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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Letter To Bill Moyers And Alan Colmes

The below letter to Bill Moyers pertaining to his interview with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is of the utmost importance in understanding the Laws that bring about all events in the life of mankind. While liberals such as Alan Colmes gives those on the left such as Jeremiah Wright a free pass, he is constantly belittling more conservative authorities who are basically stating the same biblical truth, but from an opposite perspective. It is important to understand that the phrase, The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost, is an acknowledgment that the Laws return to each person, groups of people, and even nations, the fruit of their own actions. And this is expressed biblically in the words: “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows” (Gal 6:7 NIV).

Where people become confused, is seen in the fact that the process is not immediate -- but is often brought about over the course of lifetimes. On the web site Divine Strategery ( ), the teachings of both the Jewish and Christian mystics are presented on the issue of how the Chickens Come Home To Roost. If the Laws that cause a man to reap what he has sown, was immediately invoked, then there would be no learning experience possible from a higher soul perspective. But the fact that the fruit of one's actions is returned in cycles -- often at a time where a reversal of the conditions of life has first been brought about -- is the catalyst that invokes true change and soul-evolution. In the above article on Divine Strategery the teaching of the Jewish mystic Isaac Luria is explored to demonstrate that the Jews who suffered in the holocaust, were born into that life to repay a debt which had been incurred in previous lives. And in the article entitled, The Enslavement Of Black Liberation Theology, it is demonstrated that people such as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, were those who previously lived as white slave owners who have been returned to this life in order to confront the realities of their own past. Thus, the chickens come home to roost in ways that few people perceive.

Brother of Yeshua

Shalom Bill Moyers:
Having seen your interview with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, if you still had the ability to interview Joseph Campbell, he would tell you that there is an important part of the equation that you are missing -- and this important part, can only be grasped by those who have embraced what Mr. Campbell would call the true all-pervading potential of the Power of Myth. I am copying this communication to Alan Colmes, who continually makes fun of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell because while they know what the Bible states, they were forced to deny the teachings of Jesus because they lack the necessary knowledge of the Laws. But what Pat and Jerry proclaimed, was no different than Jeremiah Wright when he declared that the chickens came home to roost upon the American people.
If Joseph Campbell were alive today, he might be one of the few men who would be able to tell you what I am presenting to you. He would tell you that while there is truth to what Pat, Jerry and Jeremiah state -- and it is the Laws that control every event in this world that has caused the chickens to roost. And he might also warn you that the vision that they each perceive, is actually in reverse of what they have proclaimed. While I found your interview with Jeremiah Wright very interesting, because you lack insight into the world which Joseph Campbell attempted to portray to you, your own presentation remains incomplete. How, and why did the chickens come home to roost? And whose chickens were they?
You will find your answers to the dilemma of the chickens and the drama that is presently being played out on the stage of life, on the web site . And the fact that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright used the phrase that the chickens came home to roost, has enabled me to explain exactly what this means to the people (see ). And in truth, the chickens are merely evidence of the Laws at work in the lives of all people (see ). And if either you or Alan Combs takes the time to read what can only be presented and understood through the insight of a Mystic, then you will really become enlightened when you read that section entitled Failure To Perceive And Understand (see ).
The story of the chickens and how they come home to roost, is even bigger than the relationship of Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright. Why? Because if you understand why and how the chickens come home to roost, then you will begin to understand the foundational workings of this world which only men such as Joseph Campbell possess the insight to get a glimpse of. But more importantly is seen in the fact that if you could even begin to convey to your viewers the how and why the chickens come home to roost, you would be saving them from the grave sorrow that the shackles of ignorance inflicts upon them.
GodSpeed in TheWay,
Allan Cronshaw
PO Box 780
Graham, NC 27253


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