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Monday, January 02, 2012

Constitutional Questions - The Cross And The Seat Belt

When myself and Emmanuel appeared in Superior Court in Graham, North Carolina, expecting to defend my motion to the court dated Sept. 14th, 2011 (see Motion), we were handed a notice of dismissal because Alamance County did not want to pursue the matter (see Dismissal).   Thus, the question: Is this a victory?   Or is this dismissal a blow not only to the God-Given Rights of the American People?   But a continuation of the very ignorance that enslaves mankind in a type of mental dark-ages?

Throughout both the  Motion papers and especially in the supporting web page entitled The Cross And The Seat Belt, it is demonstrated conclusively that the Paradigm of Thought from which the seat belt mindset has emerged, is based upon a proven scientific lie (see Science Proves Religion ).   And once understood, it is this pattern of thought upon which the seat belt mindset is based, is in fact a mindset that has mentally and spiritually impaired the development of the people -- leaving them totally blind to the true cause of what is portrayed as accidents, luck, good fortune, or what is perceived to be a world of random and unrelated events.   In fact, as demonstrated at the heading The Heightening And Expansion Of Mind, the original teachings of the historical man Jesus known as TheWay that were corrupted and suppressed by 4th century Pagan Rome -- a suppression that enabled the Roman government to rule over the thinking and lives of the people -- and the fruit of ignorance which was born out of this suppression, is presently known as Christianity.   But more importantly is the fact that out of this government imposed suppression that had the effect of flat-lining the thinking of the people, Atheism and Secular Progressivism prevailed, resulting in a world of ignorance and chaos.  

Totally foreign to the Christian world today is the fact that the original teachings of Jesus and TheWay was representative of a religious system of Educational Advancement and Development that prepared the believer to enter a state of absolute enlightenment and knowing.  One of the aspects of this enlightenment, was seen in the development of the ability to perceive and understand the relationship between the causal factors and the Natural Laws that initiated all events in the life and existence of mankind.   Which means that the whole of the Atheist Paradigm of Thought from which the seat belt mindset springs in not only a lie (see The Great Canard), but the continued propagation of this lie is a detriment to the welfare of the American People.   

While in theory, Marxism may appear to linear-minded pseudo-intellectuals who find shelter from man's true reality in our colleges and universities to be the perfect philosophical environment for mankind, it remains true that Marxism in the form of Communism, Socialism and Secular Progressivism has totally failed whenever put into practice.   And while our Constitutional Framers understood why what is representative in the Marxism will always bring about suffering and ignorance (see American Spirituality), the American people have long ago forgotten its most important lessons.

I understand that such statutes as the seat belt laws which are based upon what I portray as Atheist ignorance, were forced upon the states by the federal government which threatened to cut off highway funding if the states failed to comply with the mandates set forth by the Secular Progressives in congress.   But the fact of the matter is that the federal government has been running roughshod over states rights for some time now -- i.e., under the guise of interstate commerce, dictating to the states a very quasi-Atheist Secular Progressive agenda that is presently threatening what is portrayed as God-Given UnAlienable Rights.   And this Atheist mindset is not only a hindrance to each individual, but has made the people victims of the natural forces of this world that with proper and balanced development, they should possess the intuitive perception to foresee.

While man possesses the latent intuitive ability to foresee the cause of all events in this world that Atheists blindly portray as accidents, luck, or random occurrences, these intuitive spheres of mind which are central to the practice of a spiritual religion, are inhibited from developing because of the damage inflicted upon the child by our hedonist linear-driven culture and institutionalized educational systems.   Which results in the fact that the mental anchor which the prevailing Atheist Paradigm of Thought imposes upon the child -- and ultimately, the American people -- is virtually impossible to become free of.

From a religious perspective: The people have a Constitutional Right not to subject themselves to living a lie merely because the Secular Progressive segment of our society attempts to force religious people into compliance with their spiritually barren paradigm of thought.  And that the American People have a Constitutional Right to throw off the ideology of the Atheist-driven Secular Progressives who promote a godless culture.

The result of this prevailing Atheist Paradigm of Thought inhibits the natural objectives of the Gospel based religious teachings from bringing about their original intended purpose in the life of the Congregation of believers.   By inhibiting the balanced development of the linear and the intuitive spheres of mind that must be matured together -- while immersing the people in a system devoid of moral and spiritual values -- spiritual blindness and ignorance has prevailed -- resulting in greater secular control of the thinking and lives of the American People.

Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus


At 4:59 PM, Blogger dominick virgilio said...

ii hate wearing a seat belt i just moved here from N.Y. is it against the law not to wear one i don't think that jesuha would were one ijust don't want to get a ticket the government gets enough of our money i moved down here because i refused to pay my taxes in n.y. and they are going to foreclose on my home but i feel free from that yoke of bondage

At 10:43 PM, Blogger nathaniel johnson said...

brother of our lord, i will resist the governments control over our spritual lives kalimbo

At 10:46 PM, Blogger nathaniel johnson said...

brother of our lord, the sons of light will continue to provide enlightenment kalimbo


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