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Saturday, April 01, 2017

The Original Gospel vs the quasi-Gnostic Teachings of the Iranian Prophet Mani and the Church

It is easily proven that what is embraced as Christianity today, has virtually nothing in common with the Original Gospel Teachings (see  The Original Teachings Have Nothing In Common With Church Dogma ).   To understand what follows, it is necessary to read and understand the foregoing link which proves that modern Christianity has virtually nothing in common with the Original Gospel Teachings.

A most important teaching that is representative of one of the primary reasons they portray the Homilies of Clement as pseudo-Clement is the statement: For even the Hebrews who believe Moses, and do not observe the things spoken by him, are not saved, unless they observe the things that were spoken to them. For their believing Moses was not of their own will, but of God, who said to Moses, Behold, I come to thee in a pillar of cloud, that the people may hear me speaking to thee, and may believe thee for ever. Since, therefore, both to the Hebrews and to those who are called from the Gentiles, believing in the teachers of truth is of God, while excellent actions are left to every one to do by his own judgment, the reward is righteously bestowed upon those who do well. For there would have been no need of Moses, or of the coming of Jesus, if of themselves they would have understood what is reasonable. Neither is there salvation in believing in teachers and calling them lords”.

What this means is that the soul who lived as Jesus was the first prodigal son to return to the Edenic Kingdom -- i.e.,  "...For there would have been no need of Moses, or of the coming of Jesus, if of themselves they would have understood what is reasonable".   Which confirms the Gospel statement "They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance" (Mark 2:17).   Which means that anyone who achieves Wholeness, does not need a physician, a savior, scriptures or even a teacher.   And this is a reality that the modern Church cannot live with.   In Truth, every prodigal son has within himself an innate connection to the Indwelling Logos -- as personified at The True Prophet  And when you are able to achieve the necessary subsequent stages of birth, in the same way that achieving Soul-Birth enables you to manifest your Soul and True-Self (see ), in achieving the Final Stage Of Birth you are then able to manifest the Indwelling Logos (aka Son of God).   Thereby enabling the Son of God to manifest in the flesh through you.   Which is why Jesus stated that those prodigal sons and daughters who followed him as their pattern, "will do even greater things than" what he accomplished (John 14:12).   In the same way that the historical man Jesus was the first of the prodigal sons to accomplish this manifestation of Godliness, so too does every prodigal son have this same potential -- and eventual Destiny in the Omega of Creation.      

The above teachings are virtually impossible for those who Paul portrays as being of an organic "natural" consciousness to comprehend the above process (see Animal-Soul )..   And when the Gospel was presented to the multitude of faith-based believers, it had to be made appropriate for their level of very limited comprehension.  It is generally recognized that nobody can go on to secondary school without having completed an elementary education.  Nor can a person be admitted to a university without having a secondary education.  These graduations automatically “select” those able to become active members of the cultural elite of human society.  The problem is that what is true with respect to cultural academics, is also true of organic man's ability to comprehend his own higher spiritual soul-reality.   Which is why the pre-Nicene Church was a threefold spiritual healing center (see The Christian Secret Doctrine ).  And when the Church was attacked in the second century by Celus as being a "secret system" -- teaching the faith-based undeveloped multitudes what Paul portrayed as the "milk for babes" in the form of the "traditions" of Christ -- while reserving the inner spiritual meaning of the Gospel for those who had achieved a level of spiritual maturity that enabled them to comprehend what was incomprehensible for the multitude of believers -- in the reply to the allegations against the Church by the pagan philosopher Celsus, it was noted that the elementary doctrines which survive today as the foundation of faith-based Christianity, was said to be “...preached in the Churches… for the simpleminded and for the ears of the common crowd who are led on to live better lives by their belief” (Origen Contra Celsum) -- i.e., a starting point.   Why?  Because as Paul stated, the multitude of Christians were incapable of comprehending anything beyond the "traditions" of Christ.   

The Church was a true spiritual source and healing center until the "traditions" of the immature faith-based believers became the only acceptable doctrines of belief by the intervention of the secular authority by the Roman Emperor Constantine -- who hunted down and murdered the Ebionite Nazirenes and Spiritual Christians as heretics.  Thus, Edward Gibbon writes in the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire: ”Constantine easily believed that the heretics, who presumed to dispute his opinions or to oppose his commands, were guilty of the most absurd and criminal obstinancy... Not a moment was lost in excluding the ministers and teachers of the separated congregations from any share of the rewards and immunities which the emperor had so liberally bestowed on the orthodox clergy. But as the sectaries might still exist under the cloud of royal disgrace, the conquest of the East was immediately followed by an edict which announced their total destruction” 

In order to explain away the great many voids when Constantine merged the religions under his authority, and recreated the Church in accord with the teachings of Mani which has been portrayed as quasi faux-gnostic teachings based upon Manichaean and Mithraic dogma (see ).   Under the control of Constantine, the man Jesus who was the first of the prodigal sons to return to the Edenic Kingdom was converted into the Mithraic god, savior and redeemer based upon the teachings of the Iranian prophet Mani which was the foundation of the Augustinian doctrine of Original Sin where a savior/redeemer was necessary for man's salvation from a fallen state -- resulting in the reality that what is preached from the pulpits of the modern Church has virtually nothing in common with the purpose and objectives of the Original Gospel Teachings of TheWay.   That the Bible itself was corrupted -- with many of the most important spiritual teachings removed ( ) -- makes it difficult for the modern Christians to restore the Original Gospel Teachings.   But the Hand of God moved to answer the prayers of sincere believers, and provided the Gospel of Thomas ( ) that contains many of the teachings which the Church of Constantine removed from the Gospels.  And to provide an understanding of the application of the Gospel teachings in one's daily life, many sincere Christians the world over have been guided to, and discovered, the Ebionite Nazirene Restoration writings that fills the void in what the suppression of the original Gospel teachings created (see ).    


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