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Saturday, October 05, 2019

The Importance Of Faith In The Unknown

I encountered a FaceBook post that rejected religion on the basis that faith itself should be
rejected.  In the below I explore the statement of Einstein: "Imagination is more important than knowledge" -- because imagination is intuitive, and can be used as a vehicle to reverse-stimulate the developing mind.  Which assertion of faith goes to the very foundational flaw of the linear thinkers who in their ignorance, not only oppose religion, but also rule over the curriculums of academia.  Thus, the great void in our understanding is caused by the inability of linear-thinking individuals to understand that it is the intuitive spheres of mind that must be developed, and have the ability to not only look inwardly, but also to tap into the inner Source of Knowledge that enlightens the faithful seeker to all things.  Quoting from The Cosmology Of The Gospels
The ancients understood that the mind of man has what can be portrayed as four (4) Gates -- each of which must be independently developed to function together to bring about Wholeness.  The mind of man can look outwardly through the Linear (male) spheres of mind -- look inwardly through the Intuitive (feminine) spheres of mind -- upward into the heavenly spheres of mind through such things as meditation -- or, allow one's mind to be controlled by the person's lower earthly carnal nature (see Organic Man Ruled Over By His Lower Animal Nature ).  The "narrow gate" can only be entered through the Center -- and only by bringing the Mind into a condition of Wholeness -- i.e., "They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance" (Mark 2:17).   Before this verse can be understood we must first understand what it means to be Whole.   Which provokes the question: How is Wholeness achieved?   Contrary to the dogma of the modern Church, if Jesus is the savior who every person needs for salvation, then Jesus himself said the Church was wrong, and those who are Whole do not need him.  And as a physician, Jesus did not come for the salvation of those who are Whole, but only for those who are sick and in need of a physician.   And in total opposition to Church dogma, what this also means is that at the time the historical man Jesus walked the face of the earth, there existed people who he portrayed as "whole [and] righteous" who did not need Jesus the physician.  Jesus openly states that his mission as a spiritual physician is not for them, because they achieved the necessary Wholeness without him.  Does everyone need Jesus as the modern Christian maintains?  While Jesus himself said that those who had achieved Wholeness did not need him as a spiritual physician -- i.e., They that are whole have no need of the physician..." -- and that with effort, all of mankind is capable of achieving a condition that Jesus portrayed as "whole [and] righteous", which means that these people who did achieve Wholeness, were not sick, and in Jesus' own words were not in need of him (Jesus) as a physician to heal them.   Which means that the whole foundation of modern Church dogma is man-made and in error. 
It is impossible to achieve the necessary condition of Wholeness, so long as the person's mind is only functioning through the limitations imposed upon their thinking through the Linear (outward/male) spheres of mind.  Which means that the necessary Wholeness can only be achieved, when a catalyst is used in an Intervention into the person's consciousness.  The Linear spheres of mind are limited in their perceptive-vision and understanding, because the Linear can only draw knowledge through one of the four gates of the mind that look outwardly.  And so long as the (male) Linear spheres of mind remain dominate in the process of learning, the mind of the person will remain outward-looking and flat-lined -- unable to mature beyond a certain point of quasi-development.  The scriptures are designed to bring about Wholeness of mind -- but if the linear/historical interpretations of the scriptures are permitted to control the thinking of the person, then it will remain impossible to bring about the necessary mental-expansion and spiritual-deepening that is the foundation of not only a higher level of enlightenment, but also Self-Knowledge.  So long as the three-dimensional linear/historical perception of man's reality is allowed to control the Intuitive and other spheres of mind, the development of these other spheres of mind will remain negated and atrophied -- thereby inhibiting any degree of achieving Wholeness.  When Jesus said: "If you continue in My word, you are truly My disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:31-32) -- this knowledge and truth that makes the person free, can only come to a mind that is Whole.   Therefore, what is presented in the written words of the scriptures must be understood as being beyond the Linear spheres of the reader's mind to decipher and understand the meaning of.   In many respects the Linear which interprets the scriptures exclusively in a linear/historical manner, must somehow be handcuffed and inhibited from dominating over the other spheres of mind, and in their interpretations which the linear mind would portray as rational and logical, ruling over the interpretation of the scriptures.   Why?  To evolve the mind of the person beyond organic limitations, paradoxical opposites that exist within the mind must be united and raised up -- and to accomplish this, allegorical catalysts must be employed within the textual body of the scriptures in what can perhaps best be portrayed as reverse-stimulation -- i.e., drawing out from a pre-existing Source within the depths of higher consciousness -- thereby stimulating and developing the inward looking Intuitive spheres of mind that is often seen as irrational to the outward-looking linear spheres of mind.  Safeguards must be put in place to suspend linear domination -- with the problem being that if the Linear (male/outward) is allowed to exercise its natural power to rule over the Intuitive (feminine/inward), no higher development of mind can be brought about.  And without this process of reverse-stimulation and the elevation of paradoxical opposites that exist within the mind in what can be portrayed as four (4) trinities, the consciousness of the person/student will remain flat-lined (see Tree Of Life @ ).  
