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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Will Islam Save Christianity From The Dung-Heap?

While they call themselves liberals, they not only promote censorship, but in every thing they do, they attempt to suppress the First Amendment Freedom of Religion. Liberal has come to mean that they reject all moral and spiritual standards -- as demonstrated by the two Democrat Governors of New York. And in California, the most liberal state of the Union, the judges who legislate from the bench are leading the secular progressive attempt to outlaw HomeSchooling (see Articles). Why? Liberal has come to embody the modern secularized definition of religion -- which, other than lip service when needed to motivate people who are seen as overly superstitious, the liberals are those who have attempted to ban genuine religion from the cultural arena, and relegate the very belief in God to the philosophical closet. Spiritual impostors such as the Rev. Jim Wallis who attempts to promote Carl Marx in religious sheep's attire (see Why The Right Gets It Wrong, And The Left Doesn't Get It) -- strive to convince gullible wannabe socialists that the whole of Jesus' teachings were focused on government programs to care for the poor. And as demonstrated in the foregoing article, the un-liberal left is actually supported by those who are portrayed as the Religious Right, who continue to promote the doctrines of Pagan Rome, while suppressing the original teachings of Jesus known as TheWay. And while it is easily proven using the Bible that the original Ebionite Nazirene Disciples of Jesus who physically walked and talked with him were correct (see Ebionite), and Jesus was not God as believed by the Romans who were too heathen to understand the spiritual nature of these teachings (see ), the doctrines of Martin Luther (see Luther) have so spiritually castrated Christians, and made them complacent (see The Judgment Of The Lukewarm Believer), that the Church as a whole has been cast into a Spiritual Diaspora (see Diaspora).

Relying upon the Secular Progressive's definition of religion, California Appeals Court Judge H. Walt Croskey basically outlawed HomeSchooling in the state (see Articles). And as presented in the recent article by WorldNetDaily entitled Teachers Union To Decide Fate Of HomeSchooling (see also Copy of Article), because Judge Croskey has come under fire for his decision, he has enlisted the aid of other Secular Progressives to rehear the matter. But what is the real matter? What few people realize, is the fact that what is actually on trial, is the authenticity of the Church itself. Christians who observe the command to teach their children to live in TheWay, have been ordered to sacrifice their children on the altar of secular ordained hedonist immorality and carnal excess! Which has invoked the question that has been set before them: Is the modern Church version of Christianity a religion? Or a philosophy? And that is the only real question that has been set before the court of Judge Croskey. In a previous article entitled California Bans First Amendment, I explore the fundamental differences that sets religion apart from philosophy -- and because of the manmade doctrines of the Church, it is demonstrated that modern Christianity is little more than a philosophy which is operating under the guise of religion. And while it can easily be demonstrated that the Qur'an was corrupted (see Satanic Verses), which is also true of the Christian Bible (see ), because Islam still holds to the Ebionite foundational teaching that Jesus was a man, and not God (see The (Spiritual) Necessity Of Islam), Muslims have no excuse to do as the Roman's do, when in Rome.

While it is easy to prove that the Jesus-god of Pagan Rome has no biblical basis in fact (see ), in the name of the Jesus of Constantine, Christians readily hand their children over to be sacrificed by the gods of the Secular Progressive Liberals, who indoctrinate them into a lifestyle that crucifies Messiah/Christ daily. While it is true that radical Islam is diabolical, it is also true that Muslims preserve the mindset and teachings that it is important to keep and observe the Commandments. Which means that if Secular Progressive Liberals continue in their attempt to redefine both religion, and the First Amendment, then they will be on a collision course with Islam which understands that the essence of one's religion is the mindset, thinking and lifestyle of the believers -- and it is this lifestyle that has nothing in common with what is taught in government institutionalized schools, that is the essence of the Constitutional mandate inhibiting government from imposing itself on the practice of religion. Therefore, the question that has been raised, will Islam hold true to it's spiritual core and essence, and demonstrate to Christians that the practice of one's religion, begins with the living of the Commandments -- and the Commandments have no place in the mindset and lifestyle promoted in the nations government institutionalized schools.

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