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Sunday, January 17, 2021

 The Persecution Of The Jews

Jews have been persecuted, tortured and subjected to mass murder for 1,800 years, in the named of Jesus. When Christians proclaim that Christianity is a religion of peace and love, you'll understand why Jews absolutely reject that assertion.
The above words which were posted by a Jew on facebook, deserve an answer from the Original Author of the Gospels (see Intro To Original Gospel By Brother Of Jesus
My Answer: Jews have been persecuted because of the Jewish and Christian ignorance of the scriptures used by both religions. Using Islam as an example for scriptural ignorance: Muslims will have nothing to do with a dog, for much the same reason. The scriptures are not an historical narrative -- but rather, they are representative of allegorical events of the mind and spirit. In the case of the dog -- i.e., "do not give what is holy to dogs" (Matt 7:6) -- a dog is an allegorical symbol of someone who takes nourishment (food/knowledge) from any hand that will feed it. And those who can be classified as Spiritual Israel, are commanded to only seek knowledge (nourishment) from The One Teacher .
 In like manner, the use of the Jew is also an allegorical symbol for those who have received the Word or Law of God, but observe it outwardly in ritual and tradition. And this is why the Gospel account of Jesus portrayed the Jews as the "devil's spawn" (see The Devil's Spawn ). Why would the Jews be portrayed in this manner? Because in their outward literal/historical interpretations, they throw away the Key of Knowledge by not turning the scriptures within their own mind and being in their search for the Inner Kingdom (see The Application Of The Key Of Knowledge ). Therefore the Jews are the "blind guides" that lead others into the ditches of this world.
 Only Spiritual Israel who have been taught by the One Teacher, and have been nourished by the fruit of the Tree of Life, are Spiritual Israel and the Children of God (see ). If the Jews had fulfilled their own scriptures and become Spiritual Israel, then they would have not only been followers of Jesus and the Original Gospel teachings, they would have also fulfilled the role of the leaders of the Gentile converts who have persecuted them for nearly 2000 years. So, what this means is that the Jews who by virtue of their misuse of their own scriptures, have brought their persecution upon themselves for failing to fulfill their divine role of Spiritual Israel. BUT, what this also means is that the Church and the Fundamentalist Christians are just as much those who crucify Christ, as the symbol of the allegory of the Jews in the Gospel account of the crucifixion. Which also means that, all the Evangelical preachers and the born again Christians who preach the Jesus-god of Constantine, are as much Jews, as the Jews they persecute. Therefore, these pseudo followers of Jesus who portray themselves as Christian followers of Jesus, have brought judgment upon themselves.


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