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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Trinity

Having been asked many questions pertaining to the Trinity -- and always from the perspective of clarifying the great confusion that exists across a wide spectrum of believers and non-believers -- in the below I have adapted one such a reply which I made.

From a foundational background perspective, there is a great deal of historical information in the in-depth article The Three Lies beginning at the subheading on the Logos -- which leads into what is arguably the most important suppressed and misunderstood teaching on The True Prophet, and the following subheading entitled The Spiritual Disenfranchisement Of The Mind.  While the subject matter is again resumed in the subheading The Holographic Pattern, let me point out that there is a reason why there is a great deal of discussion in that section on American Spirituality which lays the foundation to comprehending the Laws that control all of Creation between the two groupings of headings.   And in the subheading following -- i.e., The Trinity And The Divine Pattern Of Creation -- there is further exploration.   

DUALISM? What exactly is Dualism?   The problem is that few people understand the reality of what is portrayed as Dualism -- often portrayed in a negative sense as Persian Dualism, Gnostic Dualism, etc. -- resulting in the fact that not even those who often think of themselves as Gnostic, understand the reality of what they are portraying.   From a higher spiritual perspective, there is really no such thing as Dualism in the manner that the proponents and opponents think -- because Dualism only takes into account the Positive and Negative Powers that are paradoxical opposites which permeate all of Creation.   And if we ask: Why is there no such thing as Dualism?  Because even the concept of dualism would omit the most important element of the equation which is what we call the Third-Force Balance.   But going one step further, the paradoxical opposites that constitute Dualism on this Plane, exist in Oneness on a Higher Plane -- and their division in this world always initiates the environment where the third-force reality of Mind is the balance.   Moreover, the conflict of the paradoxical opposites can only be resolved when the third-force (of mind) is raised up to the higher plane where what is Dual in this world exists in Oneness. 

In the subheading on the Logos, we find the Greek term Logos properly defined as the Mind of God.   And since the Mind cannot exist outside of the Environment of Positive/Negative Forces which empowers and manifests the Mind as the Third-Force Balance -- then what we are left with at it's core could best be portrayed as the Science Of Mind.   Understanding the Science of Mind as it relates to One's Self in the equation of Know Thyself, is called the Cosmology of Mind -- i.e., "But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty... Whoever finds himself is superior to the world" (Gospel Of Thomas).  Which means that from an Enlightened perspective, even the most advanced of our universities today, dwell in abject poverty.  In not understanding the Cosmology of Mind, they remain totally immature in their thinking and mindset.  
Thus we must first pose the question: What is mind?  And just as important: What is the potential of mind?  And then we should add the proverbial questions that are gateways to acquiring the self-knowledge that will begin to crack open the door out of the abyss of intellectual and spiritual poverty: What are the limitations of mind?  Can these limitations be overcome?   Why is the Mind of God portrayed as All-Knowing?   While the organic consciousness of man dwells in dark confusion that is often portrayed as ignorance?   Can man's condition be changed and improved?   And perhaps most importantly, what must man do to improve his condition?   What will he be when man improves his condition?   And does it matter?  The problem is that the answers to these questions cannot at all be found in our esteemed educational institutions -- and can only be revealed to us by what the first followers of Jesus called, The True Prophet

Sadly, these are all questions that the majority of people could give a hoot about.   Why?   Because man is only concerned with satisfying his organic appetites and needs of the body -- and having become adjusted to his condition, he simply is not motivated to do the necessary labor and dedication to advance himself.  And this is especially true when said advancement requires a great expenditure of time and effort without carnal or worldly reward.  Man, in his organic condition, demands instant gratification -- i.e., tell me, so I can know the truth.   The reality that the Truth he seeks is beyond his "natural" organic comprehension (see Mystery Of The Gospel) -- and to understand, he must surrender to the transformative process of embracing the Cross in every aspect of his life -- this time and dedication  is simply something that he is unwilling to do.   Further, you have the proverbial problem that a little bit of knowledge is often more dangerous than no knowledge at all.   And since man in his organic condition of mind is incapable of understanding his own higher soul and spiritual reality (see Mystery Of The Gospel), all of organic man's perceptions and understanding of God (and the Trinity) is immersed in grave dogmatic error.   In fact, dogma can be defined as the assumptions of the carnal mind that is incapable of comprehending both self and God with any real depth of understanding -- and that these assumptions are then encased in hard and fast creeds that inhibit advancement beyond the carnal, is the plight of the Christian today.   And (in the fourth century) since the segment of the Church which portrayed themselves as Orthodox and entered into a covenant with the Emperor Constantine who was in every way a barbarian, the whole foundation of the Church's dogmatic understanding remains gravely flawed.   When you add to this the fact that one of man's primary organic needs is that of survival, what man portrays as religion has always been hijacked by counterfeit shepherds (priests/clergy) who hand out dispensations to guarantee survival after physical death.   But since death in the scriptures portrays the plight of organic man in this world (see The Dead Know Nothing) -- and the essence of all people survive physical death -- then the whole construct of the religion that is preached from the altars, has virtually nothing in common with the original teachings of Jesus and TheWay.

