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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Barack Obama - Social Equality And Justice - Inequality

Tonight Barack Obama will give his State of the Union Address -- and to embrace reality, I suggest that Obama should inform the people that he is going to write an executive order suspending gravity, so that the American People will no longer be restrained by Natural Law -- which will enable everyone to merely jump to whatever height or distance that pleases them.   If you, the reader, is of a rational mind, and you conclude that Barack Obama has a snowballs chance in hell of suspending the Law of Gravity, then you are of course correct.
But I can easily demonstrate that Barack Obama's State of the Union speech will be based upon the same illogical anti-reasoning of the Natural Laws that have proven to be a failure throughout man's history.  And since those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them, those who applaud Obama's speech will in effect be applauding our continued failure.  Which means that hope and change apart from the foundation of the Natural Laws, is merely the product of the Tinkerbell Effect which all charlatans throughout history have always employed to seduce the blind-believing masses (see Tinkerbell Effect).

One of the primary subjects of his speech will predicatively be Pres. Obama's desire to solve the problem of Inequality, Social Justice and the long failed war against poverty.   But, without asking the question as to why poverty exists -- and why it is prevalent among a certain percentage of modern society -- it will remain impossible for Barack Obama or anyone else to resolve the dilemma.   Why?  Fundamentally, for the same reason why man is subject to the limitations of Gravity and other Natural Laws.   When the life that we are living is properly understood, all the events that we experienced have been preordained by pre-existing causal forces and circumstances -- and if we wish to resolve the dilemmas of life, then it is imperative that we intervene prior to the event actually taking place.  

If we fire a bullet at a person, it is often too late to resolve the outcome of the event after the bullet hits them.  Thus, we must take action prior to the bullet being fired, in order to resolve the problem of what takes place after the person gets hit by the bullet.   When an onrushing train collides with a car, the time to intervene is before the car attempts to cross the track -- not after impact.   When the Gospel message is rightly understood, it is easily demonstrated that Jesus taught that all the events in life have been preordained -- i.e, not even a sparrow can fall to the earth apart from the Will of God.   And in a recent court case I unsuccessfully attempted to set before the court (see The Cross And The Seat Belt) that what we call accidents have a pre-existing cause -- and like the fired bullet and the onrushing train, if we are willing to understand the causal factors, the events that we call an automobile accident can be averted.  

In the chapter entitled Science - Religion - The Etheric Field/Mind, I demonstrate that Science and Modern Physics has not only proven the positions with respect to the real nature of matter set forth by Mystics to be correct -- but that the philosophical framework of our modern society has been built upon a defective foundation -- and it is this defective foundation that has shackled modern man to the dungeon of the intellectual dark ages from which he has yet to emerge.   And because of this condition of profound ignorance with respect to the expression of the Natural Laws, Barack Obama is going to speak from a philosophical perspective that is guaranteed to be a failure.   Why?   Because he is going to tell the American People how he is going to circumvent and suspend the Natural Laws of Creation to bring about his Utopian Vision of Social Equality, Opportunity and Justice.   The bottom line is that because of his rejection of Natural Law, Barack Obama is going to preach the Tinkerbell Effect to the American People.  And those in attendance are going to applaud the efforts that are doomed to failure.  

The thinking of our modern society is based upon the reasoning of what can be portrayed as the philosophy of the Guardians of our Culture.   In many respects, the turning point that imprisoned modern man in an Intellectual Diaspora that has cast mankind into an abyss of ignorance goes back to the fourth century of our Common Era.   Thus, while we are under the false assumption that modern Christianity is the religion of the historical man Jesus, when rightly understood the Church underwent what is best portrayed as replacement theology that was built upon The Religion Of Roman Emperors.   And it was at that time that the teachings on the Causal Factors which the pre-Nicene Church taught, became condemned as heresy by the secular imperial take-over of the Church..    Resulting in the fact that, in not understanding these Causal Factors, well-meaning men such as Martin Luther arose as one of the Guardians of our Culture, and in his ignorance he attempted to erase any reference to the knowledge of the pre-existing Causal Factors that orchestrate all events in the lives of all of mankind.   And while our Constitutional form of government was based upon the knowledge of the Causal Factors which are ingrained in The Laws Of Nature And Nature's God (see ), then along came the philosophers of the nineteenth century (Carl Marx and Charles Darwin) whose ignorance of the underlying Causal Factors has enveloped our modern society in the abyss of absolute ignorance.   And it is from the pulpit of Ignorance that Barack Obama is going to speak to the American People with respect to his attempt to wave his mighty pen in the manner that Tinkerbell waves her wand, and suspend the Natural Laws of Creation.   

One of the many realities which the Original Gospel Message taught that is no longer understood today, is that each person is born into preordained Conditions Of Birth - Life And Death, that has orchestrated the life that each individual person is living out in the present.   And that this Fact Of Life was acknowledged and taught by the pre-Nicene Church, is easily proven in The Biblical Foundational Mindset.   And while -- like what man calls an automobile accident -- it is within the ability of man to alter the preordained events -- this can only be accomplished when one is able to resolve the Causal Factors that have orchestrated those events.

What this means is that the War on Poverty was predicatively subject to failure, because the laws of man did not take into account the resolution of the Causal Factors.   In order to reverse the outcome of certain events which have been orchestrated by the Natural Laws, you must go to the Source that orchestrates those events on the stage of life.   The means to stop a town from flooding is not after the onrushing water has begun to envelop the structures -- but rather, to insure that the water does not burst the dam upstream.   Therefore, we must pose the questions: Why are certain people destined by Divine Design of the Laws to live in poverty?   Why has literally trillions of dollars been squandered away in an attempt to resolve the dilemma of Social Inequality, without making so much as a dent in the problem?   Moreover, because Barack Obama's Utopian Vision does not at all take into account the resolution of the Causal Factors that caused these people to be born into poverty, his actions are doomed to failure as if he attempted to write an Executive Order suspending the Law of Gravity.

How long will it take for new, more enlightened Guardians of our Culture to emerge, who have broken the shackles of ignorance by embracing the findings of modern physics over the junk-science of Darwinism (see Science - Religion - The Etheric Field/Mind)???  When will Church leaders abandon the dogmatic opium of The Religion Of Roman Emperors -- and return to the original teachings of Jesus and TheWay?   How long will the American People continue to reject the Great Wisdom of our Constitutional Framers who understood the Laws of Nature and Nature's God (see )???   We can easily observe the demise of the United States, because it has turned upon the very First Principles that were set in motion by our Enlightened Constitutional Framers.   The only question is the depth of failure that we as Americans permit ourselves to become immersed in, before we are willing to restore what was provided to us by the Hand of God whose dominion we state we are under.   The Gospel declares that when salt has lost its essence, that it is no good except to be trodden under the foot of men -- and this is exactly what is happening to the American Exceptionalism that was orchestrated by the Natural Laws of Creation (see Natural Law And American Exceptionalism).    Only a delusional people would listen to -- and even applaud -- a political leader who proclaims that he will suspend Natural Law and implement his Utopian Vision -- a vision that is doomed to failure.



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