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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Beasts Who Walk In The Form Of Man

It seems like every day modern science now confirms what myself and other mystics have stated all along.  Every day the Theory of Evolution is taught by academia -- and yet, not only is the theory proved wrong by the fossil evidence, but it has now been proven wrong by the Genetic DNA evidence.  And this is explored in the article Massive Genetic Study Reveals 90 Percent Of Earth’s Animals Appeared At The Same Time (see ).  Which is of course impossible from a Darwinian Evolutionary perspective.  In fact, the answer to the enigma of the relationship of the animal kingdom to that of man will be totally shocking to the vast majority of so-called scholars and experts.   Why?  Because the animal kingdom is part of man -- and not the other way around as portrayed in the Theory of Evolution.  And there is only one article where the relationship of the animal kingdom as part of man and his human consciousness is explored in a number of subheading listed below: 
The Source Of Soul-Light Pt.2 - The Vertical Slice Of Creation
Soul-Breath And The Common Ground Of The Fourth Kingdom Under Construction
The Light Of Spiritually Advanced Souls

The important relationship of the animal kingdom to that of man, is an integral part of the adage to Know Thyself.  And because our culture remains totally ignorant of the reality of Self, we are insuring failure and dysfunctional human advancement.  Moreover, because our modern religions and philosophies are founded upon our self-ignorant culture, the cultural religions and philosophies promote lives of abject failure.  In the above links the blueprint of human consciousness is explored, and the fact that man possess an animal nature which in the suppressed Gospel teachings, can be portrayed as "beasts who walk in the form of man".  And out cultural religions, philosophies and academia are creating a generation of people who are so ruled over by their lower animal nature, that their higher areas of mind are suppressed and atrophied, resulting in the reality that every day our streets are more like jungles where violence is the norm.  And because of the corruption of the scriptures by the Western religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the great spiritual void of their scriptures actually fosters spiritual failure.  The more Christianity deviates from the Original Gospel Teachings (see ), the more the Church becomes the greatest adversary against Jesus and his original disciples.   Because of the massive corruptions to the Qur'an (see ), Islam is the cradle of human death and destruction.  A member of the Eastern group Sant Mat recently stated the need to escape the Wheel of Rebirth, but because the Eastern religions are lacking the knowledge of Soul-Light and Evolution, they squander away their opportunity of life.  Yet, this knowledge was known by the original disciples of Jesus.  A Sufi recently hailed the wisdom of Rumi -- but Rumi was totally wrong in his linear evolution of the soul set forth in his statement in the verses from the world famous Masnawi by Hazrat:

I died as mineral and became a plant, 
I died as plant and rose to animal, 
I died as animal and I was man. 
Why should I fear? 
When was I less by dying? 
Yet once more I shall die as man, 
To soar with angels blest; 

But even from angelhood I must pass on ... 

Because of his lack of Wholeness, Rumi was unable to understand that his Soul is all these things at once -- i.e., at the same time.  And this Higher Knowledge of the Seven Kingdoms that form and establish the mind and consciousness of man, was known and understood by the disciples of Jesus.  And what this means is that because each of us is holographically a Vertical Slice Of Creation ( ), all seven kingdoms including the lower earthly kingdoms of mineral, vegetable and animal, are all active and manifest within us in the present.  And, as set forth by modern science, that "...9 out of 10 animal species on the planet came to being at the same time as humans did some 100,000 to 200,000 years ago", because the animal kingdom is a direct expression of mankind.  Which means that because the animals we observe in Nature are an integral part of mankind, they all came into being simultaneously.   And because our modern culture and the fossilized science upon which our culture is founded was ignorant of this fact -- and in the case of Darwinism, continues to promote this self-ignorance as academia attempts to program young impressionable minds into their agenda of self-ignorance -- in conjunction with games that celebrate and promote violence and human destruction -- we are raising up a generation of children who will celebrate the mass-slaughter of the innocent.  Meanwhile, even our religions continue to promote a population of "beasts who walk in the form of man" -- some of who believe that their god requires them to torture, rape and kill their brothers and sisters to gain god's approval.      


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