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Friday, August 25, 2023


 You Are A Unique Personality Of Your Soul

Reincarnation from an Eastern religious perspective, is wrong.  It is the Soul that incarnates into many personalities to bring about Soul-Wholeness and Perfection.  You are one of those personalities as taught in the Gospel of Thomas (see Saying 84 - The Foundation Of The Soul And The Threefold Self ).  While Jesus did not teach reincarnation from an Eastern perspective, he did teach the Spiritual Evolution of the Soul over the course of many Unique Lives. 

 If we define reincarnation as our own personalities incarnation into a succession of lives, then reincarnation must be recognized as a counterfeit belief held by many who do not possess the knowledge of the soul. Each person alive today is a soul-generated personality. Our Soul and True-Self is a twelve-dimensional Being of Light ( ) that has existed since the Alpha of Creation. It is impossible for the Soul to incarnate into a one cell embryo that is limited by this three-dimensional world. Therefore, the Soul generates what can be portrayed as a soul-generated personality that is an embryonic image of the Soul. This soul-generated personality has never lived a previous life. Because the soul-personality must return to its Source -- which is the Soul -- the personality that you are in this world can only live one life. Because what we call Time is a dimension of Soul-Mind, each personality that the Soul has lived as, after returning to their Source in the Soul, continues to dwell in what can be portrayed as the Soul Mind-Matrix -- which has been portrayed as the House or Castle of the Soul, as seen in the words: "The soul...", writes St. Teresa, is as “a castle made of a single diamond… in which there are many rooms, just as in Heaven there are many mansions” (Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila in Soul Symphony - Time - Soul-Octaves - Spiritual Cathedral). Each of the personalities the Soul has lived as, has their room or place within the higher reality of the Soul. Therefore, the popular concept of reincarnation where the personality you are in this world jumps from body to body, is gravely flawed, because while the Soul evolves over the course of many lifetimes, each of those soul-generated personalities live only once in their cycle of life -- and each must return to their Source in their Soul that generated them. Therefore, paradoxically, both the Eastern belief in reincarnation, as well as the Western belief that you (your personality) only lives one life, are both equally true -- and both fail to embody the whole truth and higher reality of the Soul (see  ).

Once again man's inability to comprehend his own higher soul-reality and fulfill the adage to Know Thyself, is largely because of (1) his inherent inability to understand the nature of Duality and Paradox; (2) it is virtually impossible to comprehend the soul's great and expansive twelve-dimensional reality from the perception and perspective of organic man's organic three-dimensional consciousness. And while some people attempt to merely dismiss both Duality and the Paradoxical reality of this world, and have absolutely no idea as to the great multidimensional reality of the soul, such people do not possess either the necessary depth of vision, or the necessary mature comprehension that would even allow and permit them to perceive beyond the limits of their dogmatic and ideological beliefs. Therefore, to even begin to understand the dilemma of life and man's fate when he passes from this world with greater depth, it is imperative to understand the nature and resolution of the paradoxical reality that confronts every single seeker that has ever -- or ever will -- walk upon the face of the earth. Paradoxical Truths exist on a lower plane as diametrically opposite polarities of truth that on this level of divided reality not only oppose and seemingly conflict with each other -- but like male and female opposites, must be merged and raised up within the construct of a third-force higher realty, in order to solve the dilemma.

Our Soul evolves the Light by incarnating into this three-dimensional realm where opposite polarities of Mind can interact -- i.e., male/female and higher-spiritual and lower-earthly. Our Soul is as a Single Neuron in the Mind of God -- and each incarnated life is as a single neuron in the Mind of our Soul -- transcending Time as a dimension of Soul-Mind -- see Saying 84 - The Foundation Of The Soul And The Threefold Self  . Which means that as the incarnated personalities evolve, they continue to dwell in the Soul Mind-Matrix, and can be accessed by developing our inward-looking attributes of mind.

The Soul of Jesus was the first to achieve the necessary Wholeness and Perfection to be totally reunited to the Divine Mind. The original Gospel teachings were designed to enable the Souls of sincere seekers to also become Whole, Complete and achieve the same Perfection. The problem is that the Gentiles did not understand the Spiritual Law that the Gospels teach, and they threw the teachings away -- bringing suffering upon the vast majority of those who follow these teachings. The original teachings have been restored at The Law Of The Gospels 

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