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Monday, August 30, 2010

Reply: What Glenn Beck Could Learn From 'Winter's Bone' - The Reality Of the Laws Ignored

Shalom Drew Zahn:
I am going to use your article What Glenn Beck Could Learn From 'Winter's Bone' to both open a discussion in my Ebionite Nazirene forums to present a spiritual reality of the Laws -- Natural Organic Laws which control all of man's experiences and realities of this world in ways that he does not understand -- and also this reply in my Blog (see ).   You bring up an excellent point in the fact that while the un-religious left only focuses on the negative side -- and the more conservative side who attended Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor program focuses only on the positive side -- what is truly important to comprehend if one's thinking is to evolve beyond a very elementary point, is that it is the Laws which were noted by the Deists and Masons who were the framers of our Constitutional form of government (see Deism And The First Amendment - The Laws Of Nature And Nature's God), that maintains the balance between the duality of what man perceives as Good and Evil.    And more importantly is the fact that it is these same Laws that imbue each side with the perception of their opposite as being evil, and themselves as being good.   
The vast majority of mankind (including those who like to see themselves as rational intellectuals), are all missing the most important part of the equation -- i.e., that there is a preexisting cause for all events that take place in this world.   In fact, even though modern quantum physics has proven the vision and the wisdom of the mystic to be true beyond man's conception (see Science Proves), because both the left and the right refuse to even acknowledge the true facts, they remain shackled to their own self-imposed prisons of profound ignorance.   While the left refuses to acknowledge any force beyond their very rudimentary vision of the world, the right refuses to acknowledge the evidence even when it is presented in the very scriptures they champion, that all events in this world have a preexistent cause.   And while this was openly taught in the pre-Nicene Church (see Early Church On Predestination), because they can't come to terms with what the Bible actually states, they choose instead to cower in ignorance and the darkness of blind belief in the dogma of the Church which came into existence under fourth century Pagan Rome.   In fact, while the members of the Ebionite Nazirene forums readily see through the folly of the un-religious secular progressive left, the fact that Glenn Beck and his entourage continue to promote blind faith in the dogma of the Church that has proven to be manmade dogma that has no factual foundation, is merely acknowledging the perpetuation of the reality, same ole, same ole.  
While there are the few who have the ability to bridge the great divide that separates the two conflicting positions which you portray -- and there exists sufficient resources to demonstrate the validity of this balanced and wholistic position -- the conflicting opposites are aghast that each side is neither right or wrong -- and that there is another position of reality that they frightfully ignore.    What it all boils down to is the fact that while each of the two sides possess a valid vision of the conditions they perceive almost to the exclusion of the opposite, both sides for largely dogmatic reasons, are aghast when confronted with the answers to their conflict.   Each side chooses to remain dogmatically shackled to their factional position that only invokes suffering upon a very large segment of society, rather than even acknowledge the factual reality presented by the few who truly understand the Laws that have orchestrated the events on the world's stage of life.         
Enlightened Americans understand that the United States began under the strong influence of Deists and Masons (see The Foundational Laws Of the US Constitution - Deist And Mason Influence - Field of Dreams), and in time for largely political reasons it became dumbed down when converted to mainstream Christianity -- before the Constitution became undermined by Secular Progressives.   And what Glenn Beck and company have yet to come to terms with, is the fact that until the knowledge of the Laws is again restored, it will remain impossible for the dogmatic thinking of the modern pro-Constitutionalists to rebuild what was lost under the control of dogmatic religion.   Further, because the Secular Progressives both remain in denial, and themselves don't possess the knowledge of the Laws that were of paramount importance to the thinking of our nation's Constitutional framers, they will remain doomed to failure -- and the ignorance of the Laws by both sides, may soon express itself in even greater conflict and suffering for the victims of the dogmatic struggle that you present.         
GodSpeed in TheWay,
Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus 


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