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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Network Of Enlightened Women (NeW) - The Time Has Come

That there is another side to the equation of sexual liberation and what it truly means to be Liberated, is the long overdue article by entitled Young Students Fighting Culture War. The article introduces the young Virginia student Karin Agness and her group, Network of Enlightened Women (see NeW). Founded four years ago as a book club, NEW has grown into an organization with a twofold mission: to cultivate a community of conservative women on college campuses and to increase the intellectual diversity on those campuses with discussion of topics that are usually "left off college syllabi," according to Agness.

Unlike most people, the young women at NeW are perceptive enough to recognize that if the biblical authors knew something that the general population today does not, then it was for good reason that they were very conservative in their approach to sex and the family as the backbone of an enlightened community. And these intelligent young women have begun to recognize that young girls are usually indoctrinated into an anti-biblical cultural mindset and lifestyle, long before they have even begun to approach the age of reason where truly intelligent and informed decisions can be made. And this very censored dimension of the controversy that our hedonist and anti-biblical culture attempts to suppress and hide from young impressionable minds, is detailed in the very straightforward article entitled Sex, The Path To Heaven Or Hell. To the degree that it could be easily argued that the atheists and secular progressives in our society are ardently striving to thoroughly indoctrinate young girls into an anti-biblical mindset and lifestyle, before they know enough facts to even make an informed choice.

The above article Sex, The Path To Heaven Or Hell , is built off of preceding foundational articles on The Divine Marriage, which presents sex as a religious sacrament within a Divine Union, and the article entitled Lilith, The Demonic Reality Of The Modern Feminist Movement, wherein all the other sides of the equation that our culture is concealing and censoring from young girls is openly explored and detailed. And that what is presented in these articles is built upon the very modern evidences that have confirmed the vision and knowledge of the biblical authors, is demonstrated in the article Science Proves Religion (see ). Once the long suppressed and censored evidence that supports the biblical point of view is revealed and understood, then truly young women such as Karin Agness and NeW must be seen as the very foundational bedrock of a truly enlightened culture.

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