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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Science Delusion

Is the Delusion of Science inflicting even greater harm upon the population than the faux-religion preached from the pulpits of our Churches?  In the following I will present a number of communications which explain how science is in many instances a greater detriment to man's understanding than is faux-religion:

With respect to The Science Delusion, I have utilized the positions of Rupert Sheldrake in the subheading Gender Blindness ?  I use his quotations, because he is one of the few scientists who has based his finding on man's Higher Reality that I have myself confirmed in my own work as a Mystic.   The fact that the physicist has now proven that the Mind and Reality of Mankind exists in the UNSEEN (Spiritual) REALITY (see 
The True Facts And Realities Of Life ), means that the modern material faux-science is harming more people than does faux-religion.  And while the facts are there to demonstrate the hoax of both faux-science and faux-religion, the vast majority of people are incapable of thinking outside of the limitations imposed upon them by these counterfeit-authorities.   

In the Youtube talk, The Science Delusion by Sheldrake (see ), Rupert Sheldrake presents the long ignored self-imposed limitations that science has shackled themselves with by only looking to the physical or material for their answers (see The Science Delusion   And he is correct in his assertion that our modern science is a basic hoax, because it has imposed material limitations on its research and findings.  What that of course means is that most scientists -- being of a total Linear mind-set -- will only look to the physical for their facts and findings.  In using the example of this fatal flaw in the previous link: If you were to put a measurement of effectualness on the male/female relationship in a marriage, this assessment can only be seen in what Sheldrake portrays as the "morphic-field" -- which of course is non-physical.  You can't examine either the physical body of the man or woman to detect the condition of the marriage-union -- because the fruit of the union exists in the Ætheric Field that the two create as the substance of their marriage-union.  And this morphic-field becomes as an atmosphere that embodies the concept of the man and woman becoming "one flesh".   Which means that because the modern scientist looks only at the physical (or material) -- totally ignoring the spiritual-etheric -- they remain totally ineffective at even detecting or understanding the reality of a spurious vs a genuine marriage.    

The person I am, is not in the physical body -- but rather, is in the Ætheric-Field that surrounds the body.  The True Being that I am is Spiritual, and is my Higher Soul-Self (see ).   But modern science remains shackled and blind to the Higher Realities of Life, because they refuse to look and seek beyond the physical-material.   And using the above example of marriage as just one reality that they remain totally blind to, is true of all their scientific findings.   Yet, we have a very large segment of our population -- many of whom portray themselves as Deists -- who attempt to base their whole foundation of their Reasoning, upon the faux-findings of modern material-science.   In the same way that it is virtually impossible to even begin to understand the purpose and meaning of a marriage between a man and a woman without understanding the morphic-field that their union creates (see The Process Of Birth Within The Tree Of Life, the self-imposed limitations of modern science has rendered their findings and assertions harmful to the person seeking the answers to life's questions.  And in many respects, modern science is even more harmful than faux-religion. 

I was then asked:  Shalom Allan:  I did not know you used his material..  Interesting.    Rarely do I disagree with anything you say but having been born into Evangelical Christianity, my parents were in full time ministry,  and I have known and met many of the faux leaders including Billy Graham, I would have to say that Christianity destroys more souls than modern science could ever shake a stick at.  Most Evangelical Christians are unreachable with Truth, critical thinking is not in their vocabulary,  and the word Gnosticism could get you killed.  Outside of my husband, I have not yet found one Christian who can receive what you say and write about.   We have lost many friends because we will not conform to the Christian narratives.   I have found that Catholics are much easier to have a conversation with than Evangelical Christians, or people who are involved with cults like JW’s or Armstrongism.  Religion is a deadly animal. 

To which I replied:Basically, everyone is doing the best they can under the Laws they were born under.  In the same way that the vast majority of people follow their minstrels like the pied piper, because their Soul's have been followers from life to life -- never seeking on their own -- they really have no idea that they each have the capacity to seek and find the ultimate Truths in Life.  

There is a Universal Spiritual Language which I portray as the Language of the Soul that all of Creation is composed in, and it is used in the scriptures.  When it is written that the scriptures are allegorical, that does not mean that the authors made-up the symbols used -- but rather, the symbolism is actually written into Nature and all of Life.  This is why the Apostle Peter is quoted in the writings of his disciple Clement as stating with respect to the scriptures: "...therefore great care is to be taken, that when the law of God is read, it be not read according to the understanding of our own mind. For there are many sayings in the divine Scriptures which can be drawn to that sense which every one has preconceived for himself; and this ought not to be done. For you ought not to seek a foreign and extraneous sense, which you have brought from without"   Why should the scriptures not be read and understood in accord with "an extraneous sense, which you have brought from without"?   Because the whole of the scriptures are an allegorical presentation using and employing catalysts that connect the outer physical consciousness with the pre-existing inner soul and spiritual consciousness -- which when rightly understood, is the very essence of the process of anamnesis (see Anamnesis - Innate Knowledge Of The Truth Of All Truths: ). 

The problem is that in order to utilize the process of anamnesis, you must develop the feminine-intuitive spheres of mind (see The Trinity - Divine Pattern - Linear vs Intuitive Development Of The Mind ) -- and the male-linear spheres of mind do everything in their power to not only dominate, but to subjugate and control the all-important feminine-intuitive spheres of mind.  Which means that the mind of the person never even begins to develop beyond the most basic of human levels of consciousness with is accurately portrayed as an "animal-soul" level of mind (see Animal-Soul ).  

The Feminine-Intuitive spheres of mind do not express themselves in a Linear manner -- but rather, the Intuitive expresses itself in symbolism and allegorical catalysts that present truths that cannot be expressed in a linear manner.  And while those who study the scriptures become immersed in the symbols and allegorical catalysts of the Intuitive, science and academia has waged war against all that is Intuitive and the inner reality of Higher Mind.  And while traditional Fundamentalist religion attempts to do the same, the fact that they are relying upon mystical and spiritual writings that were designed to employ catalysts to connect the person with their inner Higher Self, means that these same religions serve as a better foundation for the prodigal son or prisoners of Plato's Cave to escape this realm of Illusion.  And while it is true that the Christians who remain under the dominion of blind-belief of the Church are unable to comprehend anything beyond the man-made dogma with which their thinking has been programmed, there are a large number of people who have recognized the folly of the Churches, and have become seekers.   And many of these people find their answers in my writings.  

As a woman, you must have experienced the rejection of your feminine-intuitive concepts that the male-dominated linear thinking not only rejects, but is incapable of understanding.  To understand both the scriptures, as well as the higher meaning and realities of life, requires a very high degree of Wholeness (see Wholeness of Mind & Being ).  And the male-linear dominated science has totally alienated the people from achieving any degree of Wholeness. 


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