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Friday, June 19, 2015

Pope Francis - Talk The Talk Without Walking The Walk?

While it is great that Pope Francis is so concerned with the issue of man-made climate change, but after reviewing the 10 Key Points of his Encyclical (see Washington Times Article), there is not a single word of how Pope Francis is going to walk the walk and set an example for all Catholics to follow.   St. Francis of course is said to have stated: Preach the Gospel, but only if you must, use words -- and if Pope Francis is worthy of his namesake, he should do the same.  Quoting some facts which I presented in a previous article on Global Warming
The following are a few inconvenient truths that the former V.P. ignores:
  • A major United Nations study determined that the meat industry generates 40 percent more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, SUVs, ships, and planes in the world combined.
  • Researchers at the University of Chicago concluded that going vegan is 50 percent more effective in combating the climate crisis than switching to a hybrid car.
  • The official handbook of the Live Earth concerts that Gore helped organize acknowledges that not eating meat is "the single most effective thing" you can do to reduce your climate change impact (emphasis in original).
If Pope Francis was to renounce the eating of flesh as did the original Ebionite Disciples of Jesus (see ) -- and set the example for all Christians -- the threat of Global Warming and Climate Change would be totally eliminated.  Further, if the grain that was used to feed the animals in the meat industry was used instead to feed the people, world hunger would be totally eliminated. 

Becoming a vegetarian and living the spiritual life would have even greater benefits than what Pope Francis could even imagine.  In purifying the physical body and living the Consecrated Life in the manner of Jesus' original disciples, it is likely that Pope Francis would begin to recall the previous lives his soul has lived (see ).   Recently, when a little girl asked Pope Francis why there was evil in the world (see The UnAnswerable Question?), the pope was unable to answer this child's question -- a question the answer to which, is of far greater importance than Climate Change.   If people actually knew and understood the reason why there is evil in the world, they would be forced to reconsider their relationships with their brothers and sisters -- and would be forced to more closely examine the manner in which they treated others.  In fact, if more Christians were aware of the original teachings that were suppressed by the Church (see ), the vision of the pope of a more spiritual world could become a reality.

Perhaps the Hand of God has moved the pope to support Climate Change, in order to open the door for more Christians to live the original Consecrated Life in TheWay, which would not only have the effect of a cleaner and more spiritual planet, but would draw them closer to God.  

Brother of Yeshua/Jesus


At 7:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Promoting vegan by using the hoax global warming is very disingenuous. None of the predictions made by the climate Marxists in the last forty years has come true. None, zilch, nada.

All predictions were made based on models that failed spectacularly.

All temperature data has been corrupted By NOAA and NASA. To achieve their "warming" they are artificially cooling the past and increasing present temperatures.

The way they treat anyone who dares challenge their "science" should give you a clue.


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