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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

An American Tragedy Perpetuated

While the shooting death of Trayvon Martin is very much a tragedy, the even greater tragedy is the perpetuation of racist ignorance on the part of the Rev. Al Sharpton, the Rev Jesse Jackson, the New Black Panther Party, NBC News and others who promote institutionalized racism for a political advantage in our culture.   In fact, if the Rev. Sharpton and/or the Rev. Jackson were in fact genuine religious leaders, they would not only warn the people of the implications of using the death of Trayvon Martin in their perpetuation of racism -- a perpetuation that was not only brought about by the Laws (see Conditions Of One's Birth - Life - And Death) of God as declared in the scriptures and taught by Jesus -- and they would recognize that both Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman have been living out their destiny that was ordained even before they were born into this life.  

To the vast majority of Christians who have been deprived and even robbed of a true understanding of both the realities of this world and the teachings of Jesus on the subject of becoming what you have judged (see The Spiritual Castration Of The Church), the fact that those who portray themselves as religious leaders fail to understand Why Bad Things Happen To Seemingly Good People -- and blindly lead their followers down the broad-way of continued judgment and suffering -- failing to comprehend The Laws That Perfect Mankind -- is representative of the greatest tragedy of all.  

That man does not know -- and is in most instances totally unaware of his more distant past that has orchestrated his present life -- is because he presently dwells in what Jesus portrayed as the "outer darkness" of mind and being (see Outer Darkness).   Others who are totally subject to the judgment of the Laws and dwell in what Jesus portrayed as The Prison, remain shackled by the Laws to live out the judgments and miss-deeds of their more distant past.  

In the subheading The Chickens Come Home To Roost, I present the witness of Rabbi Ovadia Yosefan who taught that the Jews who died in the Holocaust had committed grave sins in their previous lives that made them victims of Hitler and his henchmen.   At this same subheading I portray the Rev Jeremiah Wright as a slave owner in his past.   And even Barack Obama who is, because of his own more distant past worshiped as a messiah by some in the present, is living a life that has been orchestrated by his past -- and is in fact confronting the very Laws that he and his followers have initiated in their more distant past (see Those Who Fail To Remember History).  

All progress in life is through experience and testing -- and because most people are far too complacent to be tested by the Laws (of God), they become bonded to quasi-religious, secular and philosophical leaders and thereby inherit the fate of the group which they are attached to (see Leaders As Catalysts For The Laws).    And this process of experiential testing causes groups to enter into life together.   In the same way that there is a syllabus within which each level of education learns, the same is true with respect to God's University of Life (see   While attached to these groups that are controlled and orchestrated by the Laws, each individual person is themselves confronted by situations that is part of their syllabus of the experiences which serve as a means of learning and testing throughout their lives.   Jesus warned that those confined to what he portrayed as The Prison, cannot be released until they have paid back their last debt -- i.e., “Thou shalt by no means come out from there, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing” (Mat 5:26 - see The Prison).   While those who have not themselves picked up their own cross and travailed in TheWay in imitation of the Pattern of Christ, perpetually dwell in what Jesus portrayed as the  "outer darkness" of mind and being (see Outer Darkness) -- totally blind to their more distant past that has invoked the Laws that has orchestrated the life that they are presently living.   And that the modern Church remains a victim of what can only be rightly portrayed as the Stockholm Syndrome -- embracing the very dogmatic ignorance that was literally forced upon the Church by the Emperors of Pagan Rome (see The Government Intrusion And Takeover Of The Church) -- has had the effect of shackling the Christian world in a Spiritual Diaspora of Ignorance from which they have yet to even begin to emerge.       

Those who understand how the Laws of God returns to each person the fruit of their own past deeds -- and how in most instances, there is always a reversal where the aggressor becomes the victim until one of the two breaks the cycles of the Laws -- the soul who is presently living as George Zimmerman was previously the victim of the soul who was living in this life as Trayvon Martin -- and the altercation that ensued was merely the continuation of the past into the present.   What this means is that those who rape, will themselves be the victim of rape.   Those who kill, will themselves be killed.  Those who abuse, will themselves be abused in the same way that they did.   That the altercation between Martin and Zimmerman was promoted by the fraud perpetuated by the media -- including the publication of a picture when Trayvon Martin was much younger, along with an edited 911 account which made George Zimmerman appear to be racially motivated -- the portrayal of Zimmerman as being a white racist (see Media's Misleading Rhetoric On Guns) -- is not by chance, but was in fact orchestrated by the Laws.        

What is the real issue here?   While Al Sharpton and a whole chorus of Black Leaders have professed their outrage, it is the conditions of modern Black Culture that the Laws have orchestrated and put on trial.    When Martha Stewart was put on trial for something that congressmen had exempted themselves from, I attempted to warn the people about the boomerang effect of the Judgment of the Laws (see The Plight Of Martha Stewart).   And much of my writings since that time have been an attempt to warn those who have been confined by their more distant past to  The Prison -- and those who Jesus portrayed as dwelling in the  "outer darkness" of mind and being (see Outer Darkness) -- of the effects of the Laws in their present life, and how the Laws of God bring their own judgments and actions back upon them.   In the example of Jeremiah Wright I previously wrote: In the case of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his failure to repent from his own past as a white slave owner -- and the fact in the present, he blames the white race for his own evil that he perpetrated in his more distant past -- in conjunction with his rejection of the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount -- will continue to hold him in the cause and effect loop maintained by the Laws.   Further, many of the congregation of believers who are praising his gospel of hatred that the Rev. Wright and others presently preach, were the very Confederate soldiers who opposed and fought the Union armies. What this means is that what today is known as Black Liberation Theology, will continue to enslave these souls in the future, until they begin to embrace the spiritual concepts of the Sermon on the Mount, and free themselves from the shackles of ignorance (see Failure To Perceive And Understand).     