In order to begin to develop the inward-looking Intuitive (feminine) spheres of mind, a catalyst must be used that will inhibit outward-looking Linear (male) domination of the person's thinking and conclusions.  In the Gospels associated with Mary Magdalene it is written: “She speaks to the other disciples about Jesus and what she’s seen, and Peter says, ‘I don’t believe the Lord said these things. These are certainly strange ideas.’ And she says, ‘Well, do you think I made them up? Do you think I’m lying about the Lord?’” (see The Intuitive Mind vs Linear-Rational ).  In this allegorical representation, the linear-rational aspect of mind is represented in Peter's inability to comprehend what the feminine-intuitive (as represented in the allegorical personification of Mary Magdalene) reveals.   And since these intuitive visions, impressions and wisdom does not support the linear reasoning of the masculine vision of this world and Creation, in most people they are rejected.   But in view of the fact that the Linear (male) outward-looking perception is portrayed as the "broad-way" of death, a catalyst must be used to intervene in the thinking of the seeker/disciple that enables them to begin to tap into the Intuitive (feminine) inward-looking spheres of mind as allegorically portrayed in the personage of Mary Magdalene.  Wholeness can only be achieved across the spectrum of the four gates where both the Linear and Intuitive are equal and brought together in the Center -- thereby restoring the division of the upper-heavenly and lower-earthly within the mind of the seeker/disciple. 
Do we understand the higher purpose and objective of the scriptures?  It is the product of our own ego-driven thinking that is the basis of our questioning the intelligence of the authors of the scriptures because of the countless discordances, inconsistencies and errors that exist in the body of the text.   It never dawns in us that the authors intentionally inserted what appears to be the countless discordances into the body of the text for an important purpose.  And it is in fact these discordances, inconsistencies and seemingly errors that are important in suppressing the domination of the Linear (male) interpretation of the scriptures.   Those who understood the purpose and objective of the scriptures, and utilized them as the Key of Knowledge to develop the inward Intuitive spheres of mind, recognized that the inconsistencies which were intentionally inserted into the text, were employed as catalysts that could only be interpreted in accord with the ability of the person to draw from within to the Inner Source of Knowledge.  And if we pose the question: Why are the scriptures composed in their present allegorical manner?  Because to be effective, they must stimulate the thinking of the people not only in a linear manner, but also by employing catalysts that bring about the process of reverse-stimulation.  In the words of Einstein: "Imagination is more important than knowledge" -- because imagination is intuitive, and can be used as a vehicle to reverse-stimulate the developing mind.  Einstein also warned that "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."  Why is the Intuitive mind a sacred gift?  Because it has the power and ability to access inner-consciousness and manifest the Higher Mind of not only our True-Self, but ultimately the Mind of God (Logos).   
Paul correctly portrayed the written text and narrative of the scriptures as the "letter that killeth [and] Jewish folktales" (see 2 Cor 3:6; Titus 1:14).   Why?   Why would Paul portray the written narrative of the scriptures in this manner?  Because the literal text of the scriptures is a quasi-historical facade that is necessary for the very limited instruction of the immature seeker -- with the true spiritual meaning remaining preserved and concealed beneath the garb of allegory (see An Inconvenient Truth).   When Paul stated that he was forced to provide the baptized and committed Christians who he had himself taught, what he portrayed as "milk", because as "babes in Christ" they were too immature to comprehend the higher reality of the Soul and the Mysteries of the Kingdom, what he was warning the faith-based Christian was that man's higher spiritual reality was beyond the rational of their linear-outward looking minds.  And that the literal body of the scriptures which was built upon "Jewish folktales" (see Titus 1:14), possessed an important meaning that could only be comprehended by those who are themselves Whole and Complete.  And this is why the Church Father Origen explained that “Scripture contains an unhistorical element in-woven with the history, in order that the worthlessness of the latter may drive us to seek the spiritual meaning” (Origen quoted under Origen Adamntius; The Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics).   Further explaining in De Principiis that: “Where the word found that things done according to the history could be adapted to these mystical senses, he made use of them concealing from the multitude the deeper meaning; but where in the narrative of the development of super-sensual things, there did not follow the performance of those certain events which were already indicated by the mystical meaning, the scripture interwove in the history the account of some event that did not take place, sometimes what could not have happened; sometimes what could but did not.” 
