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Friday, April 25, 2008

Has The Chickens Come Home To Roost For African-Americans?

It seems that some within the African-American community have begun to awaken to the horror of the Democrat-liberal agenda and it's effect upon the black race (see Black leaders: De-fund 'racist' Planned Parenthood). To what degree, is yet to be seen and understood. In my recent letter to Alveda King (see Letter), I quote the long ignored early writings on abortion that the Church has suppressed. As an example, one of the oldest writings known as the The Didache (a.k.a. The Teaching of the Apostles), states at Section 2:2 states: "...thou shalt not murder a child by abortion nor kill them when born..." -- and at 5:2 it states: "The Way of Death is filled with people who are...murderers of children and abortionists of God's creatures."

In a previous article entitled The Enslavement Of Black Liberation Theology, I demonstrate that not only is all events that transpire in this world brought about by the Laws (of God), but the fact that the African-American people who seem to perpetually ignore the very foundational teachings of the Bible, have in fact brought the many hardships that they blame the white community for, upon themselves. This is demonstrated in the recent Walter Williams article entitled How Democrats Harm Blacks. In the call by some African-Americans to withhold funding to Planned Parenthood because of their racist agenda (see Black leaders: De-fund 'racist' Planned Parenthood), we can see the devastating effect that the abortion mill industry is having upon the Black community. But because African-American religious and political leaders do not understand the workings of the Laws (see The Laws), blacks have brought their affliction upon themselves.

The North Carolina Republican Party is running an ad against the Democrats running for governor, on the basis that they endorsed Barack Obama -- who they portray as being too radical for North Carolina (see Preview). And while there has been great opposition to the ad, if the African-American religious and political leaders of North Carolina understood the Laws, they would seek to convince the people not to vote for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Why? So long as the Democrat Party has a pro-abortion position in their platform, then the whole of the party will be responsible for the infanticide of the unborn that the Laws bring judgment against. Further, because it is the Democrat Party that is the greatest obstacle to school choice (see Children of Caesar), all the tribulations that have afflicted the African-American community, is the result of the Laws bringing the "chickens home to roost"!

Most people simply don't want to hear that they are being tested in this life -- i.e., that the choices they make not only have consequences both immediate and in the future -- but that the choices they make today, will determine their destiny. In the words of Alveda King: "We didn't understand how dramatically abortion was affecting our community... The tradeoff between concentrating too much on other social issues and ignoring abortion has been a deadly tradeoff" (see Abortion Is The New Civil Rights Cause). And yet, if the black community understood the Laws that control every aspect of life in this world (see The Laws), they would very quickly see that the words "...deadly tradeoff" fall far short of the judgment that the African-American community has brought upon itself. What are they doing with the souls that God has placed in their care? Not only do they vote for the party that has the holocaust of the unborn as part of their platform, but they hand their children over to Caesar to raise -- where they are then indoctrinated into a mindset and lifestyle of moral abandonment and spiritual alienation. In the words of Jeremiah Wright with respect to what the Laws have brought about in the lives of most African-Americans (see The Enslavement Of Black Liberation Theology, the "chickens have truly come home to roost"!

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