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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Update - Why Are There School Shootings?

Let us first begin with a few facts in further support of the previous article Why Are There School Shootings?

The scriptures are correct and that all events not only have a pre-existing cause -- but these events can be foreseen by those involved.   Why?   Because the souls of all of those involved knew that the school shooting of these children would take place in the manner that it did even before they entered this life.  But the facts are: (1) in the same way that the Jews were in denial with respect to the repayment of a karmic debt with Hitler -- and they rejected the wisdom of their own Jewish mystic (see Conditions Of One's Birth - Life - Death) -- so too will the denial be on the lips of both the parents, and the ideological rants of those with an agenda; (2) even when the issues are properly set before the court, they refused to even hear it (see The Cross And The Seat Belt); (3) and even when it is demonstrated that both our linear-driven culture and the manner in which we educate our children directly inhibits the child/person not only from being able to foresee such events, but also to connect with their higher soul-self who both perceives the originating causal factor and the exact time and date that the event will transpire (see Intuitive Mind vs Linear-Rational); (4) and that even though it is easily proven that the whole foundation of our fossilize junk-science that we base our culture and manner of education on has long been proven to be in error -- for mostly political/commercial reasons both our secular and sectarian leaders refuse to in any manner acknowledge the facts and the truth when it is presented to them.  

The scriptures are written in what can be called the allegorical Language of the Soul, because all of Nature is composed in this same Language.   And in the same way that you must apply the Key of Knowledge to begin to grasp the true meaning of the scriptures, you must in like manner begin to properly apply the Key of Knowledge to unlock the meaning of the outer world that has been rightly portrayed by Jesus as the "outer darkness" of mind and being (see Outer Darkness) -- which is parallel to the analogy of Plato's Cave.  Which is why the Gospel of Thomas declares (5) Jesus said, "Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you..." (Gospel of Thomas).  The scriptures are a text-book designed to teach you the principles of the Language of the Soul and the allegorical world in which you dwell, so that you will do as portrayed in the parable of the prodigal son and return to your Spiritual Source of Being.   The process worked for me when I lived as the Brother of the man Jesus (see ) -- it worked for me in a later life as a canonized saint -- and it worked for me over the course of many other lifetimes -- as it has worked for me in this present life when I was dispatched into this world to tell the people the Truth and guide them in TheWay.  But because the ideologues, the sectarian and secular authorities, and especially our educators, refuse to even consider the facts -- but continue to cling to a mental and philosophical foundational paradigm of thinking that is in the process of bringing about our own self-destruction -- i.e., in the words of William A. Tiller: “The present scientific establishment has grown somewhat fossilized by its current world picture and is locked into a view of reality that has outlived its usefulness. It has begun to limit mankind’s growth and has so increased its sense of specialization, separateness, materiality, and mechanical computer-like functioning that it is in real danger of self-extermination” (William A. Tiller, Materials Sciences Department, Stanford University - quoted at Whats Wrong With Wearing A Seatbelt?) -- that if we don't begin to re-evaluate the meaningless and self-destructive lives that we are presently living, that the conflict which took place in Sandy Hook school, will become commonplace as the very structure of our government and culture collapses from within.     
The below is my answer to a gun control question:

My interests in writing the articles Why Are There School Shootings? and The Law Of Octaves And The Second Amendment is not in any manner to promote gun rights -- but rather, to understand the causal reality of the Natural Laws of this world which of course are personified in the words: The Laws Of Nature And Nature's God.   But it is important to recognize that holographically, genuine science and religion have proven beyond all doubt that we are dwelling in a Cosmic Body that is imbued with the same Divine Pattern as our own body-mind -- and that the ability to defend ourselves from attackers, parallels that of a healthy immune system of the body as explored in the article The Law Of Octaves And The Second Amendment.  It is not an accident that the worst crimes are committed in gun free zones -- the example being that John Holmes who shot up the Colorado cinema, passed by three other cinemas that were not gun free zones (see Gun Free Zones - The Most Dangerous Places In America).  Moreover, at the present time the political leaders of the United States are in the process of importing Mexican and South American thugs and cartels into the country -- and these gangs are literally taking control of large sections of our country which rightly can be declared to be third-world nations within our borders.    There are places in this country -- i.e., Los Angles, Chicago, Detroit, and many large cities under Secular Progressive control -- where the government is the local street gang cartel that rules the culture.   And the very guns which the Secular Progressive ideologues want to prohibit, would in fact be the first line of defense when the family is forced to defend itself from the cartels that are taking over whole segments of our cities.  Not to understand the causal factors of the events in this life, is to blindly walk out onto a freeway at night with dark clothing on.   Not to understand the causal factor, is to play Russian Roulette with a fully loaded revolver.   And in this respect the predominant causal factor is made up of a number (twelve-fold) sub-causes that would have to be realized as both independent and contributing to the whole.   

