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Friday, August 03, 2007

Epistle Of Light To Pope John Paul II

Dave Stalker writes: I am interested in forwarding a copy of your Epistle of Light to Pope Benedict XVI (regarding the uncorrupted scriptures that he has within his power to release to the public). I just wanted to first confirm with you that this is acceptable since the epistle was written with Pope John Paul II in mind?
Shalom Dave:
If I were you, I would suggest to everyone you know -- and especially to all Christians, Jews and Muslims -- to send a copy/link of the Epistle Of Light ( ) to Pope Benedict XVI. What radical Islam is doing at the present, is really no different than what the Church of Rome did to both the Ebionites and the Spiritual Christians who refused to accept the religion of the emperor (see The Death Of The Religion of Jesus). And in the same way that radical Muslims charge the Christians with using corrupted scriptures in order to worship Jesus as God, the same is also true of Islam -- as detailed in my reply to Dr. James Zogby and on Sept. 20, 2006 (see Reply To Islam Not The Problem). The problem is that while each of the three religions preserve certain truths that are absent in the other two, all three use corrupted scriptures, and none of the three represents the essential teachings and objectives of their founders. As demonstrated in the article entitled The Three Lies ( ), the vast majority of the members of Judaism, Christianity or Islam, have little to no understanding of the original objectives of their own respective religions -- and each have been equally corrupted by their own past religious leaders.
Contrary to the popular opinion held by the religious world, God does not want the people of this world to know the Truth -- not without desiring to Live the Truth. And while this may sound strange to the average person who has been taught by countless religious leaders that they know the Truth, a simple reading of the Divine Strategery web site ( ) will very quickly present the facts that few religious leaders would even be willing to acknowledge. And while there is always a handful of souls in the world during any time-frame of man's past who did and does know the Truth, these few are generally condemned as heretics by the world's religious leaders who for the most part peddle God for their own profit and power. And what it boils down to is this -- i.e., the only souls who can know the Truth, are the few who are themselves willing to live the Truth, in word, thought, desire and deed. And fundamentally, the religious leaders of the world are more interested in money and power, than in actually living the Truth in TheWay.
As stated in the Epistle of Light and also in a Letter To President Bush, it is the Roman Catholic Church which is responsible for the world conflict -- and the Laws brought about a confrontation that was set before both Pope John Paul II, and his successor Benedict XVI, to repent from their own evil past, and bring true healing to the world. And this could easily be accomplished, by giving back to the world the important uncorrupted scriptures that they have been concealing in the Vatican Archives. And while there exist five (5) Libraries of scriptures that would be re-discovered if there were a community of believers who desired to know the Truth (see Pure Scriptures), because the non-Catholic Churches have themselves remained complacent to seeking the Truth and TheWay, the religious world has chosen the road of conflict over Truth and Light. And the fact that George Bush did not himself respond to the pope that there is evidence which suggests that the fires of conflict and dissension are in fact being fueled by the lies and sin of the Church, then President Bush has himself missed a great opportunity to free the religious world from the shackles of ignorance and corruption that presently enslaves them.
As an ordinary person who is most often victimized by the religious and political leaders of the world, all people who desire Truth and Light have the opportunity to make a statement. The world does not need war and the shedding of blood. The world does not need empty treaties that are perpetually violated even before the ink dries. The world needs Truth, Light and Peace -- and this can only be brought about, when the error and corruption of the past is revealed and overcome. And the only thing that has the power to bring Peace about in the world, is when the people begin to demand the Truth. If either the Vatican was to release certain key scriptures that they are withholding from the world, or the five (5) remaining Libraries were to be re-discovered, the whole complexion of western religion would have to radically change. When John Lennon pleaded: Give Peace A Chance -- the only reason there is conflict in the world, is because the average person such as yourself has been denied access to the Truth by the worlds religious and political leaders who use conflict and ignorance for their own personal and political gain. And the solution is neither war, or another empty treaty -- but rather, the Truth and the Light of TheWay that Moses, Jesus and Mohammed all taught (see ) -- but remains an enigma to modern man.
If enough people demand the Truth, then the Laws which control this world must respond accordingly. Like the song Let My People Go, if enough people have had their fill of not only conflict and war, but of ignorance and suffering -- and they begin to demand the Truth with respect to what is presented in the Epistle of James To Pope John Paul II, then the Laws which control this world, must satisfy this demand for the Truth. So in answer to your question: If I were you, I would get as many people as I could to demand the Truth. And to assist your efforts, I will make this letter today's Blog entry, and re-send the reply to at .
GodSpeed in TheWay,
Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus


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