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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Are There Spiritual Ramifications Voting For Hillary?

I was asked if there are any spiritual ramifications in the upcoming election.  It just so happens that I just finished presenting an answer to the election equation on one of my forums. Let me copy it here:
It is my position that Trump has been raised up by the Laws, in order to provide choice to those who vote for Hillary. Not so much choice between Hillary and Trump -- but choice as to what kind of regime you choose to live in (see The Natural Laws As A Living Bio-Feedback Organism ).
There is no doubt that Trump has been raised up by the Laws (see The Laws Of Creation and The Laws That Control Our Lives .  There is great tribulation on the horizon of the United States -- and this tribulation will come whether Hillary or Trump is elected president. The American people have long ago abandoned the Constitution (see ).  And Christians have long ago abandoned the Original Gospel teachings.  And it is this wholesale abandonment of First Principles that has placed us on the cusp of Tribulation and Upheaval.    
Trump is not politically correct -- and the Natural Laws have raised him up, because he will present all the corruption of Hillary to the people -- like no other Republican politician would have. Trump even revealed that Hillary was literally thrown off the Watergate Commission, because of her corruption -- which no other political opponent has raised.  But more important is the fact that Clinton is so corrupt, that to vote for her you choose to live under a corrupt regime. And Trump has been used by the Laws to make each person aware of this wholesale corruption prior to their casting their vote.  Which mesns that the Laws are using Donald Trump to make people accountable for their vote and choices.  And this is how people end up being born into places like Castro's Cuba, Stalin's Soviet Union, and Communist China. This election is as a trigger for choices that will come to pass in the future and the conditions they will be born into by virtue of the choices they have made. And no one but Trump would have laid the whole gamete of corruption on the table for everyone to be aware of when they make this choice.  From the perspective of the Laws, Trump is a catalyst that makes people responsible for their choice in the vote they have cast.
Trump was not a politician. He was the product of our over sexualized culture. The women who he was referencing in that leaked video, were groupies and wannabe starlets who used and promoted their sexuality for their own gain.  We live in a hyper-sexual culture where porn is piped into the home over cable TV.  Trump is a highly successful billionaire who indulged fully in all aspects of cultural life.  Which provokes the question: As a product of our sexualized culture, when you judge Trump for his lack of morality, you judge your own standards of morality -- i.e., he who is without sin, let him be the first to cast stones. But the important thing to remember was that Trump was not a politician -- he was not under oath to serve the people -- he was a Hollywood star -- and he lived the Hollywood lifestyle. In contradistinction, Hillary was under oath -- an elected official -- and she was immersed in corruption. So, if you vote for her, then you are stating that you don't mind living under a corrupt regime in the future. This is a prime example of why there is evil in the world.

For a more in-depth insight into the struggle of writing of the above article, see Simon Magus - Voting For Hillary 


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