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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Glenn Beck And The Pharisaic Christian Council

In a recent Glenn Beck show on Fox News he had a group of Christian leaders who were basically reminiscing about the good old days when the Church was more influential than it is at present.   From their perspective, the solution to the dilemma of Marxist Social Justice and the immorality that has attacked our culture, was a return to the doctrine of repentance and salvation through their version of Christ.   And thus, their very suggested solution is in fact the reason for the present demise of the Church.   In their attempt to find a solution, they totally failed to perceive that they were the very reason and cause of the problem.   In many respects their spiritual complacency which has permitted and even encouraged government to exceed it's Constitutional boundaries -- permitting Marxist Secular Progressives to come to power -- is presented in the words of warning:  "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge  ...Therefore, my people have gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge" (Hosea 4:6; Isa 5:13).   In the very dim world of Christian-Pharisees, genuine spiritual knowledge has been condemned as heresy -- because their man-made doctrines of belief does not support the original Gospel teachings.

Unlike the Jewish-Pharisees of the past, the modern Christian-Pharisees as represented in this council, lack both the vision and knowledge to perceive that it was the very Hand of God that has moved against the Church.   Thus, if this council of Christian-Pharisees had the ears to hear, they would understand the parallel words spoken to them: "why persecutest thou me? it is hard for thee to kick against the goad.  And I said, Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest" (Acts 26:14-15 ASV).   Unlike the Christian-Pharisee council who Glenn Beck was entertaining on his show, in the book of Acts, Paul was perceptive enough to realize that the opposition which confronted him was the Hand of God changing his direction from what he thought was the way he should be walking, to a more God-Ordained ministry that would benefit a great number of the lost prodigal sons and daughters.

In the same way that Jesus portrayed the Pharisees as the "offspring of the Devil" (see Devil), those who promote the doctrines of men instead of the pure spiritual teachings of Jesus and TheWay, are very much the ministers of the AntiChrist.   And the same words spoken to Paul -- i.e., "why persecutest thou me?" -- is just as relevant to be asked of these men who Glenn Beck has assembled.   Why?   Because they knowingly and complacently promote corrupted writings that have purposely altered the very words of God spoken to mankind (see The Ten Words).    In addition to the overwhelming evidence that proves beyond any doubt that the Gospels used by the Church was tampered and corrupted with in order to change the very essence of the teachings of Jesus, if a person even reads for only ten (10) minutes at this link (see The Ten Minute Test), it will be immediately proven that what is being promoted by Glenn Beck's Pharisaic-Christian council, has absolutely nothing in common with what Jesus actually taught.   And thus, the obstacle which confronts the modern Church is the Laws of God which is proclaiming "why persecutest thou me?"    

What is surprising about Glenn Beck is the fact that as a Mormon, most of the Pharisaic-Christian world views the LDS Church has a cult of heretics.   Further, while Glenn Beck perceives the great wisdom in our Constitutional Founders -- most of whom were Deists (see three chapters on Deism: One, Two and Three) -- the fact that the Pharisaic-Christians have condemned the Deists as heretics, and complacently undermined our Constitutional foundation -- handing the reigns of power over to the Marxist Secular Progressives -- is a reality that not even Glenn Beck has yet to come to terms with.

That this great nation was brought forth by Spiritual Laws, and Created by the Hand of God in spite of the Pharisaic-Christians, is easily proven (see three chapters on Deism: One, Two and Three).    That Glenn Beck is holding council with the very force of spiritual complacency that is bringing this nation to ruin (see Ann Coulter - The Fine Print), is again easily proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.   During the show, the Pharisaic-Christians promoted the Manhattan Declaration -- and while this declaration is a good beginning, the fact that it does not at all address the cultural problem, is easily demonstrated in the article The Manhattan Declaration And The Spiritual Black Plague.   And the fact that believers who call themselves Evangelical Christians have been seduced by the messiah of the left, is demonstrated in the article Obama - The Church's New Simon Magus?  

While I very much like Glenn Beck and the timely message that he promotes, the fact that he has aligned himself with the very pseudo-religious authorities that the Hand of God is moving against as the cause of our nations demise, is simply not wise on the part of Mr. Beck.   I know first hand that Jesus was one who "said what he meant, and meant what he said" -- and yet, the very Pharisaic-Christians who promote man made doctrines and spiritual complacency that Glenn Beck airs on his show, is largely responsible for the tribulation that has threatened the very Constitutional Foundation of our great nation that is based upon God-Given UnAlienable Rights.

Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus


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