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Monday, July 26, 2010

Lutheran Clergy - Cultural Or Spiritual Leaders? You Decide!!!

A number or really important questions have been set before the Christian world by the Lutheran Church with respect to the primary purpose and objectives of Christian teachings.  While it is one thing to welcome Gay Pastors into the Church (see Gay Lutheran Pastors To Join Church Roster), it is quite another thing to hang out the welcome flag, while not understanding why homosexuality is condemned in the Bible in the first place?   Is an all-knowing God who can see all of Creation from the beginning to the end of time, a homophobe?   Or is it the modern Lutheran clergy who are ignorant of the cause of homosexuality?   And if these same Lutheran clergy are going to put themselves forth as representing the Gospel teachings of Jesus, while actively promoting homosexuality without understanding why it was openly condemned, then how can it be said that the Lutheran Church in any manner represents the Gospel and Bible teachings?  

Is the Lutheran Church a cultural leader?   Or a spiritual group that seekers look to for spiritual leadership?   If they are cultural leaders like MTV or some popular fad magazine or media outlet, then it is fine for the Lutheran's to promote homosexuality.   But if they are a religious group that seekers look to for spiritual leadership, then they are required to lead by first understanding, and then supporting, the biblical rejection of homosexuality.   Unless, of course, they can demonstrate why they take the position that the Bible is in error, and God changed His Mind.    If God had a reason as to why the Bible rejects homosexuality -- and that reason remains valid even today -- then as a religious-leader vs a cultural-leader, the Church would be inflicting grave harm upon those who look to them as teachers.   Thus, for this very reason it is written:  "Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we shall incur a stricter judgment" (James 3:1 NASB).   Which statement brings up the ramifications which from a Christian perspective is profound -- i.e., that if a Christian preacher, pastor, minister, teacher or Church authority teaches what is in error, that they would "...incur a stricter judgment"!!!   From this perspective it can then be said that to teach a certain doctrinal position, in defiance of the original Gospel teachings and objectives, would make both the teachings and the Church an apostate to what Jesus originally taught.  
Contrary to cultural leaders, a true religious leader would understand why the Bible condemns homosexuality. To simply dismiss this warning, without first understanding why the warning was invoked, is representative of spiritual insanity!   But then, who is the true source of their manmade dogma?   It is a fact that the Church is very much following in the legacy of its founder, Martin Luther, whose teachings not only undermined the whole of the Church, but cast have the Christian world into the abyss of spiritual ignorance.   Thus, in view of the fact that Luther rejected the Epistle of James (the Lord's Brother) as an "Epistle of Straw", it can very much be said that Luther's chickens have come home to roost, and the folly of his teachings have come back to haunt the whole of the Christian world who has embraced the apostasy of Luther's teachings.   So the question becomes, do the congregations of Christians continue to follow the legacy of Luther into a proverbial Hell, or to they return to their Gospel roots, and become true shepherds and guides in TheWay?

What is the source and foundation of Luther's thinking that was adopted by virtually the whole of the Church of the Protestant Reformation?   It must be recognized that Martin Luther was himself a priest in the Roman Catholic Church -- and that the foundation of his thinking and theology is based upon the Augustinian doctrine of Original Sin.  Which means that if the doctrine of Original Sin is flawed (see The Folly Of Original Sin), then so too is the whole of Church teachings which is based upon this doctrine -- a doctrine so adverse to the original Gospel teachings, that they would be portrayed by the Apostle Paul as heresy and apostasy (see The Legacy Of Martin Luther).    In fact, in misrepresenting one verse on works vs faith that was stated totally out of context to what Paul actually taught, the whole of the Gospel teachings has been rendered spiritually sterile and virtually worthless.   And that the Church which bears Luther's name, has perpetuated his diabolical legacy by promoting homosexuality without first understanding the cause of homosexuality, or the reason why the homosexual lifestyle is rejected in the Bible, is merely the bad fruit of the corrupted tree of Lutheran doctrinal perversion.  

As previously presented in the article Reply: Same Sex Acts Unnatural For Heterosexuals, the primary reality that a genuine religious leader should convey, is the fact that there is a preexistent cause of homosexuality that is not at all understood by the Lutheran clergy and leaders today.   That modern Church doctrine which is based upon Luther's pagan mindset as a priest of the Church of Rome, and his adherence to the Augustinian folly of Original Sin, has resulted in the spiritual alienation of the core Gospel teachings and original objectives that Jesus taught.  Under the doctrine of Original Sin, all of mankind was seen as congenital sinners who were in need of salvation by virtue of their membership in the Church.   And this doctrine was embraced by both Luther and Calvin, because the early framers of the Reformation simply could not come to terms with the biblical teachings on predestination and preordination -- and, in their ignorance they had no other option than to embrace the folly of the Augustinian doctrine of Original Sin (see Original Church Teachings On Predestination).    That the whole doctrinal foundation of the modern Church which is built upon the folly of Martin Luther and his reliance upon Original Sin, can easily be demonstrated to be counterfeit (see Do You Have Ten Minutes?), is a reality that should deeply concern every person who calls themselves a Christian.  

The modern Church which has alienated itself from the foundation of Gospel teachings, does not at all understand the fact that those who teach are held to a higher standard, and Christians who are required to set the standard for the rest of the world, are again held to a higher standard than the unbelievers!!!   And that the fate of Christians who are seduced by the teachings of men such as Martin Luther and the Church that bears his name, is in fact worse off than the fate of the unbelievers, is confirmed by the Apostle Peter (see How Can The Be?).    And while homosexuality is not the gravest of sins that some like the Westboro Baptist Church would like to portray it as, the fact that there is an important reason why the biblical institution of marriage is between a man and woman, is based upon a spiritual reality that the leaders of the Lutheran Church simply do not possess the insight to come to terms with (see The Cosmic Ovum And Sperm - A Spiritual Reality Beyond Organic Man's Perception).    When it is understood that Paul taught the elementary entry-level teachings of Christ -- and that what Paul portrayed as the higher reality of the soul and the Mysteries of the Kingdom that these entry-level believers would reject as utter "foolishness" until they achieved an elevated state of spiritual maturity (see Mystery Of The Gospel) -- then the elevation of homosexual clergy within the congregation, is in fact the destruction of the Gospel teachings and objectives.

While it is true that God loves all his prodigal sons and daughters, it is also true that those who are following in the footsteps of Christ, should refrain from embracing the culture of the Citizen of the Far Country who seduces those who are lost into living a riotous lifestyle that squanders away their inheritance.  From the perspective of Paul's teachings, a sincere believer should not even have associations with those who fail to live the highest moral and spiritual standards -- i.e.,  "But now I am writing you that you must not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a slanderer, a drunkard or a swindler. With such a man do not even eat" (1 Cor 5:11 NIV) -- and without understanding why Paul would make this statement, while celebrating and normalizing the homosexual lifestyle and elevating them to the position of clergy and teacher -- causes the authority of the Church to be the proverbial blind-guides who "...incur a stricter judgment".

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