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Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Apostate Church - Rejection Of God

In the Gospel accounts there are only two instances where God the Father spoke directly to mankind. Yet, the Christian world not only knowingly rejects the very Words of God spoken to mankind -- concealing these Ultra Important Words spoken directly by God to all of mankind from the rest of the world -- and knowingly clings instead to the words of a Roman emperor who ordered the bishops who held allegiance to him, to change one of the most important Gospel teachings. While Jesus is the Truth, and following him in imitation is TheWay, the Christian world rejects his teachings. Choosing instead the doctrines of the Pagan Emperor of Rome with whom the Church entered into a covenant with -- rejecting the (New) Covenant with God the Father. While the Gospels, as originally written were the Truth and TheWay, the Christian world has knowingly chosen a lie, over the very Words of the Father spoken to mankind. Because the Christian world abandoned Messiah/Christ, for a manmade pagan god, the Church dwells in a Spiritual Diaspora -- alienated from the knowledge of the Kingdom -- unable to enter the True Spiritual Temple -- unable to walk in TheWay.

From a fourth century pagan perspective, the Words spoken by God were unacceptable and thus rejected, and they were edited out and replaced by the Church of Rome. This rejection of God's Words was under the guise that the disciples who walked and spoke with Jesus daily -- who were in a position to speak with Jesus and ask him any question pertaining not only to life and death, but the very reason and objectives of life -- the Church has embraced the pagan doctrine that these very disciples who knew Jesus the best, were heretics because they rejected the religion of the emperor, and were deemed too Jewish to understand his true teachings and nature from a Roman Pagan perspective. The Romans were sun-worshipers -- and by replacing these crucial words spoken to man directly by God, the Church of Rome was able to totally alter the focus of the Gospel teachings of Jesus to make them support the paganism of Rome. While this fact with respect to the corruption and suppression of the Words of God can be proven by six (6) independent early Christian witnesses and more ancient surviving biblical texts, as well as being witnessed as having been said to Jesus in both the Book of Acts, as well as attested to by Paul in the Epistle to the Hebrews, the factual evidence remains ignored by the modern Church.

The TinkerBell Effect: What is called the TinkerBell Effect describes those things that exist only because people believe in them. It is when you think or believe that something is true or will happen, strictly on the basis that you wish it were true or will happen. And it is very much the Tinkerbell Effect that represents the core wishful theology of modern Christianity. Regardless of what the Bible originally stated what the very Words of God were -- regardless of what the original disciples and followers of Jesus stated was true -- regardless of the facts that the historical evidence overwhelmingly reveals -- regardless of what those who have been sent in the Name of the Lord has stated to the Churches -- the very leaders in the Church have continually chosen the manmade doctrines of Rome, than what the scriptures and Jesus himself originally taught. And this hopeful blind belief in the wishful thinking of men, is the absolute epitome of The TinkerBell Effect!!!

As Pagans and sun worshipers, the Romans did not like the Words that God spoken directly to man in the Gospels -- and for those who are faithful enough to seek Truth over the doctrines of men, there are 10 words that were altered from their original context in the New Testament that have the power to re-establish the necessary spiritual foundational essence of the teachings of Yeshua/Jesus which was known as TheWay. By using the earliest of biblical manuscripts in conjunction with six (6) separate quotations of the pre-Nicene (prior to the year 325AD) Church Fathers, it can be demonstrated that the very same scriptures that we use today read differently prior to the adoption of Christianity as the state puppet religion of the Roman government -- ruled over by the Emperor Constantine. Further, in the Book of Acts the disciples witness as to the validity of the original Ten Words -- and these exact words are again witnessed to by Paul in the Epistle to the Hebrews. In one of the oldest existing Bibles known as Codex Bezae, the text reads: "Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee". And as demonstrated below, this is representative of the words spoken by God the Father, when Yeshua/Jesus was baptized in the Jordan.

