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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tucker Carlson - Pope Francis - The UnAnswerable Question?

This morning on Fox And Friends Weekend, host Tucker Carlson while covering Pope Francis, made the profound statement with respect to the pope's inability to answer the question presented to him by a young child on why bad things happen to good people, that he (Carlson) considered this question unanswerable.    As a conservative journalist, the inability of Pope Francis to answer this question should be close to Tucker Carlson's heart -- i.e., why can't the pope correctly answer the question this young child posed to him?   The answer is because of the damaging effect of Big Government upon the teachings of the Church.

Jesus, as well as his disciples and early followers could have easily answered this child's question as to why bad things happen to good people.   Which provokes the question: Is the doctrines of the modern Church the same as the original teachings of Jesus which was known as TheWay?   Sadly, they are not!!!   And the divergence of teachings are directly the result of the changes brought about when secular-imposed dogma was forced upon the Church.   And Pope Francis' inability to answer the question of this young child, is caused by the very Big Government agenda that Tucker Carlson has made it his career to oppose.   Which provokes the question: To what degree does Pope Francis preach the teachings of Jesus?   Or the religion of a series of Roman Emperors who with the power of the sword, forced their dogma upon the Church?   Tucker Carlson can research the answer to this question at the link, The Religion Of Roman Emperors.   And further down in the same article, Tucker can explore the original teachings of Jesus as to Why Bad Things Happen To Good People?  

While I would be glad to answer any question that Tucker Carlson has pertaining to the above Big Government takeover of the Church which has inhibited Pope Francis from being able to answer this crucial and ultra-important question.  Other than tweeting him -- which I am in the process of doing -- I don't see any way of communicating directly with him.   And while I would welcome the opportunity to answer the questions of Pope Francis, I don't see any way to communicate directly with him, either. 

Allan Cronshaw
aka Jacob, Brother of Yeshua/Jesus


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