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Monday, May 15, 2017

The fruits of the spirit - ADULTERY

Why do some religious groups cover-up and dress with modesty?  Quoting an important paragraph that I use in a number of articles:
If what Paul and the other Gospel Authors stated is true, and there exist higher realities and dimensions of being that are totally inconceivable to the mind of the undeveloped faith-based believer (see Mysteries Of The Gospel ) -- and by virtue of the immaturity of the faith-based believers brought about by an embryonic condition of mind which Paul portrayed as the "natural" mind of man -- and the limitations of this embryonic condition of mind even inhibited Jesus from conveying the true meaning of the scriptures, and the higher reality of the soul and the Kingdom to all but his inner core of disciples (see In The House ) -- which means that the biblical authors were therefore powerless to explain in any detail and depth many of the most important Gospel teachings and concepts in the literal text of the New Testament -- then the spiritually mature authors of the scriptures who were themselves enlightened to these higher realities, remained virtually powerless to do anything more than to provide the people with a list of do's and don'ts -- so that the faith-based believers will be in a position where they will be better able to evolve to a mature understanding and comprehension of the teachings of Jesus and TheWay.   To totally ignore these do's and don'ts, without knowing the consequence of one's choices and actions, is paramount to walking out onto a freeway blindfolded.   The fact that the modern Christian dogmatically believes that it is not necessary to observe and put into practice these do's and don'ts, has brought about a condition of abject spiritual ignorance -- and in their walking what Jesus portrayed as the "broad-way", their own self-destruction.

The question is why do women in the Amish, Mennonites and Orthodox and Hasidic Jews dress with "modesty"?   With Muslims taking this modesty to an even higher level.  Somewhere in their past history someone understood the Laws of Nature and Creation and recognized that when bio-energy or vital life-force is passed from the man to the woman (see The Birth Process Within The Tree of Life @ , in most cases it is squandered away and lost into nature -- thereby inhibiting any mental and spiritual growth beyond the organic human level of "animal-soul" consciousness.   TO A LESSER DEGREE, until a young girl engages in sex, she is an expression of her father's vital life-force -- and unless she dresses with modesty, she loses and squanders away this energy as it is lost into nature.  The loss of this energy just about guarantees that the men and women involved will remain undeveloped in their consciousness -- at Paul's "animal-soul" level of organic consciousness (see Animal-Soul ).   Quoting from Sexual Immorality "Commit no adultery. This law is broken by even looking at the wife of another with a lustful mind" - Buddha.   "Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery: But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart" - Jesus, in Matthew 5.      An interesting position is presented in confirmation of the above in the publication Hinduism Today in the article on A Mystical View Of Adultery @ where it states:  

The adulteress has a karma to bear that affects many generations of her relatives and friends, for she is psychically connected to every man with whom she has had intercourse. A mystic could see a fog-like psychic tube connecting their astral bodies that will not disintegrate for many years. The adulteress may have many of these tubes, especially if she is a woman for hire. A man is connected in the same way to all women he has been with. It is through these psychic tubes, which are like the umbilical cord connecting a baby to its mother, that the energies flow, and the karmas as well--good, bad and mixed.  A husband and wife who were both virgins at marriage have only a singular psychic tube through which energies pass between them. If their relationship is pure and they are intellectually and emotionally compatible, they automatically control their karmas of dharma, artha, kama and moksha. Their children are lovingly raised, because they are never entangled in family feuding. There is no fight involved, because no intruder has established a new psychic umbilical cord with either spouse, which would cause disruption between them and impending havoc to the children.   Once an astral, psychic tube is established between two people through sexual encounters, it becomes a telepathic channel, conveying thoughts, feelings and emotions. This is an important connection for married couples, tying them intimately together. Those who are married and have fidelity know that it is possible to feel the spouse's moods and emotions and even read his or her thoughts, all of which are conveyed through this psychic laser beam or subtle astral pranic channel. For those who have had sexual encounters with several of the opposite sex, the psychic connections become confusing. It would be like watching four, five or more TV programs at the same time, all day long and especially during the night. Small wonder they experience stress of which the cause eludes even the best psychiatrists. 

The fact that your Soul that is a Being of Light is the balance of male/female -- and in this realm of duality you can be portrayed as a Cosmic Ovum or Sperm (see ) -- it is sexual interaction that brings about the connection between male/female in pursuit of becoming a Cosmic Embryo that can evolve into the next stage of birth -- i.e., Jesus answered him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God” (see Mental Womb ).  In this age of recreational sex where men and women are connected to virtually everyone, evolving beyond the "animal-soul" level of consciousness becomes very difficult.  The vast majority of men and women are not even able to become a valid and real husband and wife because of the pollution of their bodies and minds.  Further, neither can their pseudo-marriages work as a real marriage is supposed to function within the Laws of Creation.  Then there is the problem of their inability to provide a proper environment to raise their children which invokes negative karma in their own future lives.    

Of course, a man and woman with a long history as soul-seekers spanning many lifetimes of spiritual accomplishment together can to varying degrees overcome this spiritual and mental pollution -- but it takes much effort, cleansing and dedication.   But the bottom line of the do's and don'ts is that unless the man can cease to look at women with lust, and the woman can cease to attract men other than her husband, then they are just squandering away the vital life-force necessary to bring about the expansion and deepening of mind and the exchange of impressions and bio-energy -- failing to establish the necessary morphic-field that establishes the Marriage as a Valid Spiritual Union (see Gender Blindness And The Process Of Birth @ ).   

In the history of Islam someone tackled the problem by raising women to cover up so they are not engaged in attracting other men -- and in this covered up position, the men were not as inclined to look at these women with lust -- thereby conserving the bio-energy that is necessary to bring about the expansion of mind beyond the "animal-soul" level of consciousness (see Animal-Soul ).      


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