What these original Ten Words spoken by the Father to mankind presented, was that the original Ebionite Nazirene disciples of Jesus remained totally faithful to the Gospel teachings. If, as the very words of God stated, that Jesus became the Messiah and Son of God by living the necessary Consecrated Life that enabled him to fulfill the Law within himself, then the truth of the Gospl;e is found in the witness of the Ebionites who held firmly to the position that Jesus "...was justified by fulfilling the Law. He was the Christ of God, since not one of the rest of mankind had observed the Law completely. Had any one else fulfilled the commandments of the Law, he would have been the Christ, for they assert that our Lord Himself was a man in like sense with all humanity" (see Hippolytus, Refut. Omn. Haer. vii. 34). When the Ebionite Nazirenes make reference to the Law, this very much includes the Laws of Creation as portrayed in the words "...the designs/laws found throughout Nature and all of Creation". That the historical man Jesus was a pattern for all of mankind because of his success in overcoming the Laws, is demonstrated in the words: "He was the Christ of God, since not one of the rest of mankind had observed the Law completely. Had any one else fulfilled the commandments of the Law, he would have been the Christ..." And this confirms this statement with respect to the true potential of all of mankind that Jesus taught, as demonstrated in the words of Hippolytus when he wrote that they believed that when anyone "...thus fulfill the law, they are able to become Christs" (Hippolytus, Refut. Omn. Haer. vii. 34 - see ). And this is why Jesus taught that he was our brother -- i.e., "Go instead to my brothers and tell them, 'I am returning to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God'" (John 20:17 NIV).

The heathen and pagan mind of the mainstream of Gentiles always had great difficulty in understanding the difference between the man Jesus, the Indwelling Logos/Son of God which is representative of the Mind of God (see The Logos), and the One Teacher which Jesus commanded all who would call themselves his disciples and followers, were to seek out and learn from (see The True Prophet). And it was the living of the necessary Consecrated Life that Jesus ordained, and the seeking of the Kingdom within, that enabled the historical Jesus to become the Messiah, and One with the Indwelling Son of God. And this is especially demonstrated in the words of Edward Gibbon with respect to the original position of the Ebionite Nazirene disciples of Jesus that he was in ...supernatural union of a man and God... In their eyes, Jesus of Nazareth was a mere mortal, the legitimate son of Joseph and Mary: but he was the best and wisest of the human race, selected as the worthy instrument to restore upon earth the worship of the true and supreme Deity. When he was baptized in the Jordan, the Christ, the first of the aeons, the Son of God himself, descended on Jesus in the form of a dove, to inhabit his mind, and direct his actions during the allotted period of his ministry” (Gibbon; The Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire, V.4, P.366).

With respect to the Truth and the Kingdom, the modern Church today has been spiritually castrated (see A Clarification On Health Care Reform – The United Methodist Church). And as demonstrated in the article, Ann Coulter – The Fine Print – If You Can Find A Better Deal, Take It, the primary doctrines of the Church which were ordained under fourth century Pagan Rome, are openly condemned in the Gospels. As stated in the article, Was Jesus God?, What Jesus revealed to mankind was the means to prove the Truth by virtue of your own first-hand spiritual experiences of learning directly from God, but this was changed and corrupted by a clergy who called themselves Orthodox, who used Jesus as a pagan ritual mojo to peddle a license to live in sin. In the subheading entitled The Flawed Doctrine Of Perpetual Redemption in the article at , and the following subheading entitled Christian Apostasy, the ignored statement of Paul is explored where he writes: "For it is impossible to restore again to repentance those who ...then commit apostasy, since they crucify the Son of God on their own account and hold him up to contempt.. For if we sin deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a fearful prospect of judgment, and a fury of fire which will consume the adversaries." (Heb 6:4-6;10:26-27 RSV).

What this means is that the religion of Jesus in its original form was one of spiritual transformation -- and those who willfully sin, crucify the Son of God afresh, and "...there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a fearful prospect of judgment, and a fury of fire which will consume the adversaries." These, and other such spiritual concepts, were totally unacceptable to the heathen Church of Rome, and the scriptures were corrupted in order to make them support the doctrines of the emperor. That the Church has abandoned the original teachings of Jesus, and have ignored the facts when it is demonstrated that the Church of Rome corrupted the very words of God spoken to man (see ), means that until the Church itself repents of this great sin against the Holy Spirit, they will remain under a cloud of ignorance in an exile state in a Spiritual Diaspora.

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