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Friday, September 07, 2012

Democrats Reject God - The American Downfall - Thomas Paine & The American Crisis Redux

Is America on the precipice of (self) destruction?  A precipice is a term which is used to portray going (blindly) over a cliff -- spiraling downward into a dark abyss -- or one who is dwelling on the brink of disaster.   Which possible impending doom can very much be portrayed as The Modern American Crisis Redux -- A Crisis that has the potential to cause us to suffer grave loss of virtually everything that we as Americans hold dear (see The American Crisis Today!).    Choices Have Consequences -- and the choices that are presently dividing the American People -- choices brought about by virtue of our own ignorance with respect to the Wisdom of our Constitutional Framers -- has the capacity to totally undermine the very fabric of our Nation.   The reality that confronts the American People is this: To make choices without understanding the consequences of our actions, is to render us victims of our own profound ignorance. 

An Experiment? In her recent speech at the Republican National Convention, Condoleeza Rice incorrectly stated that: "When the world looks to America, they look to us because we are the most successful political and economic experiment in human history. That is the true basis of 'American Exceptionalism'.”  Why was this statement incorrect?   Because our Constitutional form of government was not by any means an experiment -- and when rightly understood, was well planned and orchestrated long before the ink was dry on either the Declaration of Independence, or the American Constitution.

The Problem: It remains virtually impossible to convey to the vast majority of Americans the true reality of the very lives they are living, because they have permitted themselves to become disenfranchised from both the Wisdom of our Constitutional Framers, and the Original Teachings and Objectives of what has come to be called Christianity.   Quoting the American Spirituality web site of Thomas Paine Redux:  Our Constitutional Framers would tell you that (1) our Constitutional form of government is in and of itself very much a Gift From the very Hand of God; and (2), the Higher Objectives of the First Amendment was to bring about the Freedom to Pursue Spirituality; and (3) as with all Gifts from God, what the core Deists portrayed as "priestcraft" -- both sectarian and secular -- has always defiled and contaminated the Spiritual Gifts that God has bestowed upon mankind.   But who were the Deists?  And what is the difference between religion, and spirituality?  Thus, in this time of great crisis, it is imperative that before the American People make the grave mistake of once again throwing away this Gift from the Hand of God -- a gift that cannot easily be restored -- that they understand what they are throwing away.

As demonstrated in the subheading Science, Religion And The Etheric Field/Mind, science has already proven the validity of the visionary Mystic and Authors of the scriptures to be true.   Moreover, science has further proven that what we see and observe with our physical senses, is the result of unseen forces in a causal realm that can be portrayed as an Etheric Field that surrounds all physical matter.  And while Christian, Jewish and Sufi Mystics have long confirmed this fact, only now has science progressed to the point where they have been able to confirm what the Mystic has known all along.   And this fact is confirmed by  Einstein who stated (see foregoing link) that “We may therefore regard matter as being constituted by the regions of space in which the field is extremely intense… There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality”.   That mankind has remained virtually ignorant with respect to the nature and reality of the Field which Einstein portrays as "...the only reality”, is because the whole emerging reality-concept endorsed by modern science, totally undermines the junk-science that is taught and propagated in our schools and universities.

While Condoleeze Rice portrays our Constitutional form of government as an experiment, enlightened individuals understand that this form of government was very much planned and orchestrated from the other side of the barrier that separates us from the source of higher reality in the Causal Field.    When the Apostle Paul commanded to "Pray without ceasing" (1 Thes 5:17), what he was in fact stating is that man possess the innate ability to attune his thinking and mindset to the Causal Field that is the True Source of all that we experience in this life.   

Secular Progressives have enjoyed freedom under our Constitutional form of government to the degree that they have now arrived at the point where they are presently attempting to ram their Marxist big-government philosophy down the throats of the American People.   Even though modern scientific facts have proven that man's true reality is in the unseen dynamics of the Causal Field -- and that man has the innate ability to access this Causal Field when he learns to attune his mind to the unseen forces that move all events in this world (see Whats Wrong With Wearing A Seat Belt?) -- they have attempted to ban the attunement of the mind (prayer) to the Source, in order to disenfranchise young children from their own true higher reality.   They literally booed the restoration of God and Jerusalem to the Democrat Platform (see Boo God).    And when Barack Obama propagated his big-government mindset and proclaimed to small business owners that "you didn't build that" (see Washington Post), he was not only in absolute denial of the facts -- but stood there refuting both science and the wisdom of religious Mystics and Saints.   That Barack Obama is himself a dinosaur who adheres to a fossilized mindset founded upon a rejection of  the facts of both religion and science (see Science, Religion And The Etheric Field/Mind), demonstrates that he is the least qualified to lead the American People into the 21st Century.