Which provokes the question: Why is the literal/historical interpretation of the scriptures portrayed as "worthless"?   Why would the Living Word (Logos) intentionally insert into the body of the text "...some events that did not take place, sometimes what could not have happened; sometimes what could but did not”?   Further, not only was the unhistorical events that were in-woven into the textual body  of the scriptures easily detected, but they were intentionally designed to be recognized as not literally or historically true.  In the words of the Church Father Origen who was called the "prince of Christian learning", second only to the disciples, writes: “What man of sense will agree with the statement that the first, second and third days in which the evening is named and the morning, were without sun, moon and stars, and the first day without a heaven. What man is found such an idiot as to suppose that God planted trees in paradise in Eden, like a husbandman, and planted therein the tree of life, perceptible to the eyes and senses, which gave life to the eater thereof; and another tree which gave to the eater thereof a knowledge of good and evil? I believe that every man must hold these things for images, under which the hidden sense lies concealed” (Origen - Huet., Prigeniana, 167 Franck, p. 142).  
Why were the scriptures written in this manner?  In order to develop the mind beyond human organic limitations, the process of reverse-stimulation or the drawing from the inner consciousness of the person, had to be present in order to develop the inward-looking Intuitive spheres of mind -- balance out the four (4) paradoxical trinities that are responsible for the great diversity of human potential of thought -- and thereby bring about Wholeness of Mind and Consciousness.  And in order to recognize the existence of the in-woven historical/literal untruths that are embedded into the textual body of the scriptures, the authors made use of the common beliefs of the people in a re-engineered form.  Therefore, in order for the scriptures to be effective in the development of the mind, it was necessary to use familiar beliefs that the people already held -- beliefs which were often based upon myth and folklore -- but in their re-engineered form, provided a means to begin to tap into an Inner Source of pre-existing knowledge that surpassed the knowledge of mankind.  In the words of the Church Father Origen we find his assertion that the scriptures take on a form which is appropriate to a certain group of people, so that it might begin the process of bringing those people to a mental and spiritual level of maturity (see The Great Lie About The Scriptures ).  And this is explained by Origen who writes that: “If a Greek wished by wholesome instruction to benefit people who understood only Egyptian or Syriac, the first thing that he would do would be to learn their language; and he would rather pass for a Barbarian among the Greeks, by speaking as the Egyptians or Syrians, in order to be useful to them, than always remain Greek, and be without the means of helping them. In the same way the divine nature, having the purpose of instructing not only those who are reputed to be learned in the literature of Greece, but also the rest of mankind, accommodated itself to the capacities of the simple multitudes whom it addressed. It seeks to win the attention of the more ignorant by the use of language which is familiar to them, so that they may easily be induced, after their first introduction, to strive after an acquaintance with the deeper truths which lie hidden in Scripture. For even the ordinary reader of Scripture may see that it contains many things which are too deep to be apprehended at first; but these are understood by such as devote themselves to a careful study of the divine word, and they become plain to them in proportion to the pains and zeal which they expend upon its investigation” (Origen Contra Celsum).
