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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Myth Of The Moderate Muslim

I recently listened intently as Bill O'Reilly spoke with Zuhdi Jasser about how his organization, The American Islamic Forum For Democracy (AIDF), promotes separation of mosque and state in the name of Islam.   But, we must pose the question: Is there such a thing as a moderate Muslim?   Every Muslim -- even the most moderately sincere -- is carrying with him a ticking time-bomb that is an immanent danger to all non-Muslims.   Why?   Because the very Qur'an that the moderate Muslim shares with even his family and friends -- the book that they deem the holy words of their god -- calls for the death and destruction of all non-Muslims as the highest expression of the practice of Islam (see If You Repeat A Lie, Does It Become Truth?).  And as long as political correctness permits the great Muslim lie to be perpetuated, then every Muslim is a potential ticking time-bomb.   And with respect to telling a lie, unlike Jesus who commanded let your yes be yes, and your no be no -- the Qur'an deems it a good thing to lie to the non-believers in order to fool them.

How far is political correctness carried out?    This week with the firing of Juan Williams because he merely admitted that he was deeply troubled and concerned when in the presence of Muslims at certain times, we can surmise that the Leftist are so naive, that they are a danger to themselves.   I believe it was Stalin who coined the phrase when he defined them as "useful idiots"!  And thus, all the despots of the world have proven that those who are led by idiots who are out of touch with their feelings of danger and reality, have historically been a people consumed by their own ignorance and folly.

While Zuhdi Jasser very much seemed sincere, the looming question that confronted him is this: Is he, as a leader and spokesman, prepared to become a True Muslim?   If he is not, then he is nothing more than a tool of the Jihadists who is himself carrying the ticking time-bomb in the name of a counterfeit religion of peace!!!   Why?   Because the very Qur'an which he carries -- which he sincerely believes is the words and commandments of God -- teaches that the highest expression of worship is the death and destruction of the non-believers -- and sincere practicing Muslims are commanded to kill the unbelievers in the name of Islam.   And unless Zuhdi Jasser is willing to become a true Muslim -- i.e., a Spiritual Muslim that understands the allegory of the journey to the Mecca as being not the Mecca of the earth, and dedicates himself to completing the required journey to Spiritual Mecca that is not of this world (see The Journey By Night To The Distant Mosque), then Zuhdi Jasser himself will remain a serious threat to the lives of those who cherish Liberty, and the Freedom to seek the Truth and the Kingdom of God.

In the same way that the American Constitution has been hijacked by Secular Progressives (see Deism And The First Amendment) -- Christianity was hijacked by pagan idol worshipers who embraced the dogma of Roman emperors in the name of Jesus (see The Ten Words) --  and that there are forces and Laws at work in this world that causes everything that man creates to very quickly decay and fall into ruin -- the religion of Islam itself was corrupted within the first hundred years of its founding.  Once the truth is recognized, the only obstacle that confronts Zuhdi Jasser is his own self -- and his quest to become a True Muslim.   Only then can he become a force of Islamic renewal and rebirth.    While the True Prophet awaits the arrival of a spiritual people who are willing to become True Spiritual Muslims (see The True History Of Islam) -- and themselves become true guides who will lead the people in TheWay -- at present only counterfeit Muslims call upon the name of their god -- counterfeit Muslims who cling to the corrupted Qur'an of this world, in contradistinction to the Pure Qur'an which is preserved in the Distant Mosque in the Spiritual Mecca that is not of this world.         
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