While the true purpose and objectives of religion is to provide answers and solutions to the above questions that the majority of people could care less about pursuing, the fact that counterfeit shepherds always adopt true spiritual holy men such as Jesus, and use them to peddle their dispensations and carnal dogma -- and they do this for their own empowerment and political position within the culture -- then the few who embrace genuine religion and the teachings of holy men for their intended purpose of achieving Enlightenment and the Kingdom, are very quickly turned upon by the counterfeit shepherds as heretics.      

No truer statement has ever been made which portrays the plight of the vast majority of mankind than this: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge  ...Therefore, my people have gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge" (Hosea 4:6; Isa 5:13).    Why?   This question is answered in the words:  "Those who lead you cause you to err, and destroy the way of your paths" (Isa 3:12 NKJ).  And if the proclamation in the Gospel of Thomas is true -- i.e., "...if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty" -- then the very Essence of Religion IS the Science of Mind.   In the article the Key of Knowledge there is a subheading entitled The Heightening And Expansion Of Mind -- which is the process that opens the door enabling the seeker/disciple to be able to answer the above proverbial questions that the vast majority of people could care less about.    And in the same way that the Mind of God (or Logos) is the Third-Force Balance of the Positive/Negative Forces which are often portrayed as Father/Mother God, all of Creation is holographically imbued with this same Divine Pattern.   Thus, we not only observe Duality in all things -- i.e., day/night, light/dark, male/female, left/right, heaven/earth, spirit/flesh, etc./etc. -- the very condition and reality of mind is always found in the third-force balance of the two.   And when rightly understood, even the parable of the prodigal son presents the duality of the two sons -- with the third-force of mind which is never spoken of, is representative of the missing link that inhibits most people from understanding the esoteric knowledge of mind that is being presented within the construct of the parable.   But if this third-force is representative of the soul of man -- with the elder son remaining in the Kingdom of the Father -- then this third-force which is representative of the soul of man, neither incarnates into this world, nor can it dwell in the Kingdom, without the lost prodigal son completing its journey in TheWay -- and by its own volition, returns to the Edenic Kingdom of Origination.     

Both the Trinity and the Duality of the Divine Pattern can be presented in other ways that can help us to better understand.   While electricity is comprised of positive and negative polarity opposites, where they come together in the electrical appliance can be thought of as the third-force balance.   Not to utilize the duality of an electric current, can then be portrayed as The Way Of The Monk -- which path attempts to suppress the development of the mind.   But it must be recognized that the vast majority of people have absolutely no understanding of electrical circuits, and all they know is to throw a switch, and use the appliances that operates off the duality of the current flow.   

When rightly understood, computers are the dumbest things that totally lack intelligence.   All computer languages are based upon positive/negative charges, or "1"s and "0"s -- but it is the combination of these "1"s and "0"s -- and the speed with which they can be deciphered -- that gives the computer the appearance of intelligence.   But in the example of the computer, it is the sum and application of the duality of the "1"s and "0"s that manifests the third-force which man utilizes in his virtually countless computer applications.  And while the vast majority of people know how to move a mouse, or engage a key, few have any understanding of Computer Science or the integration across the matrix of the computer bus and circuits that cause the images to dance across the screens.   Yet, if you were going to create an application -- or modify your computer to expand its limitations -- you would have to comprehend Computer Science and the reality of the "1"s and "0"s that make the computer function. 

