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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Palestinian Conflict With Israel - The Abomination Of the World Council of Churches

A post was put across the Nazirene Disciple Forum written in a non-English language (see Post), which seems to promote the web site of Palestinian Christians vs Israel entitled Tent Of Nations, which seems to be supported by the World Council of Churches.   Yet, in many respects when the cause and equation of the violence is properly understood, it is the Council of Churches that must be seen as being one of the primary causes of the conflict.   The above noted communication appears to have also been sent to spiritual sources in Brazil, India, Tibet and the United States, in addition to the above named Nazirene forum  (see Post).

The Reply: While the earth is entering a time of transformation which will bring greater spiritual awareness to mankind, because man's freewill must be maintained, both Judaism and Christianity were given more pure spiritual scriptures in the form of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi Library, and other important discoveries which provided both Christians and Jews with the knowledge to bring about this necessary transformation within their own respective religions.   And when both religions ignored this great wealth of knowledge that was made available to them by the Hand of God (Laws) directly, this rejection of what God provided, caused these same Laws to deal with man's rejection by bringing about the current conflict which not only consumes the Middle East, but many others world wide who are the victims of Islamic violence.

As the soul who lived as Jacob who people call James, who lived as the Brother of Yeshua who they call Jesus (see Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus web site), I was sent back into the world in order to explain to man the spiritual reality that these important scriptures meant.  And in addition to the above noted scriptures, I also wrote an important Epistle to the Pope requesting that the Church turn over to the people important scriptures which would have the effect of halting the conflict that the pope blamed on the Jews and Pres. George Bush (see Epistle Of Light) -- and I also conveyed to the Church that there still existed five of seven libraries of scriptures which were preserved from being Corrupted (see Bible Corruption), which would restore the spiritual essence of the Church (see Pure Scriptures).   But then again, knowledgeable people have known all along that the Church itself was a spiritual fraud, as stated in the words of a Biblical scholar:  “Biblical scholars were not disturbed by what they found in the Dead Sea Scrolls because they had known all along that the origin of Christianity was not what was commonly supposed to have been” (A. Powell Davies quoted by Millar Burrows in the book, More Light On The Dead Sea Scrolls).    And this fact is proven in the subheading on the Ebionite web site entitled The Ebionite Foundation of the Church, and is further expanded upon in a subheading which reveals the truth of the DaVinci Code which few understand (see DaVinci Code Update).  

In the article entitled The Three Lies which reveals to mankind important aspects of the knowledge that was suppressed and destroyed by the Church, I also demonstrate that modern quantum physics has already proven the validity of the mystic authors of the scriptures (see Science Proves Religion).   And this more enlightened understanding of modern science was also brought about by the Laws, in order to assist the three religions (Judaism, Christianity & Islam) to recognize that the source of their conflict in the physical, is the result of a spiritual source driving the three religions to overcome their corrupted state, and seek the Truth.   And in demonstrating the proof of science, I also put the secular governments of the world on notice that their Marxist and Atheistic ways is as much responsible for the present state of world conflict, as the three religions in question.    And the great truths that are proven in this article is as relevant to Barack Obama who is attempting to promote Marxism as a solution, as the left leaning Jim Wallis who is Barack Obama's spiritual guide (see Jim Wallis - Has This Man Sold Your Soul To The Devil?).

In the same way that the Roman Catholic Church ignored the request to give the scriptures which they confiscated back to the people who need them (see Epistle Of Light), such organizations as the World Council of Churches which is opposing Israel (see Tent Of Nations), is very much at fault with respect to the spiritual cause of the conflict.   On their web site (see World Council of Churches) they continue to oppose the Original Gospel Message, and promote the lie that Jesus is God (see The Ten Words) -- which is an easily proven to be a counterfeit manmade doctrine that is in fact responsible for the present conflict between the three religions as presented in The Three Lies.   Which means that the blood of the innocent who have been slain in this conflict, very much rests upon the World Council of Churches as much as the other counterfeit religious groups who reject what the very Hand of God has placed in their hands.

While there are no email addresses for the WCC on their web site, an email address ( ) is contained on a report against Israel on the Tent Of Nations web site.   So, as a Messenger who has been sent to convey the Truth in this great time of turmoil, conflict and unrest, in order to put the WCC on notice directly from the Spiritual Source which they promote -- that they are in fact an obstacle to Peace because of their rejection of the true Yeshua who they call Jesus (see The Lie of Christianity), their rejection of the Original Gospel Message (see Ann Coulter - The Fine Print) -- which all support the very rejection of the Words of God spoken to mankind (see The Ten Words).   And, as a faithful Messenger, I am putting the WCC on notice of this Blog proclamation via the above email address.

GodSpeed in TheWay,

Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus   


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