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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Born Congenital Liars? Is This True Of Barack Obama?

While taking a drive, I turned Rush Limbaugh on to see what he was stating.   And after his analysis of the great body of misinformation that is being promoted by the administration with respect to the Sept. 11th 2012 Libyan terrorist attack on the US Consulate, Mr. Limbaugh portrayed Barack Obama as a "serial liar".    Barack Obama of course dwells in an alternative mental reality where he envisions the terrorists repenting from their evil on the mere basis that he is a persuasive talker who has apologized to them.   And to maintain the fabricated walls of his alternative mental reality, Barack Obama has attempted to blame a utube video which portrays the cruel reality of the Mohammed Impersonators (see Obama's Chickens Have Come Home To Roost).   And thus, Barack Obama's refusal to portray these evil men as terrorists, has more to do with Obama's own past that he sits in judgment of.

Mr. Limbaugh then gave his statement greater thought, and he then suggested that if this seemed too extreme for some listeners, he would revise his position and instead portray Barack Obama as a "delusional liar".   Which he defined as: One who perpetually repeats lies and untruths -- and in so doing creates within his mind an alternative reality where he sees these fabrications as being true.   Yet, if Rush understood the Laws which our Constitutional Framers portrayed as the Laws of Nature And Nature's God that all of mankind is subject to (see American Spirituality), he would become enlightened to the fact that he(Rush)  is wrong -- and the proper understanding would be that Barack Obama is a "congenital liar".    The difference being that the fabrication of untruths is part of Barack Obama's Spiritual DNA.   Which thus raises the question: Just what constitutes Spiritual DNA that can be traced in a parallel manner to physical DNA?   And in view of the fact that we are a mere 40 days or so from the next election where -- as Justice John Roberts has acknowledged -- Choices have Consequences beyond most people's understanding, it would save the American People great suffering and hardships if they came to understand the meaning of (1) the Laws of Nature and Nature's God; (2) the relationship of Spiritual DNA to its pattern in the physical; (3) and the reality portrayed in the term "congenital liar and Spiritual DNA"!!!

While Rush Limbaugh likes to portray himself as the Maja-Rushie who has a 99% accuracy, in his assessment of Barack Obama and the perpetual propagation of misinformation that pours forth out of Obama's mouth, Rush Limbaugh's assessment is falling far short from the actual truth.    But because Rush Limbaugh does not possess the understanding of the Laws as did our Constitutional Framers did, his assessment falls far short of the mark.   And while the Christian world is supposed to understand these Natural Laws which all of mankind are subject to, they too fall far short of the mark because they cling to the dogma of Roman Pagan Emperors (see The Corruption Of The Church), while rejecting the Original Gospel Teachings of Jesus and TheWay.    Resulting in the fact that the Church has permitted itself to become so spiritually impotent, that it can no longer assist conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh to understand the true reality of what is going on in the present (see The Spiritual Castration Of The Church).    And because the Church has exiled itself in a Spiritual Diaspora of its own making, not only has our modern hedonist culture given birth to Marxist Christianity (see Jim Wallis - Has This Man Sold Your Soul To The Devil?), but it is easily demonstrated that the whole of their dogmatic facade is portrayed in the Gospel as "spiritual apostasy" (see Ann Coulter - The Fine Print).

Rush Limbaugh doesn't understand the difference between a liar, and one who can be portrayed as a congenital liar because of their Spiritual DNA.   Why?  Because the Church under Roman Pagan Rule, abandoned the spiritual essence of the Gospel teachings -- threw away the Key of Knowledge -- and lost the essential teachings that could only be revealed to those portrayed as being In The House with the Lord.   And thus, they have exiled themselves into a world of confusion, spiritual ignorance and blind-faith.   Lacking a true spiritual guide and shepherd, Rush therefore, does not understand Jesus' teachings on The Prison -- and that because of this imprisonment of the soul of Barack Obama, the Laws have bound him to lie to maintain his status as a worldly leader, until he breaks the cycle of imprisonment (see The Prison).   And as presented in the article Obama's Chickens Have Come Home To Roost, so too has a very large number of Obama-followers also become imprisoned by what can be portrayed as Secondary Karma (see The Secondary Effect Of The Laws).   The result is that, instead of assisting in the healing process of the soul of Barack Obama and the spiritual disease that afflicts him by confronting him with his lies, the politically correct mainstream media is maintaining Barack Obama in his condition of spiritual disease that is inflicting harm on the Nation (Image Used By Thomas Sowell In The Invincible Lie).

In not understanding what the Original Gospel portrayed as the Conditions Of One's Birth (see Conditions Of One's Birth - Life - And Death),  Rush cannot even begin to understand how long the soul of Barack Obama has been plagued by this condition that can be seen as a spiritual disease -- a condition that is the direct result of of Jesus' teachings on The Prison.    And when properly understood, all the base conditions of the flesh, are all the result of that soul's own past actions (see The Early Church On Pre-Destination).    That the vast majority of men remain totally ignorant of the previous lifetimes that their soul has lived, is because they ignore the warning of Jesus with respect to their dwelling in the "outer darkness" of Mind and Being (see Outer Darkness) -- i.e, a condition of mind and being which they must heal and overcome within themselves.  

As an example: While many Christians fail to understand it, those homosexuals are correct when they claim that God created them homosexual.    As stated in the Gospels: “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows” (Gal 6:7 NIV).   That our present behavior and life is predetermined by our own actions in our previous lifetimes, is well represented in the original Gospel teachings as presented in the foregoing link.    And that many Christians judge what they fail to understand, can have the effect of imposing hardships on those souls in the future.    In the same way that Christians should strive to help and heal the homosexual and all those who are bound by the plagues of the flesh that Paul stated to prevail over, the American People should help and heal the soul of Barack Obama, by confronting him directly with the misinformation and lies that he promotes.   And in so doing, help the soul of Barack Obama break the shackles of being a congenital liar.

It can be said that Barack Obama has been raised up to convict complacent Christians who have chosen the dogma of Roman Pagan Emperors, over the Original Spiritual teachings of Jesus and TheWay.   To the degree that in the same way that the Apostle Peter portrayed Simon Magus as being raised up by the Laws to test the people, this account of the Laws has been modernized in the article, Obama - The Church's New Simon Magus.


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