Those few who seek to answer and prevail over the above proverbial questions -- and bring about the necessary The Heightening And Expansion Of Mind that enables them to comprehend at a higher and more enlightened level than the rest of mankind -- recognize the necessity of comprehending the higher reality of mind -- or, what can be portrayed as the Science of Mind.   And in the same way that the computer programmer must understand the compilation and interactions of the "1"s and "0"s in the workings of a computer circuit and language, so too must the seeker/disciple who is striving to reach his true and ultimate potential, must understand the Science of Mind -- and the interaction of the duality and the third-force of mind which they are striving to raise up and expand beyond organic limitations.   And in this respect, it must be recognized that if it were even possible to eliminate all the "1"s, or the "0"s in the computer language, the computer would be dead and worthless, because it could no longer function.  Not only must the computer programmer understand and utilize the compilations of these essential "1"s and "0"s, but he must orchestrate them in such away, that together they fulfill the objectives of the program that is being worked on.   In the same way, not only must the seeker/disciple understand the interaction of the negative/positive (male/female) forces that manifest in the third-force of mind -- but he must utilize them in such a manner so as to orchestrate and bring about his higher spiritual objectives.   In the example of the linear and intuitive spheres of mind that I present in The Heightening And Expansion Of Mind, when it is realized that man's superior intellect is born out of a complexity of mind that is manifest in the twelve often paradoxical (duality) spheres of the Tree of Life (see The Enigma Of The Twelve) -- and that the interaction of these spheres is controlled by Laws that must be perfected and prevailed over -- then it can be understood that the interactions of the "1"s and "0"s can be seen as child's play in comparison.   And yet, because all of Creation is holographically imbued with this same pattern of Laws and Triune interactive reality, the seemingly complex can be rather simple when what you see is truly understood from the perspective of higher soul-reality.   
When you buy a computer, it does not come with a book explaining the computer languages and detailed workings of the computer -- which virtually no one who buys a computer could even begin to comprehend.   In the same way, the textual body of the scriptures do not even attempt to present the great body of esoteric knowledge that only the sincere and dedicated seeker/disciple must know to prevail and bring about the higher objectives.   In the same way that the users guide of a computer only conveys the simple interactions that make the computer function and animate the images that are danced across the screen, the written text of the Gospels convey to the believer the proper mindset and lifestyle necessary to begin to be worthy of being a disciple of TheWay.   In a recent legal case which I portray as the Cross and the Seat Belt, I begin my explanation of the true cause of accidents by exploring what can be called The Conditions Of One's Birth - Life - And Death.   The fact that there is no such thing as an accident -- and every event in this world has a pre-existing cause -- is synonymous with stating that the solution to water pollution, is not to drink water.   

The primary objective of the written text of the Gospels -- i.e.,. the human users manual -- is to change one's condition so that the believer is then prepared to begin to embrace the higher reality of the soul and spirit.   Yet, the counterfeit shepherds peddled the dogma that they have a dispensation, and it is not necessary to embrace the mindset and lifestyle presented in the Gospels -- even when the cultural lifestyle they are presently living is openly condemned in the scriptures (see TheLie).  As stated in the article An Inconvenient Truth, all scriptures are allegorical -- with important esoteric knowledge that is of no use to the believer, concealed and preserved within the allegorical text of the scriptures.  

In many respects the New Testament was written to free the people from enslavement to the ancient Mystery Religion known as Judaism -- and ultimately, all the Mystery Religions of the old world.   When the Gospels were originally written, there existed many important and essential truths written literally in the body of the text.   But because the carnal Christians who called themselves Orthodox, did not possess the depth of mind to even begin to comprehend the higher reality of the soul and spirit, and the Kingdom of God which is within -- they either removed or edited out these important teachings that are essential to walk in TheWay (see The Corruption Of The Church).   In the manner of carnal people, their primary concern was the satisfaction of their body appetites -- and the concept and necessary dedication of becoming a student/disciple of the Science of Mind -- i.e., picking up one's own cross and travailing in TheWay -- was something that they condemned as heresy.   Their counterfeit shepherds who made a living out of dressing in robes and dispensing ritual and dogmatic dispensations intended to provide the masses of people salvation from physical death, used their armies to hunt down the heretics who maintained that their dogma was a fraud, and their ritual dispensations were worthless.   And with the removal of the objective which Jesus commanded with respect to learning only from the One Teacher and True Prophet that Jesus taught to seek out within them (see True Prophet) -- the throwing away of the Key of Knowledge -- and the removal of the teachings on the pre-existant soul (see The Spiritual Castration Of The Church) -- the Church itself has been transformed into a whitened sepulcher that has been dogmatically rendered a tomb of death.   Yet, in their folly, they assume that they can understand the higher reality, Laws and Forces that animate and manifest Creation.  

The Universal Voice of the Mystic has always stated to mankind: If you want to see and understand the esoteric realities that I have seen and experienced, then you must do as I have myself done -- and there are no shortcuts of dispensations.   Those who do not pick of their own cross and travail in TheWay, are not worthy to be taught by the One Teacher that Jesus said to seek out (see True Prophet) -- and thus, they dwell in the abyss of intellectual and spiritual poverty:  "...if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty".   And herein likes the crux of the problem -- i.e., to understand the Science of Mind and the Trinitarian Foundation of the Divine Pattern of Creation, one must begin to change their condition and create within themselves the necessary spiritual environment which in the allegory of the scriptures is portrayed as the Final Temple.  And in this respect, the necessary knowledge which the Church suppressed and destroyed when it entered a covenant with Rome, is presented in The Three Lies and its associated links.  But to bring about the necessary transformation of self into the Final Temple that enables the seeker/disciple to enter within the Holy of Holies with themselves and enter the Inner Kingdom, they must live their received level of knowledge in word, thought, desire and deed.   Thus, like the prodigal son, they must begin their journey in TheWay back to the Edenic Kingdom of Origination ( ).  And the further along they progress, the greater their understanding will become.   


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