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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Perfect Ideological Storm - Obama And The Burning Qu'ran

In the recent news story, Petraeus: Burning Koran Puts American Lives 'In Jeopardy', the reference is being made to a Florida church led by the Rev. Terry Jones who has orchestrated a public burning of the Qur'an on Sept. 11th.   And while complacent and politically correct Religious leaders condemn plan to burn Koran, the die was cast when Barack Obama was elected president -- and what we are seeing now is merely the winds of the approaching perfect ideological storm.

The late teacher of The Fourth Way, G.I.Gurdjieff, once compared the vast majority of people to a herd of domesticated animals who, while knowing the inevitable is on the horizon, feel comfortable in the belief that they are safe because their ever nearing end will not be today.   In like manner, the Apostle Paul warned that organic (natural) man is incapable of understanding both the scriptures, as well as life itself, with any depth of comprehension (see Mystery).    And what has orchestrated this great cloud of ignorance that shackles the minds of the people from perceiving events that will consume them in struggles of great suffering, is when the Roman emperors banned Christians from believing the core Gospel teachings on the preexistent soul (see Ten Reasons Christians Reject Pre-Existent Soul).   And what this prohibition has brought about, is the casting of the congregation of believers into the abyss of spiritual ignorance -- and has positioned them blindly on the precipice of utter turmoil and despair.   Why?   Because in not understanding the lessons of the past, they are very much on the verge of repeating them.

The great Jewish visionary and mystic Issaic Luria had laid the spiritual framework for Rabbi Ovadia Yosefan to state that no innocent Jews perished in the Holocaust, because those who fell victim to Hitler   "...were reincarnations of the souls of sinners, people who transgressed and did all sorts of things that should not be done.”  (see The Chickens Come Home To Roost).   But because of the mandates of the Roman emperors who had not only dictated what was acceptable for Christians to believe, but had ordered the editing of the Bible to make the scriptures support Roman dogma (see Bible Corruption), the modern congregation of believers are simply not at all prepared to understand the words of Issaic Luria, or recognize the approaching of the storm that like a great tsunami, will engulf them in its wave of impending destruction.

The question should be asked: Why are American political and religious leaders so concerned about the burning of the Qur'an, after the die has already been cast that has set the stage for what could become the most horrific event in human history?  In the same way that the cycle of the Laws orchestrated the events leading up to the destruction of millions of Jews at the hands of Hitler -- and only those who saw the impending wave of violence were able to escape -- history is again on the verge of repeating itself (see Those Who Fail To Remember The Lessons Of History).   Thus, the conditions have been brought about that may very well end in the destruction of a great many people (see A Question Of Nuclear Holocaust?).    And by virtue of the legacy and ghost of the Roman emperors who cast the Church into the abyss of ignorance when they imposed their doctrines of belief upon the Christian world, the American people are simply not prepared to recognize the coming of the great perfect ideological storm that is about to consume them.

When Barack Obama came on the American political scene, he was hailed by many as a messiah (see Those Who Fail To Remember The Lessons Of History).   But why?   Why was a man who had accomplished virtually nothing, not only personified as a messiah who exceeded the stature of even Jesus -- a man (Obama) whose presence caused many women to become faint -- a man who was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize on the basis of his rhetorical speeches on hope and change -- why was he hailed by many as the Saviour of the world?    Because in Barack Obama's more distant past prior to this present lifetime, his soul had lived the life of one who was very much perceived to be a messiah -- and very much one of the politicians who had impersonated Mohammad (see Those Who Fail To Remember The Lessons Of History).   Quoting this link: In the case of Barack Obama and his followers in our present time, we can observe a multifaceted interaction of the Laws which have come back upon this group.   As one of the souls who claimed to be the historical Mohammad, innocent people were slaughtered in the name of Islam.   To the degree that Mohammad negated the need to take opposing solders captive, and permitted them to be murdered.   And this was also true of all those who refused to convert to the religion of Mohammad.  

As one of a number of political leaders who impersonated the historical Mohammad, the stage had been set for the annihilation of many people who opposed conversion to Islam.   And in the same way that in the cycle of the Laws, a great many Jews became the victims of Hitler, those who are portrayed as Islamic extremists today, were in many instances the very same souls who were slaughtered by those who forced Muslim conversion in the past.  And what is in fact being played out on the world's stage in the present, is merely the ghosts of an political and ideological struggle of the past coming back to haunt the spiritually disenfranchised blind in the present.   And such things as the WTC Mosque, and the burning of the Qur'an, is merely the fanning of the flames of the die that has already been cast.    Without realizing it, the election of Barack Obama who was proclaimed to be a messiah and Saviour of what many Muslims perceive to the The Great Satan of the Western culture, was like waving a red flag in the face of a raging bull.      

While modern quantum physics has already proven the validity of the spiritual mystic and visionary (see Science Proves) -- and the fact that all events that take place in this physical realm are brought about by the Forces and Laws in the (Etheric) Field -- both our politically correct culture and faith-based religions choose to ignore the facts, and personify ostriches with heads buried deep in the sands of dogmatic illusions.    The portrayal of Islam as a benign religion of peace that has been hijacked by radical elements outside the mainstream is representative of a total denial of the facts (see Reply To Sojourners - Rev. Jim Wallis & Rev. Jennifer Kottler - The WTC Mosque).    The practice of religion from an Islamic perspective, is the conquering of non-Muslims who are portrayed as the infidel.   The building of the WTC Mosque is the fulfillment of the practice to build upon the ruins of the infidel as a sign of victory.   In the same way that many of the followers of the soul of Obama recognized that their messiah had come, there are many in the Islamic world who innately perceive Obama as a vicious and brutal conquer who shed innocent blood in his more distant past.   And the United Nations, like Neville Chamberlain who after meeting with Hitler declared "peace for our time", while Obama makes speeches, Iran is developing atomic weapons that from an Islamic perspective, will bring about the Qur'an in the required fulfillment of the destruction of the Great Satan.

The core teachings of Islam in the very corrupted Qur'an (see The Spiritual Fall Of Islam) declares that if the infidel does not willingly convert, that they must be annihilated with what they portray as the Islamic Sword of Righteousness.    There is no turning the other cheek -- or doing good to those who persecute you -- only the requirement of death and destruction to the infidel.    And if the question is posed: What Would Jesus Do? Jesus would condemn those who murder innocent men, women and children in the name of God as vipers and the offspring of the Devil.   Yet, our complacent politically correct religious leaders portray the Qur'an that calls for their death and destruction in the name of God, as a holy book belonging to a great religion.    And while the Rev. Terry Jones' warning falls largely on deaf ears, that does not mean that he is either wrong, or that Jesus would not do the same to those who turn a blind eye and deaf ears to the proclamation in the Qur'an that God desires the destruction of the innocent.

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