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Wednesday, April 26, 2023


Can We Recall Our Pre-Birth Memories?

In response to a post from The Cosmic Cradle Group that I forwarded, a member of an Atheist group Googled the question: Is it possible to remember being born? And Google answered: "It is generally accepted that no-one can recall their birth". What the Atheist did not realize at the time, was that in asking this question, it was as if he had had opened Pandora's Box that proved the grave error of Atheism. And while I am in total agreement that GENERALLY a person cannot remember their birth -- just like GENERALLY a person cannot remember their past lives -- but there are important methods known and employed to break out of the GENERALLY category of people. While I have myself over the last 45 years employed Age Regression Techniques very successfully to assist people to recall their Souls previous lives. There is also a method that I have used to assist people in recalling not only their physical birth in this life, but also the thoughts of their mother that they were bombarded with while in the womb, as well as pre-conception thoughts as to why the Soul entered into this present life. And many people have found that these pre-birth thoughts have negatively impacted their thinking throughout their lives. The process is called Re-Birthing -- quoting from

Anyone who is guided to breathe energetically using full lung capacity, connecting the inhale with the exhale for approximately 60-90 minutes, by an experienced practitioner will automatically have a powerful, perception-changing experience. People who have never meditated in their life can have a powerful spiritual experience in their first session without having learnt and practiced the technique beforehand. When this breathing method is combined with various cutting-edge psychodynamic techniques such as voice dialogue and inner child work, you have a psychotherapeutic modality like no other. When you use these techniques 60 minutes or so into the breathing session, you end up working on a much deeper and more influential level. Instead of working with memories from the age of four on wards (which is, on average, the age individuals can consciously remember without using a regression technique), you can easily go back to memories from the first few months or years of life to birth and in-utero memories. This is because this breathing technique, used proficiently, can break down the deeper defenses in between the conscious and unconscious mind. These early times are when most of our personality started to form. It’s when we made decisions that run our decision-making processes and actions, all the way through our adult lives.

By simply learning to connect your breath, a person can learn how to explore their deeper levels of consciousness -- including the thoughts we were bombarded with while in the womb of our mother -- and also our pre-conception thoughts with respect to why we are being born into that life. While I am not a member of the Community of Re-birthers, I am familiar with the process they use, and if you do a FaceBook search on rebirthing, there is a Rebirthing and Breathwork group at -- quoting:
Rebirthing and Breathwork are powerful processes that help release any incomplete experiences, suppressed emotions and connect to our true self. Breathwork is life-changing, healing, opens our hearts, and brings us into the present. It shifts our energy and clears blockages held in our body’s cellular memory. This is a place for BREATHWORK PRACTITIONERS all over the world to connect, share information and exchange breathing practices.

The process of connecting one's breaths has been known by the ancients and used as a catalyst in fulfilling the adage to Know Thyself. Rebirthing can both free you from the negative thoughts in your deeper levels of consciousness that exerts control over your life, as well as a process used to bring about Self-Discovery. At conception your Higher Soul-Self that is a twelve-dimensional Being of Light and Pure Consciousness Energy (see ), generates a personality that becomes connected to the forming embryo. The Soul itself can only connect and even fully enter into the physical body of the person, as the physical mind that is connected to the embryo and personality is able to develop and bring about Wholeness -- i.e., "They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance" (Mark 2:17). What is portrayed as sickness and in need of a physician, are those whose carnal beliefs and condition of mind inhibits their higher development. Because the mental development of the person is restricted by the lack of free flow of vital life-force energy that manifests consciousness, this mind-developing energy is restricted by the choices we make, and the beliefs we adopt and embrace. Yet, by connected breathing, we can begin to clear out the blockages of vital life-force, where we can examine both our beliefs and the thoughts imposed upon us all the way back to when we were in our mother's womb, and this provides us the opportunity to begin to connect with our Soul or True-Self (see ). As an example: If our mother thought negatively about being pregnant or even the life she was living -- even entertaining thoughts of abortion, then these thoughts embedded in our sub-conscious mind of having our limbs torn from our developing body not only remain with us, but effect our thinking and choices throughout our lives. When the Soul generates a sub-personality at conception, that sub-personality is unique to all the other lives the Soul has lived. And its death, can be portrayed as the murder of that personality.

Another Atheist opposed this post on the grounds he stated, that the brain that is forming in an embryo cannot think. Which provokes the question: Does the physical brain think?  Thus, this Atheist was totally influenced and shackled by fossilized medical scientism masquerading as science, that remains ignorant of the fact that the brain is not the mind.  The mind is in the Etheric-bodies that surround the physical body.  Therefore, the mind can be rightly portrayed as being the metaphysical self that surrounds and functions through the organs of the body.  And this is why the consciousness of the person when released during a Near Death Experience (NDE) or Out Of Body Experience (OOBE), is able to exist outside of the physical body. And when the physical body no longer supports life and physically dies, the mental bodies of the mind become released from the physical body. This truth should be universal since Science has proven Reincarnation (see Science Proves Reincarnation ).  Once it was proven that the Soul of a person has lived successive lives with a time-period between the incarnations, it has been proven that the mind of the person is not the brain -- or, dependent upon the physical.  But so long as science refuses to explore the metaphysical (see The Disconnected World Of Scientism ), mankind will remain ignorant of his own True-Self (see ).
A Spiritually Holistic Lifestyle that spiritual leaders promote in all the worlds spiritual paths, prepares the body to permit the Whole of the person's consciousness to manifest in the physical body, thereby bringing about the Anointing/Christing and Enlightenment of the person's mind that has achieved the necessary Wholeness.  The person engaged in the connected breath process of re-birthing is then able to examine the thoughts and beliefs implanted in our sub-conscious, providing us the opportunity to free our mind of the negative Impressions and Thoughts, enabling us to discarded the obstructions and restore the flow of vital life-force. If we take the further step and then embrace the spiritually holistic lifestyle of the original followers of Jesus (see The Holographic Mind ), we are then able to remove more restrictions that obstruct our mental and spiritual advancement. The same is true with respect to our adopted beliefs -- i.e., as we begin to clear erroneous beliefs out of our mind by connecting with our Higher Soul-Self, the development of our mind is able to continue, as we connect first with our Soul-Self, and then with the Divine Mind (God/Logos/Word/Son).  Jesus taught his disciple how to clear the mind of destructive beliefs and thinking, which enabled them to embrace the process of mental-expansion and spiritual-deepening -- which enabled them to become Anointed/Christed (see The Law Of The Gospels ).


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