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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Truth About Paul

It is written in the historical records that the original disciples opposed the person today known as Paul.  Yet, when rightfully understood, those today who are attempting to escape the paganism of the Church by rejecting Paul -- in not understanding Paul -- are often making an even graver mistake in their search for Truth and TheWay.  

While there are many aspects of the Epistles attributed to Paul that appear anti-Jewish, this is because they were written by a number of different people.   What is written in the Book of Acts, like all of the scriptures, is not at all historical -- but rather, esoteric spiritual truths concealed within an allegorical cloak designed to conceal and preserve these essential truths for those who have their minds opened, and the necessary eyes to see.   But after the Book of Acts was written, a number of Gentiles (some of them spiritually enlightened) claimed to be associated with this Paul who was portrayed in the scriptures.   Some were attempting to warn the Gentile converts not to go in the way of the carnal Jews who Crucified the Christ through their carnal and ritual interpretation of the Law.   And though the majority of the Epistles that were associated with the name Paul has been suppressed and destroyed because they were easily demonstrated to be outlandish frauds, there were some Epistles that were helpful to the Gentiles in their search for Truth and TheWay. The problem was that while all the Epistles attributed to Paul were corrupted by the Church (see ) -- an even greater pitfall is seen in the plight of those attempting to embrace Judaism without understanding that Judaism which is an ancient Mystery religion, their fate can be even worse off than that of seeking to understand Paul (see Netzarim & Pseudo-Ebionites - Jewish? Christian? Or Something Else?).   First one has to understand that with respect to Judaism as a surviving Mystery religion, unless you understand the nature of the ancient Mystery religions, then you will very quickly become gravely deceived.  

The original Gospels were written in an attempt to free the people from the enigma of the Mystery religion Judaism.   Because the leaders of the Jews had thrown away what Jesus portrayed as the Key of Knowledge, they were ritualizing in the outer physical what they should have been practicing within their body and mind.   And thus, the people were being led by blind guides who in Jesus' words, made them twice the children of hell than before they were converted.   And thus the problem which continues today, is seen in the fact that because the counterfeit shepherds of the Church neither understood the inner spiritual meaning of the Law -- and like their Jewish predecessors, they too threw away the Key of Knowledge -- the modern Christian is even more deceived than was the people who were led by the Pharisees in the time of Jesus.   

In our present day there is only one source of wisdom written from the perspective of the original authors of the scriptures -- and what is presented in this article is appropriately called An Inconvenient Truth.  And unless you come to understand the nature and reality of the scriptures FROM THE PERCEPTION AND OBJECTIVES OF THE AUTHORS -- then you will be greatly misguided and deceived by the enigma of the written words of the text.   In fact, it is interesting to note that the Apostle Peter portrayed the written text of the scriptures as the "books with the power to deceive" (see Books) -- and the article  An Inconvenient Truth, is the only source that is actually written from the perspective of the original authors -- and why they composed the scriptures in the allegorical manner that they did.  

In the same way that the people who attempt to read the scriptures neither understand Paul (see The Gnostic Paul) -- or what can be called The Secret Doctrine of the Original Church which itself is a great enigma to the modern believers -- neither do they understand the authors of the Gospels, or the Torah and other OT scriptures.   Therefore, it is important for the modern believer to understand why Paul was against a ritual observance of the Torah, as was being practiced by the carnal Jews.  

In the first place, the warning is made by many of the original authors that it is impossible for man in his organic natural condition of mind to comprehend his own higher soul and spiritual reality (see Mystery Of The Gospel).  That modern Christians fail to take heed of this important warning, is perhaps one of the paramount elements in their own spiritual demise.   Ignorance is not bliss -- and what is written literally in the written text of the scriptures, is designed as both a cloak to conceal the inner spiritual meaning, as well as a guide for entry-level believers to begin the process of bringing about spiritual maturity.   And thus, the folly of the Jews who threw away the Key of Knowledge, is demonstrated in the portrayal of the Final Temple (see ).  And because the vast majority of Jews did not at all understand their own scriptures -- and continued to observe the Torah in ritual and the traditions of men -- it would have been a spiritual detriment to convert the Gentiles to (ritual) Torah observance, in contradistinction to walking a more spiritual path that would provide them a more direct access to the Kingdom within (see ).      

Modern day seekers have been terribly disadvantaged by the fact that more pure scriptures existed in the first three centuries of our Common Era (see ).   And even in the written word, much wisdom could be read that is not available today.   The original Gospels portrayed Yeshua/Jesus as a man who became the Anointed (see ) -- and as you can readily see at , Paul in no manner subscribed to the dogma that is being promoted in a misunderstanding of the Epistles attributed to him.   And if you can demonstrate these facts to the people, then there is a chance that they will begin to sincerely seek Truth and the Kingdom.   The fact that the modern Church does not at all embrace the actual teachings of Paul's Epistles, and neither do they possess any real understanding of the Gospels, confirms the fact that the pagan dogma of the Church has spiritually disenfranchised them from the Kingdom.  

Many well-meaning Christians who have become aware of the paganism of Rome, have themselves been seduced into following a quasi-Jewish path which can be found and explored at .   But for the most part, they are merely trading one error for another.   Further, most people who teach Kabbalah, are more New Age than anything else -- and they too throw out the Key of Knowledge in their cosmic interpretations of the Tree of Life.  

The fact that the modern Christians have totally dogmatized the faith vs ritual observances of Paul, without understanding Paul's open condemnation of using Jesus in the pagan manner as a sacrifice to continue to live in sin (see ), which is totally rejected in the same Epistles attributed to Paul -- is responsible for the present day war against the Church which is brining about its demise.   You can't be faithful to the Gospel, and attempt to use Jesus as a pagan sacrifice to provide you a license to live in accord with the thinking, mindset and lifestyle of this world and its culture.   And the fact that the modern Church bases this spiritual folly on one misunderstood statement of Paul, while rejecting the greater substance of what Paul taught, is representative of the total demise of the modern Church.

It is a total rejection of the Gospel teachings to ignore Jesus' statement that not a single jot or tittle of the Law will be done away with, because Paul stated that salvation is through faith instead of a carnal ritual observance of the Law -- while at the same time ignoring Paul's warnings that those who continue to sin after coming to the knowledge of the Truth and TheWay, are apostates to the Gospel and the Kingdom who "...crucify the Son of God on their own account and hold him up to contempt" (see ).   And it is this apostasy that is destroying the modern Church, as well as the spiritual essence of America and the Constitutional declaration of UnAlienable God-Given Rights.  Thus, because of ignorance, spiritual complacency, and counterfeit shepherds who are guiding the people into the abyss of suffering and despair.

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