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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Sufi Prodigal Son

The Journey Back To God And The Edenic Kingdom

The Sufi Prodigal Son

Each of us is the prodigal son/daughter who emerged out of Eden, and is presently evolving our Soul-Consciousness in this world which is portrayed as the Far Country. The Gospel teachings are not so much about our elder brother Jesus -- but is very much an allegorical blueprint of our own mind and a roadmap for each of us who are on the inner Journey back to Eden. Believing in Jesus -- and that our elder brother made the journey -- is to pick up our own cross that enables us to complete the inner Journey to our True Source of Being (see The Cross You Must Bear To Your Own Crucifixion ). And this is why Jesus said: "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me" (Luke 9:23). Jesus did not say that you must believe that he was crucified. What Jesus is stating is that you must "come after [him] by taking up [your own] cross daily" -- that you must carry your own cross "EVERY DAY" (DAILY) -- and with your own cross, you must bring about and submit to your own crucifixion. But what does this mean? What does carrying your own cross DAILY, entail? Belief in the cross as an event in the life of the historical man Jesus, does not in any manner equate to taking up your own cross every day of your life, and carrying it to your own crucifixion. Thus, while our knowledge of the cross that each person must carry is crucial, few Christians possess the in-depth knowledge to understand the symbolism and meaning -- especially when they rely upon the historical image of the crucifix that portrays the Cross in an historical context that is relevant only to the historical man Jesus. Which means that you must recognize and understand the enigma of the crucifixion as it pertains to you.

Jesus correctly taught that each of us must evolve to perfection in order to escape the shackles of the Citizen of the Far Country -- i.e., "You, therefore, must be Perfect, as your Heavenly Father is Perfect" (Matt 5:48). And our brother Jesus achieved this Perfection over the course of many lifetimes -- in the same manner that each of us must achieve our own Perfection (see ). That a series of Roman Emperors corrupted the Gospel, and removed the teaching on the pre-existent Soul, is proven at The Religion Of Roman Emperors . Each life, therefore, is a step towards our own perfection.

Those who walked and talked with Jesus daily -- learning directly from hem -- were condemned as heretics (see The Ebionite Heresy ). Why? Because they all witnessed to the fact that Jesus was a man who became the Anointed (Messiah/Christ), by fulfilling the Law within his own mind and being (see Jesus Fulfilled The Law ). That this ultra-important teaching was removed from the Gospel by a series of Roman Emperors, is why the Lord has sent his servant to restore the Original Gospel teachings that will assist you in your own inner Journey in TheWay (see ). Further, for the first time the teachings on the "narrow gate" that each of us must enter through, has also been restored (see The Narrow Gate And The Enigma Of The Law Of Octaves ). Thus, the Lord has restored the essential teachings that enables every follower of Jesus and TheWay to fulfill the purpose of their lives, and return to the Edenic Kingdom within.

God-Speed in TheWay



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