In the same way that the Jews had to repay a karmic debt at the hands of Hitler (see Conditions Of One's Birth - Life - Death), no doubt some of the parents of these children are themselves inheriting the negative karma incurred in the previous lives that their soul has lived i.e., “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows”(Gal 6:7 NIV).   But the Laws then take these lesser causal factors, and roll them out into a Causal Factor of a Higher Order, which has the effect of satisfying the Laws in a multifaceted manner.   While we can't even begin to address the lesser causal factors that brought all these children and families together in this larger episode, we can examine the larger causal factor which is of the primary concern to the American People.   The bottom line is that (1) the children's lives were not safe in the school environment; (2) the children's lives were snuffed out by a stranger who was mentally impaired and even deranged; (3) and while the school administrators and teachers believed they were acting in the best interests of the children, their actions failed to protect the children from the reality that consumed the very life of innocence that was violently snuffed out.   

As stated in the Gospels, all events in this world have a pre-existent cause.   And while most Christians are in denial of the scriptures which state that God ordains both the good and the evil -- the evil being a corrective action brought about by the people themselves -- the Christian's condition of profound ignorance is the direct result of the elimination of important teachings which were removed from the Gospel text (see   And when important teachings were outlawed by a series of Roman Emperors (see Religion Of Roman Emperors), the effect was the Spiritual Castration of the Church (see Spiritual Castration).   

In this instance the events that transpired at Sandy Hook school not only satisfied the (pre-existent) causal factors of each of the individuals involved -- but the events initiate a series of new objectives that spawns a twelve-fold sub-factors that must be confronted in the future.   While those people who see only one face in the twelve-fold crystal, and attempt to focus only on one of the faces (see The Enigma Of The Twelve - The Laws - And The Tree Of Life ), what the parable of the twelve-faced crystal that Jesus taught also presents the reality that, in order to raise up one's consciousness and be able to perceive the One Light that is the Source, you must have the vision to perceive the allegorical enigma of what is being presented.    In view of the fact that our higher soul-self (see perceives all events and realities of this world from the Primary Causal Factor -- while acknowledging the secondary twelve-fold factors that provide the environment for the Primary Factor to Manifest -- it is important for seekers to begin to open their perception and thinking to the reality of the Primary Cause -- while acknowledging the existence of the lesser causes.   

While from man's organic perception the public schools may seem to be a good idea that addresses the need to overcome ignorance and illiteracy, it remains true that on a larger scale the public school agenda, curriculum and environment is not only inflicting grave harm on the child that would include death from a higher soul-perspective -- but in its alienation of the child from its true self, it is a valid statement that the child has been cast into the hands of the Master Abortionist.    Jesus taught that unless you bring about the next stage of birth that you in no manner can enter into Life -- and both the public schools, our self-serving hedonist culture, in conjunction with our spiritually castrated churches, all inhibit the birth process from being brought about.  Why?  As stated in the Enigma Of The Segmented Mind, only a fractional segment of both self and higher reality can manifest in the physical which is limited to three-dimensions.   Which means that all we can perceive with our physical senses, is an allegorical manifestation that is representative of symbols impressed into this world which, when properly understood, provides us insight into the Greater Causal Factor that is impossible to manifest within the limits of these three dimensions.   But we do have the symbolism of the derangement of the mind that is snuffing out and killing the young children in an environment where those in charge have left them unprotected.   What is the cause of the derangement?   This must be seen as a separation and even alienation from higher reality -- which in this case is the alienation of the child from its true self on the alter of Secular Progressive ideology and philosophy that is barring the life-giving teachings of TheWay from being taught -- placing an insurmountable obstacle between the child and the One Teacher that can enlighten them to all Truth (see The True Prophet).    Resulting in a life of mental impairment and spiritual disenfranchisement -- which in effect, squanders away the very Life of the Child.   And while we can observe the ideologues in a contrived rage in their attempt to promote gun control and the further deterioration of God-Given Rights -- attempting to insure that the crisis has not gone to waste -- but is to be used to advance the very evil agenda which they impose upon the people -- they are in effect self-condemned.   The question is whether the people and their religious leaders they look to will further surrender to the sacrifice of their children and God-Given Rights on the alter of Secular Progressive Ideology?

The above is of course the interpretation of the Mystic who has lived the necessary life and lifetimes to peer into the higher reality where the complete picture is presented.      


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