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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Are Mormons Christian?

In a recent ABC interview with Pastor Rick Warren, the question was asked with respect to Mitt Romney as to whether mainstream Churches could accept Mormons as fellow Christians?   In answering, Rick Warren stated: "Well, the key sticking point for evangelicals and actually for many is the issue of the Trinity" (see Interview) -- which in essence means that while the Mormons hold to the original teachings of Jesus, mainstream Christianity holds to the man-made dogma of pagan Rome.   When rightly understood, what we are presented with is the manifestation of the statement by James W. Loewen that while "People have a right to their own opinions, but not to their own facts. Evidence must be located, not created, and opinions not backed by evidence cannot be given much weight" -- and while the facts demonstrate that Mormonism is actually closer to the original Gospel teachings and objectives, mainstream Christianity has been in denial of the very facts that they have long censored and remain in denial of, to the degree that those who believe they are Christian, have been spiritually disenfranchised by the very Church they look to for truth.

The historical fact is that the original Gospels taught that Jesus was a true holy man who became the Anointed (Messiah/Christ) at his baptism in the Jordan (see The Ten Words).   But, in order to force the Church to conform to Roman and Greek Mithraic dogma, the doctrine of the Trinity which is not supported by the scriptures (see Adoption Of The Trinity), was literally forced upon the Church -- and those who rejected the religion of the emperor of Rome, were hunted down as heretics and murdered.    Which means that Pastor Warren's position was that the Mormon Church was flawed, because they reject the dogma of Roman emperors, and hold to original Gospel teachings.     

Perhaps even more important is to understand the answer to the question that Pastor Warren was not asked -- i.e., why did Joseph Smith teach against the Trinity?   Because, in order to restore the original objectives of the Gospel, the mindset and perspective of life in this world had to be restored -- i.e., "...this school house in which [God's] children are being educated... if they pursue the proper course, until they shall become divine beings themselves" -- not only restores the concept of Religion As The True System Of Education -- but also the original teaching that each of us are the brothers and sisters of the historical man Jesus as demonstrated in his words: "Go instead to my brothers and tell them, 'I am returning to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God'" (John 20:17 NIV).  And these words could only be spoken by a man who fulfilled the Law within himself as witnessed by the original followers of Jesus (see Witness).

One of the most important original concepts in the above is seen in the words: "...if they pursue the proper course, until they shall become divine beings themselves" -- and because of the adoption of Roman pagan dogma, it has become near impossible for the modern Christian to "...pursue the proper course".    Not only is this world God's Schoolhouse -- with  Religion As The True System Of Education -- but Jesus taught that his followers and disciples must seek to learn only from the One Teacher which the earliest of Christians portrayed as The True Prophet.    But, because mainstream Christians have permitted themselves to be shackled by Roman pagan dogma, fulfilling this important original Gospel teaching has become impossible.   And thus, the Christian world is faith-based -- unable to fulfill the original Gospel objectives -- because they remain shackled by the dogma of pagan Rome.   

While the mainstream Churches have the (Constitutional) right to believe anything they want -- and, in the words of James W. Loewen, they "...have a right to their own opinions" -- the fact that they have attempted to support their dogmatic opinions on contrived facts and a series of corrupted biblical manuscripts which serve to support the 4th century dogma of pagan Rome, is responsible for their questioning of the beliefs of Mitt Romney who as a Mormon, is closer to the original Gospel teachings than the very Churches which condemn Mormonism as a cult. 


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