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Monday, July 31, 2023


The Law And The Slave

Why are souls born into this life as a slave?  Modern science has proven the pre-Nicene Christian teaching on the pre-existent Soul that evolves to Wholeness and Perfection over the course of many lives (see Science Proves Reincarnation ) -- which means that in accord with what the Constitutional Framers portrayed as the Laws Of Nature and Nature's God, there is a pre-existent Causal-Factor that has created the life which each of us are presently living.  A Causal-Factor that will enslave us, if we fail to understand the cosmological-conditions of the lives each of us are born into.  With respect to being born into a life as a slave:  Did those people born as slaves, own slaves in a previous life.  And they were then born into life as a slave, because of their own mistreatment and abuse of others who they enslaved?  What modern science has confirmed is the fact that each person is in the process of orchestrating their souls future lives.  The Law is as Jesus taught -- i.e., As you do unto others, the same will be returned back to you.  Which means that those who promote racism, will be born into a life where they are the victim of racism.  The Law is: "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets" (see Matt 7:12) -- and when you mistreat your brothers and sisters, the Natural Laws force you into lives where you will experience what you have imposed upon others -- i.e., "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap" (Gal 6:7).  

What kind of life are you creating in your own future?  Are you opening the door to future opportunity?  During the civil war, countless men and women who were not of African decent, volunteered and died in a battle to free the slaves.  Thus, in surrendering their own lives to correct the wrongs imposed upon the slaves, these souls created future lives of great opportunity.  Which provokes the question: But what of those who have built their lives promoting racism?   The modern racist states that it wasn't enough for people to surrender their lives to free people who had been sold as slaves.  But what if those who are presently promoting racism, were in fact the slave owners of the past?  Which means that they are judging others for their own past actions.  

While enslaving other people because of their race is horrific -- but, it is those people who surrendered their lives to free the slaves, that should be heralded and promoted as heroes and Godly people.  Especially in view of the fact that there is no such thing as a Black Soul, or a White Soul, or an Asian Soul, or a brown soul -- because your Soul is a Being of Light that is born into the races of this world in accord with the Natural Laws (see The Esoteric Reality of the Races  ).  And in the majority of instances, each soul is born into a different gender and race in accord with their own past actions.   If you are a man who abuses women, then you will be born a woman in a life of abuse.  And if you abuse a person because of their race, then you will be born into that race and abused in the manner that you did to others (see Does God Ignore The Plight Of Mankind? ). 

In the words of Thomas Sowell: "Blacks were not enslaved because they were black, but because they were available at the time. Whites enslaved other whites in Europe for centuries before the first black slave was brought to the Western Hemisphere. Only late in history were human beings even capable of crossing an ocean to get millions of other human beings of a different race. In the thousands of years before that, not only did Europeans enslave other Europeans, Asians enslaved other Asians, Africans enslaved other Africans, and the native peoples of the Western Hemisphere enslaved other native peoples of the Western Hemisphere."   Every race has enslaved others.  Enslavement is a flaw of the human condition.  Which is why those who enslave, will themselves be enslaved.  That imposing slavery upon others is a grave flaw in the human consciousness of all people -- which can only be justified by celebrating the lives of those who have given their lives to correct this human flaw.   Which means that those in our present time-frame who blame one race out of all the races for enslaving others, will themselves be enslaved in future lives.  Unless you celebrate those who have worked and even given their lives to free the enslaved, then you will yourself be enslaved -- in accord with the Laws of Nature and Nature's God as Jesus taught (see The Law Of The Gospels ).  


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