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Sunday, September 02, 2018

The Inner War Of Racial Activists

The Inner War of Racial Activists

I listened to much of the funeral of Aretha Franklin where the usual band of Race Merchants were there peddling their racism.  While in this life, mankind only has a very limited perception of his/her true reality.   And in acknowledgement of this fact, Jesus taught that there are three reasons for blindness to man's higher spiritual reality (see Soul-Evolution - Reincarnation And Soul-Development ): (1) the sin the person committed in a previous life; (2) the sin of the parents; (3) and the failure in the person's present life to overcome one's own Spiritual Amnesia (see Spiritual Amnesia ).  What would the people in attendance say if their eyes were opened to higher reality, and they realized that many of the Race Merchants who were paraded on the stage of Aretha Franklin's funeral, were in in fact the white slave owners in the previous lives their Soul has lived.  And the essence of their activism, is the war that is waging within themselves. 

Those who understand the Natural Laws of Creation (see The Laws That Control Our Lives ), understand that you become what you persecute -- not in the present, but in future lives.  Jesus taught that as you do unto others, the same will be returned back to you -- and many of the Race Merchants who were peddling their racism at the funeral of Aretha Franklin, were preaching the great conflict within themselves that was waging between their own previous life as slave owners, which is the root cause of their present activism.  In the same way that they monetarily lived off the labors of black slaves in the past, they are presently monetarily living off their own inner racial conflict and judgment that has been spawned by their own racism. 

No doubt that Aretha Franklin who is presently living in a better place -- looking down on the celebration of her life -- is able to see through the facade of the Race Merchants who came to peddle their racism in her name.  Most people are able to see more when they pass from this life -- and no doubt Aretha in the after-life, is able to see why her funeral attracted the Race Merchants who enslaved the black race in their past -- and are still seeking to monetarily live off the plight of other Godly people.  


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