- but in the formation of my soul-self who is my constant companion, we have used many such body-tools. And while in the present, the Jews reject me -- and yet, unbeknownst to them, they constantly draw upon my wisdom when I lived as a Jew. And while in the present, the Christians call me a demon possessed heretic -- and yet, unbeknownst to them, they constantly use the Book that is drawn from original writings that I composed in the past.
The Epistle to the Galatians was derived from the Marconite Churches which were said to be acetic, Gnostic, and extremely anti-Jewish. In this Epistle the author condemns the literal interpretation of the scriptures -- going so far as to portray Abraham as a mere allegory. And in the realization that the organic people of this world always reject the truth, the author states: "Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" (Gal 4:16 KJV). And with few exceptions, the answer is always YES!!! So much so, that I use this statement in a graphic on both the article entitled The Lie ( -- and the milk-blended version of the Complacent Christian at .
As Valentinus warns, few seekers ever succeed in bringing about the process of soul-birth, even once in the course of their past lives, because while they are willing to move beyond the thinking of the masses, they generally have their limits in how far they will go. So, from life to life -- over the course of eons -- they move so far, and then they can't move beyond the group mindset that they are a part of. Moreover, the moment that they tell the people the Truth -- supposing for a moment that they even had an inkling of this higher Wisdom and Understanding that gives birth to the Upper Knowledge sphere of the Tree of Life -- is that the moment that they even suggest the Truth of even the minor mysteries of the reality of the soul, they are immediately condemned and rejected by the very group they were a part of, as a heretic and apostate.
Myself -- and recently others who have been perhaps portrayed as the Magnificent Seven -- have been accused of driving (intelligent) people off of this forum. But more factually, these people are simply not prepared to release themselves from the comfort of their organic limitations which provide them with the necessary companionship with the people and groups they interact with. And often, the very ideas and concepts of salvation that they cling to, is their greatest shackle that enslaves them. In the same way that the Jehovah's Witnesses have concluded that God has to have a Church in this world, each person attempts to see themselves aligned with the group who pass the tests of life. And it is simply beyond their (organic) ability to free themselves from the group mindset. And since I maintain that there is no such group in this world -- and that on one paradoxical level, man's whole understanding of salvation is counterfeit -- while on another paradoxical level that is beyond his ability to comprehend, his temporal fear of salvation is very real -- the fact of the matter is that it is impossible to convey to the organic mind of man the dimensions of his own higher soul-reality -- because it is a reality that nothing in this life has even prepared him to understand and come to terms with.


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