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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Letter Of Reason To Larry Elder

Shalom Larry Elder:

Having listened to you a number of times on Fox News, and reading your web site at , it appears that you are a voice of rational and reason among the African-American community. Perhaps you are therefore one of the few who would be able to open your mind, as well as the minds of the people, to a higher reasoning, and become a catalyst for true change that will confront and force those who have permitted themselves to be mesmerized by those who promote institutionalized racism to the detriment of our culture and society. With respect to religious charlatans such as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, there is another element to the equation that has yet to be explored. On the Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus Blog, there is A Letter To Bill Moyers And Alan Colmes that will never be acknowledged by the un-liberal left. And while they will readily give people such as the Rev. Wright a free pass, they are extremely critical of those conservatives who attempt to present the same biblical truth with respect to the Laws that control how and why The Chickens Come Home To Roost in the lives of all people. And while Moyers and Colmes dwell in denial with respect to the biblical teaching that all our actions have consequences -- and the result of our actions, return to us in the future -- but they are returned at a time when a true learning experience from a soul-perspective can be brought about.

One of the problems with our culture is seen in the fact that mankind has dwelled under a cloud of ignorance because the doctrines of the Christian Church have been politically dictated to, by a series of Roman Emperors and (religious) politicians whose manmade dogma has become etched in the thinking of the modern believer. As an example: Christians are totally ignorant of Jesus' teachings on the spiritual evolution of the soul over the course of many lifetimes, because these crucial teachings were outlawed by the secular politicians of Rome (see The Ten Reasons Why Christians Reject The Doctrine Of the Pre-Existent Soul). And it is this void of understanding both the journey of the soul, as well as the movement of the Laws that cause everyone's chickens to come home to roost, that has set the stage for racists such as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright to promote his agenda of ignorance that continues to shackle many in the African-American community to lives of ignorance, while he gets rich off the collection plate. And this bankrupt rationality will continue to prevail, so long as the voice of wisdom and reason remains suppressed and censored.

In my present life I have known a number of Americans of African decent, who have recalled their past lives where they lived as another race. Not only have these people who are presently African-American, been aware of the fact that the soul of man has no race, nationality or religion associated with the the body that they are presently inhabiting, but they are also aware of how the Laws work that cause each and every man to become what he judges and persecutes. And it is only through the process of becoming what you judge, that the soul learns and evolves beyond the ignorance of men such as the Rev. Wright.

These voices of insight and reason have thus far been censored and silenced by our culture whose thinking has been obstructed by the predefined limits placed upon them by the religious and secular politicians of the past. And yet, it is their censored and suppressed insights that have the capacity to free modern man from the shackles of racism and ignorance which presently enslaves the thinking and lives of the people -- many of whom you contend with daily on your talk radio show. On your web site you are portrayed as a "firebrand libertarian" -- but the question is: Will you provide the catalyst for those who are silenced to speak from the vision of reason, in order to free the people of all races from their religious and philosophical ignorance that presently enslaves them?

As a soul who has been enlightened to the higher reality of the Laws which control all events in this world -- Laws which cause the chickens of all peoples to come home to roost -- I tend to see all these events in the lives of men and women as opportunities to open the higher door of knowledge and reason. It is not an accident that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has come upon the stage at the present time. And it is good that the eyes of white America has been opened to the philosophy of Black Liberation Theology. And the only way to restore reason, and even provide the means to bring about the vision and dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is to provide a means for those who understand the higher reality of the soul (see ) which has no gender or race, to at least be heard and intelligently considered. If it is true that the soul of mankind has no race or gender -- and each soul has either chosen the life they are presently living, or was destined to live such a life by the Laws which bring the chickens home to roost -- then all people of all races and nationalities, ideologies and ethnic persuasions will be forced to re-evaluate many long-held grave misconceptions which has shackled us to conflict and ignorance. And if you review the many articles and letters that are linked above, it is this very opportunity to break the shackles of ignorance that has been set before you this day.

GodSpeed in TheWay

The Soul Who Lived As

Jacob/James, Brother of Yeshua/Jesus


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