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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Gospel Of Paul

If modern Christians truly understood the Gospel message that was preached by Paul to the Gentiles with any depth of comprehension, then the Congregation of Christians would be hailed as the most enlightened guides, shepherds and teachers that the world has ever known.   Scholars the world over would come to acquire the Wisdom which they would convey to sincere seekers.   They would be invited to come and speak to large groups of students who are themselves seeking knowledge of all the wonders of the universe.

Paul states of the congregation of Christians which he, himself, taught the "testimony of Christ", that they were yet too immature to even begin to grasp the higher reality of the soul and what Paul called the Mysteries of the Kingdom -- which Paul warns that in their immature state of developmental mind and thinking, they would reject as utter "foolishness". (see Mystery).    Paul in fact portrays the congregation of Christians who he spoke of as having received all the gifts of the spirit such as speaking in tongues and the layiing on of healing hands, as a people who were "babes in Christ" -- too carnal in their understanding to comprehend anything beyond the most elementary Gospel concepts.    And Paul states that as they begin to mature, that Christ will be formed in them, and they will see and understand all the Mysteries of life and Creation.   But this Gospel Destiny was interrupted and obstructed from being brought about, when the Gospel was abducted by Pagan Rome.   Resulting in a type of latter-day Pharisees -- wherein, after the Church threw away the Key of Knowledge in the manner of the carnal Jews who he portrayed as the offspring of the Devil (see The Left Hand Of God), the Christian world became totally alienated from reacquiring this sacred knowledge, and restoring the true potential of the Gospel within them.

What inhibits the Christian world from attaining to their true ultimate Destiny?   Christians can be compared to an abducted rape victim who has not only befriended the rapist who has kept her captive, but has agreed to bear his children.   Not only do they continue to cling to manmade doctrines of belief that were forcefully imposed upon the Church by a series of Roman Emperors -- beliefs that can easily be proven wrong in a mere ten minutes of reading time (see Christian Reincarnation) -- but they fail to comprehend even the very spiritual foundation of the original teachings of Jesus and TheWay.   Wherein, the Christians should be the very mystic visionaries who are so enlightened to the Truth and the Kingdom, that the whole world seeks them out as wise men and women who release them from their burdens of life in this world, and guide them into the joys of the Kingdom.

Brother Of Yeshua


At 5:36 PM, Blogger James-David said...

Namiste ~ My spirit honors your spirit,

Being of Light which has come to this generation and incarnated I ask for correction in my heart with regard to Paul. Perhaps you would be able to offer insight into why:

1. Paul (formerly Saul of Tarsus; of the Pharisee sect of Judaism) pushed Jacob causing him to fall down a flight of steps and why Paul (Saul)insighted a violent riot. Was this before or after the "Vision" Saul claimed to have while on the road to (or from)Damascus, Syria.

2. Why did the Nazarene followers of the Way of Yeshua eventually ostracize Paul from their Mt. Carmel commune / school?

3. Why was Paul having difficulty supporting himself in the outer community of Judea, as is evidenced by his letter to Rome, inquiring if it was wrong to ask for support, when all his needs would have been met if the Nazarene followers of the Way had not ostracized Paul for spreading a different doctrine than Yeshua taught his disciple students?

3. Why did Paul tell the community of Judea not to let let their conscious be disturbed for visiting the meat market?

4. Why was Yeshua teaching about being born of the spirit and relatedly Paul's regarding allowing meat to pass a disciples lips so opposite from each other.

%. Why was Paul and enemy of Yeshua in the sense of perverting Yeshua's teaching and first mandate for discipleship?

%. Why did Rome send Roman soldiers to burn and destroy the Nazarene commune and it's followers, permitting "the proud to consider himself a citizen of Rome" (or a Roman province); Paul to go on and about spreading his version, "Paulinity" which was more appealing to Roman authorities than the Nazarene followers of Yeshua The Messiah?

6. Why did the so called "Holy" Roman Catholic Church declare Paul an apostle, when he was not one of the Twelve Apostles, but the Twelve Apostle became Jacob, Brother of Yeshua?

6. Why did Pythagoras say the hardest thing for a human (a Light Being ~ a Spirit, subject to Karma and correction of error)to do in this world was to know one's self?

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At 11:10 AM, Blogger Brother Of Yeshua said...

Shalom James-David:
You will find your answer in a number of locations -- one of which is at The Problems With Paul). In view of the fact that neither the Gospel Accounts, or the Torah, are historical as demonstrated in the article An Inconvenient Truth, there was no historical man named Paul who had visions on the road to Damascus -- and that there is a spiritual meaning to what appears on the surface to be an historical account, is a reality that every seeker must come to terms with and comprehend the spiritual meaning of what is presented. Therefore, the Ebionite/Nazirenes who were themselves Spiritual -- and had received the Gnosis (Spiritual Manna) directly from the True Prophet (see The True Prophet), they strongly opposed Paul as Gentile heresy of reading the Book of Acts as if it were an historical account portraying an actual man named Paul.

Brother of Yeshua

At 6:23 PM, Blogger James-David said...

Thank you kindly for your response, your direction and your insight.


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