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Friday, August 19, 2011

Perry Heckled -- But Why?

One of the things that Rick Perry was heckled about in Portsmouth (see Hecklers In Portsmouth), was whether he believed in science with respect to the theory of evolution vs the Bible.   And while Rick Perry did not commit himself as to the age of the earth or the validity of evolution, the question that should have been posed to Ms. Kristin Brunce who was promoting Darwinism, should have been: Which scientific findings should Americans believe in -- i.e., the fossilized science of Darwin that has been proven to be a fraud?   Or the findings of modern physics that has confirmed the vision of the Mystics who authored the Bible to be correct?
The fact that modern science has already proven Darwinism to be fossilized junk-science is presented in the article Letter To An Atheist - Truth Interrupted.   But Ms Brunce, whose son was posing questions to Rick Perry, has been denied this essential knowledge, because the theory of evolution has become the holy grail of the Atheists who are in denial of man's true reality.   The fact that the Bible is not -- and was never intended to be a history book -- is well documented in the article An Inconvenient Truth.   The fact that there exists a body of believers who remain under the misconception that the Bible is a history book -- regardless of the facts and the truth -- does not support their position as being factual.   This is synonymous with the fact that at one time the Church proclaimed that the universe revolved around the earth -- just as man's authorities at one time believed that the earth was flat -- and yet, each of these positions that was believed by the masses, have been proven to be in error.

If we pose the question: If the Bible is not a history book, then what is it?   The answer is that the Bible was written by Mystics who had themselves conquered inner mind and being that enabled them to connect to the Source of all Knowledge -- and they preserved and hid the necessary esoteric knowledge within the allegory of the scriptures, the essential wisdom to apply what the Bible portrays as the Key of Knowledge, and gain entrance into man's inner reality of the soul and spirit where all things are Known for what they truly are.

It is easily proven that the original purpose of both religion and the Bible was to bring about "the heightening and enlargement of human consciousness" (see Expansion Of Mind) -- but because government took over the Church and murdered the body of spiritual Christians (see Government Intrusion), the whole foundation of the teachings of Jesus and TheWay became undermined.   In its original manifestation, religion was very much a system of education that greatly eclipsed our universities today (see Religion As A System Of Education).   And because of modern centers of education have been forced to be in denial of modern scientific finding (see Science Proves Religion) -- and as such, our educators are building on a defective paradigm of foundational thought -- 82% of our schools are failing (see What's Wrong With Wearing A Seat Belt?).  

While Rick Perry was not asked if he was using the Gospels in the manner that they were originally intended -- and whether he had joined the ranks of the American Gnostics who formed the foundation of our Constitutional Government (see American Spirituality) -- there is one thing for sure -- i.e., that the hecklers who confronted Mr. Perry on the belief in evolution, were themselves modern-day dinosaurs in their thinking. But since few modern Americans even understand the true meaning of the word Gnosis (see The Reality Of Gnosis) -- and they know virtually nothing about the Deists who formed our Constitutional Government (see American Spirituality) -- they are simply not at all even prepared to even ask Rick Perry the right questions as to his true beliefs.    

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