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Friday, January 08, 2021


Surviving Death (see ). 

Without actually taking the time to learn how to have an Out Of Body Experience (OOBE) where you are able to actually visit with your departed friends and relatives, the Netflix documentary Surviving Death presents the proofs and evidence of not only the continuation of life after death, but also the proof of reincarnation that has been ignored by the faux-science that has promoted the myth of the Theory of Evolution. Additionally, the documentary also demonstrates the lie of the Church with respect to the doctrine of hell and judgment after death. Which means that both science and religion is a man-made fraud.

The Question: Is the Bible also a fraud? No -- not at all!!! Why? Because the Gospels were never intended to be read as historical accounts -- and when turned within your own mind and PROPERLY USED as the Key of Knowledge (see The Application Of The Key Of Knowledge ), the Gospels present the seeker with an allegorical blueprint of their own mind which is necessary to bring about the Transformation of Consciousness that initiates the process of mental-expansion and spiritual-deepening that enables the person to Connect with their True-Source of Being that is not of this physical world. The Gospels especially have nothing to do with an after-death state -- but rather, through the use of allegorical catalysts, the scriptures develop the inward-looking attributes of mind that permits the person to escape what is portrayed as the "outer darkness" of mind that causes the person to remain blind to Spirit and the Kingdom of God (see The Cause Of Organic Human Blindness ).

The developed, transformed and spiritually mature mind can not only see their departed relatives, but can see God and the Higher Spiritual reality of the Soul or True-Self. And one of the teachings that were suppressed and removed from the Original Gospels taught that each Soul will continue to live failed lives, until they also achieve what Jesus -- as the first of the prodigal sons to return to the Edenic Kingdom -- achieved, as an example for all of mankind to imitate (see The Foundation Of The Soul And The Threefold Self ).

Now that the Netflix documentary has proven both science and the church to be a fraud, the Hand of God has brought you the restored Gospel Teachings at -- important teachings that were suppressed and corrupted by pagan Rome. Which means that no one in our present time-frame has a reason to live another failed life (see You No Longer Have An Excuse ).  Now that both the man-made dogma of science and corrupted religion has been exposed -- and the higher purpose and objectives of life has been set before you -- what excuse will you have for not seeking the Truth of all Truths that each Soul has lived countless lives to embrace and become their true potential? "To Whom Much is Given, Much Will Be Required" (Luke 12:48) 

Series On Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has made available a whole series of documentaries on the subject of physical death as the next phase of life. The below link will connect you to the series. Since there is no hell or Judgement day, you can obtain your answers on prevailing over death and living a spiritually successful life in the Spiritual Restoration of the suppressed Gospel Teachings at -- and you can learn how to acquire the knowledge of all the lives your Soul has lived at . The Truth and the Answers to Life are out there. Amazon Prime Series 

Prepare for your future (see ). 

Proof of Reincarnation

The Critics: What we are seeing in this article by The Daily Beast, is an attempt to support the faux-science that maintains its three-dimensional perspective of life. 

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'i THEDAILYBEAST.COM Netflix's New Series on the Afterlife Is Crackpot Nonsense The new Netflix "docuseries, premiering Jan. 6, makes an incredibl...'How valid is the critique of the Daily Beast of the Netflix documentary (see ). The problem is seen in the fact that what we portray as Science is in reality Scientism -- i.e., bound by its ideological agenda (see Science Vs Scientism ). In the same way that a Jehovah's Witness or Evangelical Christian refuses to investigate beyond their ideological border, this is also true of the impersonator for actual Science known more factually as Scientism. The bottom line is that both the proponents of Scientism and their opposite Fundamentalist Christian authorities are equally prisoners in the same boat of abject ignorance.

There are modern scientists who have proven the existence of Spirit as the Unseen Source of the shadow-images we see and interact with in this sub-realm (see The Findings Of The Physicist ). And what these cutting-edge scientists have confirmed, is the reality of Plato's Cave of Illusions (see Plato - The Physicist ). And therein lies the heart of the dilemma -- i.e., both the authorities of Scientism and religion refuse to embrace the wisdom of the mystic who has conveyed to others how to gain entrance into what the scientist portrays as the Unseen Source, and what the preacher portrays as the Kingdom of God. And anyone who has embraced the original Gospel teachings and has gained entrance to the Inner Kingdom, is portrayed as a Crackpot or a Heretic. Meanwhile the vast majority of the population remain in ignorance, because of the folly of the scientist or preacher who remains shackled by their ideology. While the Netflix and Amazon Prime documentaries leave much unsaid (see Surviving Death ), if the person watching these documentaries begins to make the effort to seek the Truth, they will be guided in their journey in their quest to find the Truth and enter the Inner Kingdom. So long as the person is not shackled by their ideology they were taught by faux-teachers, each person possess the innate ability to gain entrance into the Kingdom and learn the Truth of all Truths. Built into our DNA is the innate ability to return to our Source of Being -- and all we have to do is begin to make a serious effort at seeking the Truth and our Source (see ). And what this means is that these documentaries on Surviving Death and the Afterlife, are merely the invitation being dangled in front of the prisoners of a carnal ideology promoted in Plato's Cave, to break free of their enslavement.

The Original Gospel teachings were designed to set all of mankind personified in the parable of the prodigal son, free from the illusions of this world which is portrayed in the parable as the Far Country or the analogy of Plato's Cave. But the most important teachings of the Gospels were corrupted by the Church of Constantine -- who used religion to control the people. Rational minded people opposed the the god of the Old Testament, set out to prove the corrupted and misinterpreted scriptures to be a fraud from a physical-scientific perspective. And in their opposition to each other, both sides became shackled by their ideology against the other. But both sides threw out the original teachings which were designed to open the inner door of consciousness that permitted the seeker to connect with the Source of all Truth and Light. These after-death documentaries that are now being carried on Netflix and Amazon, are an invitation for seekers to investigate beyond the physical images of this world for the Higher Truth that has been obscured in the conflict between the quasi-authorities of faux science and religion. As the prodigal son's of the Most High, each person possess the innate potential to return to the Edenic Kingdom that can be found at the Source of their Mind and Being. And the inward-journey is accomplished through Wholeness of Mind as professed by the historical man Jesus in the words: "They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance" (Mark 2:17). The original Gospel teachings which were corrupted by the Church of Rome, was designed to bring about the necessary Wholeness of Mind through the transformative process of mental-expansion and spiritual-deepening (see ).


3-yr-old recalls past life, identifies killer, location of body

The Syrian boy, born with a long, red birthmark on his forehead, showed the elders where his past life's body and the murder weapon were buried.

Faced with the evidence, the killer then admitted to the crime.

The boy's full story has been documented in the book, "Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation Today" by German therapist Trutz Hardo.


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