In the case of Al Sharpton: How many young black children have been slain since the unfortunate death of Trayvon Martin?   As a Democrat, it is demonstrated that the greatest source of poverty is the abolition of the tenets of a biblically based marriage (see The Folly Of Social Justice - The Counterfeit Dogma Of Jim Wallis And The Marxist Left).   As a Democrat, Al Sharpton supports the infanticide of the unborn (see Alveda King).   As a Democrat, Al Sharpton continues to promote the Public Schools and reject true School Choice that would begin the process of spiritual healing of the African-American Children (see The Children Of Caesar and Separation Of Church & State - School choice - The Practice of Religion).   Thus, not only Al Sharpton, but also those who follow him, are themselves being tested by the Laws -- and they are creating  The Prison of their own future struggles and hardships.    

While the case of Trayvon Martin has been brought to the public's attention, the fact that in the interval between his death and the present an almost countless number of truly innocent Black children have been slain by the Left's Liberal Culture that has enslaved the African-American Community on what Star Parker portrays as Uncle Sam's Plantation -- and that pseudo-religious leaders such as Al Sharpton has for his own political gain chosen to ignore the spiritually apathetic conditions under which the Secular Progressive Left has imposed upon the innocent African-American Children under their control -- to the degree that they have even attempted to redefine Jesus as pro-Marxism (see Jim Wallis - Has This Man Soul Your Soul To The Devil?) -- is representative of the judgment of the Laws that cannot be escaped.   As if Jesus desires government programs which rob innocent children of even the opportunity to enter into Life.   Not now -- and not in the future.   And if Al Sharpton and the horde of race-baiter's who have accused George Zimmerman of hunting down Trayvon Martin for no other reason than he is black, will themselves be held accountable for the daily sheading of the blood of innocent African-American children for no other reason than a perpetuation of the Secular Progressive agenda and culture that has robbed children of meaningful lives.

Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus


At 2:52 PM, Anonymous Ron said...

I applaud your article for its detail of facts, except on one count in which I find it historically inaccurate and against the 'true' facts of history. That is when you state that all Confederates were fighting to protect slavery against the union who it is intimated in you article were fighting against the institution.
First of all what facts are there that the war was fought over slavery?
To the overwhelming vast majority of Federal soldiers their fight was not about freeing slaves. There
is a vast amount of evidence from their own personal diary's, journals and letters that state that unequivocally.They were not fighting for some lofty vision of emancipation.
You may want to research the Corwin amendment which was drafted by congress with the approval of A. Lincoln that stated that in No way would Slavery be interfered with if the South would stay in.
Now this would have been a slam -dunk for the South if the reason as you state was a war over slavery. But The South refused this offer. What better way to guarantee slavery for all times.Which incidentally was at the time legal under the constitution and well protected.
It was not until after the war in the "second" 13th amendment that it became illegal.
I believe it does more harm to portray the Confederate soldier as evil and the Federal to be so full of virtue. The problem is that you intimate all Confederates were slave holders who supported the institution, which is ridiculously false.Between 80-90% WERE NOT slave holders.
The below is a quote from Dr.Donald Livingston that better sums up the matter.
"The official story that the war was
about the South’s desire to protect
and expand slavery and the
North’s determination to abolish it is
not merely an error in academic history. The evidence against it has not
been ignored so much as it has been
suppressed. It had to be suppressed
because it contradicts the legitimating
myth of the centralized nationalist regime that emerged after the war. Having been repeated so often, it has come
to be believed because of repetition.
There is a lack of moral maturity
in a regime that cannot confront its
own moral failures, but constructs its
national identity by projecting those
failures onto a scapegoat"

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Brother Of Yeshua said...

As far as I know, the Civil war was fought over states rights -- especially taxation -- and slavery was a secondary issue. I am also aware that there were African-Americans who fought on the Confederate side. My point is that those who were slave owners in the past, have now been born into the race which they persecuted -- and the fact that they are presently poor and blame the white race for their own dilemma, is merely the Laws returning back to them what they were in the past.

At 7:15 AM, Blogger RWM said...

"My point is that those who were slave owners in the past, have now been born into the race which they persecuted "

Allan, Thank you for your response.
In your above quote, it may be far more accurate to use than,instead of singling out those who fought for the Confederacy as in your articles.As there is documented evidence that there was those who fought for the North that also owned slaves.The vast amount of slaves for the great majority of times were brought into northern ports aboard ships owned by northern businessmen and than sold.
Dirty hands show up on both sides.

But of course the Laws as I understand it, brought these people into bondage for a reason,perhaps from their past actions. So all must have been pre-planned or predestined, so In all honesty No blame can be found.


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