In the same way that the notes of an octave and the colors of the rainbow are created by mathematical frequencies, this is also true of the levels of human consciousness.  The White Light associated with man's higher Soul-Reality, is comprised of the seven primary colors of the rainbow -- and these seven colors are emitted by the seven spiritual centers of the body -- each of the colors and spectrum of associated sound is the embodiment of the mathematical frequencies that support the consciousness associated with that spiritual center.  And the importance of this is stated in the words: "I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth" (Gen 9:13) -- meaning, that to understand the relationship of the seven colors and their mathematical frequencies of the rainbow, is to begin to understand the foundations of consciousness.  Pythagoras, Giordano Bruno, Gurdjieff are among those who stated facts with respect to the framework of consciousness that modern physicists have only now proven to be true -- i.e., that the Laws and the Foundation of Creation were all composed in Mathematics and Numbers.  From the perspective of the Mystic who develops those areas of mind that enable him/her to look beyond the physical images of this realm, modern science has proven the wisdom and witness of the Mystic, and this is demonstrated and explored at The True Facts And Realities Of Life .  And while the analogy of Plato's Cave has been confirmed by modern science (see Plato - The Physicist ), the dilemma that confronts the modern physicists is the fact that they simply do not possess the necessary knowledge of the Cosmology of Mind to escape the Cave of Illusions of this world.   Why?  Because they lack the necessary understanding of how the mind is expanded and deepened -- which wisdom lies concealed within the allegorical scriptures and their true purpose and objective.  In the Epistle of Peter to James the warning is presented that if the esoteric body of knowledge that Jesus revealed to his disciples should become lost, that " will remain even for those who really seek the truth, always to wander in error".  Why?  Because embedded within the allegorical body of the scriptures is the framework of esoteric self-knowledge that enables the seeker/disciple to develop the mind beyond organic human limitations, thereby enabling them to achieve the necessary Wholeness to escape the limitations of this shadow-world (see Wholeness of Mind & Being ).  And to bring this Enlightened Condition of Mind and Being about, is why Jesus stated: "They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance" (Mark 2:17).  Which means that at the time that the man Jesus walked the earth there were those present who had achieved the necessary Wholeness that enabled them to perceptively-understand the higher Soul-Reality that organic man remains inherently blind to -- even to the degree that they were able to enter the Spiritual Source-Realm that we portray as the Kingdom.  And as a physician, Jesus was not called to heal those who had achieved the necessary Wholeness -- but rather, those whose organic consciousness remained carnal and caused them to be prisoners of this world.     
In the subheading entitled The Original Spiritual Language Of The Gospels (see ), I demonstrate that the Original Gospels were written in Biblical Hebrew Characters -- and in this language without vowels, each letter is also a number.   The authors of the Gospels composed their scriptures in Living Biblical Hebrew, because they understood that every level of Consciousness is associated with vibratory frequencies -- as is individual colors that together manifest the white light of the Soul, and notes within the pattern of an octave.   Each of the authors understood the Law of Octaves (see The Application Of The Law Of Octaves And The Trinity ), and its effect upon the movement of the Natural Laws of Creation and Consciousness within the mind of the seeker/disciple.  What this means is that every name that is used in the biblical text composed in the Hebrew Characters, not only has a meaning in what the names and places portray in their meaning -- as well as how the name is used - but also has a numerical equivalent that when used and understood in conjunction with the other names of people, places or things, can portray an esoteric meaning that is not at all apparent to the readers who believe they are reading either a myth, folklore, or an historical account.   And while the linear spheres of mind cannot make sense of what is being presented through the symbols and catalysts embedded in the textual body of the scriptures, once developed, the intuitive spheres of mind are able to tap into the inner Source of knowledge that reveals to the seeker/disciple what is being allegorically presented.  When the scriptures are read from an historical perspective, the reader relates the names a historical people or places -- failing to understand that each name portrays a meaning that presents an aspect of mind and consciousness that is signified in the names and places in the allegorical text. 
Why is this important?  Because the linear spheres of mind are only capable of perceptively understanding the surface of what is seen.  And this is why it is stated: “Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables: That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand” (Mark 4:11-12 KJV).  So long as a person's thinking is founded upon a linear perception of reality, they will remain blind to their own higher Soul-Realty, incapable of hearing with any depth of comprehension, and incapable of understanding.  Thus, the reality of the words: "To him who overcomes will I give to eat of the hidden manna" (Rev 2:8-17).  Overcome what?  Overcome the organic human limitations of mind.   And when the scriptures are used as the Key of Knowledge and turned within the seeker/disciples own mind and being -- thereby enabling the intuitive and other spheres of mind to develop in order to nurture Wholeness -- only then can the seeker/disciple begin to receive the Divine Manna of the Kingdom.  Which is why Paul portrayed the linear/historical interpretation of the scriptures as the "letter that killeth" (see 2 Cor 3:6).


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