Our Constitutional Framework of government is not an accident -- it was planned and orchestrated in order to bring about American Exceptionalism and create the necessary environment where mankind can be freed from the shackles of ignorance and superstition that enslaved him throughout most of his past, in the endeavor to nurture and bring about true Spiritual Rebirth (see Necessary Spiritual Environment).   And only because of this Constitutional Framework that was laid in our past, am I able to write the important Wisdom today that was impossible to write in the past.   When Barack Obama proclaimed that "you didn't build that", if he was an enlightened and knowing leader -- as was our original Constitutional Framers -- he would understand that the underlying Laws that created the American Environment of Exceptionalism (see Foundational Laws), is the foundation that permitted individuals to arise to their full potential, and bring forth results that has sustained our Nation at an elevated level which has exceeded all other nations of the earth.   And the more that the Secular Progressives continue to undermine the Foundational Laws which has invoked the Laws of Nature and Nature's God -- which Laws has proven to be the example for the Nation to serve as a Light to the rest of the world, the more that the American People will continue to suffer loss.

What is the True Source of our present tribulation?  All Christians should heed the statement of fact in the Epistle of James (3:3-6) where the warning is sounded that the tongue of men invokes the Laws which come back upon him -- and even brings about their demise -- i.e., the tongue "...corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell".  For a period of four years the man who is the present leader of our nation has invoked the Laws by blaming Pres. Bush for our present financial woes -- when in reality, Pres. Bush is the victim of Secular Progressive folly (see A Lesson In The Laws - Obama vs Bush).   The record shows that Pres. Bush called for a reform of Freddie Mack and Fannie Maye seventeen (17) times -- and was ignored.   Barney Frank and the Secular Progressives brought about the collapse of the American economy (see Frank's Fingerprints All Over Financial Fiasco) -- which has confirmed the words of Ronald Reagan when he warned: "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem!"    The Community Reinvestment Act under Jimmy Carter created the environment that was later promoted by Barney Frank that totally undermined the American financial stability through the creation of subprime loans.    To the degree that Barack Obama was part of a landmark lawsuit (see Obama Pushed Banks To Give Subprime Loans) that let into the financial crisis that he has blamed George Bush for creating.   Yet, each time Obama blamed Bush, his deceptive tongue invoked the Laws that he is totally ignorant of -- Laws which "..set the whole course of his life on fire" -- and as the Nations president, has invoked the Laws which has undermined the whole of the American Dream.    When you invoke Laws by promoting a lie, like a boomerang that lie comes back upon you -- and as president, it has engulfed the American People in the present financial crisis.   Moreover, because George Bush has for the most part turned the other cheek when condemned by those most responsible for the Nations present financial woes, the promise of the Gospel has invoked the Laws and returned the judgment back upon its source -- and as the Nations leader, Barack Obama has invoked the Laws that has brought great suffering upon the American People. 

What wisdom would Thomas Paine write about the present-day American Crisis?   In the same way that his pamphlets informed our forefathers at the time of the Revolution, if the American People will allot a little of their time to read the modern-day witness of Thomas Paine at the American Spirituality web site, you will learn about the Laws that have empowered the American People to find greater success in their pursuits, and enable them to achieve an Exceptionalism that is both the envy and an example to the rest of world.   And therein you will also find the case made that our Deist Founding Fathers were the epitome of the very spiritual maturity that was the objective of the teachings of Jesus and TheWay.   

The average person will rightly ask: What I am stating is that the doctrine of the pre-existent soul that evolves to perfection over the course of many lifetimes is not only true -- but was originally taught by Jesus!!!   Which means that the community of believers must come to terms with the reality that important teachings were ordered to be removed by the Roman Emperors who ruled over the post-Nicene Church (see Dogma Of Emperors) -- and the body of present-day Christians are all victims of what is known as Stockholm Syndrome.   But even more important is the fact that history not only perpetually repeats itself -- but the fact is that all the leaders of the past are presently on the world's stage resuming their past conflicts in the present (see The Perfect Ideological Storm - Obama And The Burning Qur'an).    Barack Obama has been blindly followed as a messiah figure, because he has attempted to personify himself as a messiah on the world's stage in the more distant past.   And in the same way that the scriptures warn: "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap" (Gal 6:7 NKJ) -- as the Nations leader, Barack Obama has brought his past debts into the present -- to the continued suffering of the American People who voted him into office as their president.        

It should come as no surprise that our Founding Fathers who were Deists, believed in the pre-existent soul (see Deist Belief In Reincarnation).    Neither should it come as any surprise that the pre-Nicene Christian Church openly taught the doctrine of the pre-existent soul (see Early Church On Predestination).   That after the Christian world was abducted by a series of Roman Pagan Emperors who forced their dogma on the body of believers -- hunting down and murdering the Spiritual Christians for refusing to accept the religion of the emperor -- further corrupting the most corrupt copies of the scriptures (see to make them artificially support Roman Pagan dogma -- is the undeniable facts of history that the modern Christian world simply refuses to come to terms with.   And that the American Constitution was ordained from On High, so that the Truth could be told during this grave period of the modern American Crisis -- with the American People being confronted with choosing The Narrow Way of Life, or that of grave suffering -- has also been orchestrated and brought about in the lives of the American People by the Hand of God.   And that the choices the American People make now, they will inherit in the future (see Conditions Of Birth), is a spiritual reality that they are not even presently prepared to come to terms with.


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