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Monday, January 01, 2024

The Facts That Atheists And Christians Fear And Choose To Ignore

Can You Take Your Money and Wealth With You?

When a four year old child tells her parents that she wants to retrieve the money she hid away in her previous life in a city that neither the parents or the child has ever visited, the parents of Shanti Devi did the right thing when they contacted reputable investigators (see The Reincarnation OF Shanti Devi ). When the investigative team brought the child to the home where she claimed she lived in her past life, and the box was found where she hid the money away -- and her husband in the child's previous life witnessed to the investigators that he had found the box and took the money after his wife had died -- that constitutes proof of reincarnation.  Yet Medical Science continues to ignore the facts, because they can't come to terms with the reality that the brain is not the mind.   

The scientific investigation by fifteen independent people was led by Dr. Ian Stevenson, who was a Canadian-born American psychiatrist, and the founder and director of the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Dr. Stevenson was a professor at the University of Virginia School of Medicine for fifty years (see Article at  )  .

The child, Shanti Devi, told the investigative team that in her previous life she buried and hid money under a flower pot in the basement of her home which she dwelt in with her husband in the previous life she lived.  In response to the claim, the scientific investigative team led by Dr. Stevenson, wrote down 25 points which the child claimed to remember about that life. Including (1) the names of people the child has never met in her present life; (2) the names and geographical location of places in that distant community which the child has never been to in her present life. And 15 investigators took the child back to where the child claimed she lived without ever having been there, to test the account of the child. And all 25 points that the child made to the investigators were proven to be true. And while some people choose to deny the fact, this account is recognized as proof of both reincarnation and past life recall.

What Are The Facts? Shanti Devi was born in India on 11th December 1926. She was just four years old when she started to claim that the home she was living in wasn’t her real home. She also said that her parents weren’t real as well!  Soon, she understood that she could remember her past life. This case got a very thorough investigation, and researchers and scholars took part in it during the mid-1930s. Resulting in the the fact that this account changed the way science looked at reincarnation. The claims and stories shared by Shanti Devi about her past life dangled an intriguing possibility: could people remember their past lives? Fifteen people took Shanti Devi with them on their investigative journey to the city of Mathura. At the Mathura train station, Shanti Devi was presented to a stranger and asked if she could recognize the person. She immediately recognized him as the elder brother of Kedar Nath who was her husband in her past life. When they reached her past-life home in Mathura, she didn’t take a second to recognize her father-in-law within the crowd. In recognition that she had never met him in this present life, people were stunned to see her name her father-in-law in her previous life. She also said that in her past life, she buried some money in a specific location in her Mathura house. Shanti Devi guided people to that spot in the basement of the home, where she stated that the money was hidden under a flower-pot. People searched, but ultimately found no money. Yet Shanti Devi insisted that she did keep money there in her past life. Kedar Nath, her past-life husband, confessed that he took that money after her death. And with all of these facts, her claims were considered to be proved. Dr. Ian Stevenson, the leading authority of the reincarnation investigation, said that Shanti Devi made around twenty-four statements drawn from  her past-life memories that were an exact match to that of the verified facts they confirmed in their investigation. After interviewing all of the participants, the report in 1936 stated that she was indeed the reincarnation of Lugdi Bai!

After researching the ignored data, Scientific American asked the question: So why aren’t scientists taking Stevenson’s data more seriously? The data don’t “fit” our working model of materialistic brain science, surely. But does our refusal to even look at his findings, let alone to debate them, come down to our fear of being wrong? “The wish not to believe,” Stevenson once said, “can influence as strongly as the wish to believe.” (see ).  

The question raised: Is the physical brain the mind?  Or is the mind in an etheic non-physical field that surrounds and works through the physical body? While modern science has begun to prove the metaphysical reality of the mind (see The Scientific Revolution ), the vast majority of atheists and Christians continue to reject and ignore the evidence.  To admit that the Mind surrounds the body in the etheric field that works through the physical form of the body, would deny the facts which confirm the Near Death Experience (NDE) accounts that many people experience ( Scientism And The Folly Of The NDE And OOBE Critic ).  Which would also mean that both the atheist and Christian would have to acknowledge those people who learn and develop the ability to initiate an Out Of Body Experience (OOBE).  And when it is realized that there is nothing inhibiting you from learning how to meditate and connect with your Higher Source of Soul-Consciousness -- nothing stopping you from initiating an OOBE experience, and investigate the validity of the Church teachings on heaven and hell, as well as the validity of the doctrine on Original Sin, this Fact would undermine the dogma of both atheism and the Church.   How would the atheist and religious groups that attempt to control the minds of other people, even begin to deal with the fact that each individual person has the ability to actually investigate the claims of these groups?  And if they learn the True Purpose of the scriptures (see The Purpose Of The Scriptures ) as a means to connect and be taught by the Divine Mind of God that is the Source of their Consciousness, then all the conflicts among mankind would be done away with -- allowing all of mankind to live and dwell in Peace. 

While they are ignored and often ostracized, about 20% of the people (mostly women) are born with the ability to recall some experiences of their souls previous lives (see The Suppression Of The Feminine Intuitive ).  Another 30% can easily develop and explore their souls previous lives.  And the Gospels were designed to be used by a husband and wife to learn from their inner source of higher Consciousness (see Birth Development Of Mind Using Scriptures ) -- which enables the committed husband and wife to see and learn directly from the Divine Mind of Creator-God.  Which means that Thomas Paine was correct when he stated that the secularization of organized religion has inhibited the people from connecting with and learning from the Source of Consciousness that exists at the Core of our Consciousness.  And both religion and government exist to control the thinking and lives of the people for the benefit of these man-made institutions. 

Why would God permit us to dwell in ignorance?  As the prodigal sons, each of us grows and evolves through the choices and experiences we make.  As demonstrated in the above, both atheists and Christians choose to remain ignorant.  While each person possesses the ability to tap into their inner Source of Consciousness, they perpetually choose to listen to and adhere to those who seek to control them and keep them ignorant.  Giordano Bruno, who was burnt at the stake for attempting to teach people the original Gospel teachings, confirmed this fact when he stated: "The Divine Light is always in man, presenting itself to the senses and to the comprehension, but man rejects it."  And to convey this fact, is why my own Soul incarnated into  this life in order to restore the Original Gospel Teachings which the Church of the fourth century corrupted (see The Law Of The Gospels ).   What this means is that if everyone puts the Original Gospel teachings to work in their lives, there would be no more war and conflict.  If man ceased to fight with each other, what would we do?     

The pre-Nicene Church taught the pre-existant Soul that evolves to Wholeness and Perfection over the course or many lifetimes, prior to being corrupted by pagan Rome and the Emperor Constantine in the fourth century (see Pre-Nicene Church Taught Reincarnation ).  And when properly interpreted, there are many Gospel verses that still teach reincarnation (see Biblical Verses That Teach Reincarnation ).  And many choose to ignore the fact that science has proven reincarnation (see Science Proves Reincarnation ).  Based upon the knowledge of my Soul's life in the first century (see Brother Of Jesus ), I incarnated at this time to restore the original Gospel teachings which the Church of Constantine suppressed and corrupted -- see The Law Of The Gospels .    


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