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Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Universal Journey In TheWay

The Universal Journey In TheWay
I was asked in the Ex-Christian group what my mission was? I made the following answer:

When everyone passes from this life, they will have to evaluate the life that they lived. The Christians will be confronted with the fact that their religion has nothing in common with the original Gospel teachings (see ). The ex-Christians will be confronted with the fact that if they had sought the essence of the Gospel, they could have found the Truth that could have helped them prevail in their life. The Atheists will be confronted by the fact that while they were right about the bogus fraud with respect to the Jesus-god of Constantine (see The Unforgivable Sin Of The Church ), that if they had sought the Truth, they would have found it.

All of them will attempt to say: How was I to know? There are a number of Inner Paths into the Core of each person's Mind that will reveal to them the Truth of all Truths. And the Gospels were written as a universal text-book for tapping into the Inner Source that exists within each of us. Admittedly, the path has been made more difficult because of the corruption of the Gospels by the Church. And my mission in entering this life was to restore the most important teachings that were suppressed, in order to enable them to overcome the corruption.

It is not my job to worry about who reads these writings. The Internet provides the opportunity to set these writings before the people world-wide -- and I am often contacted by seekers around the world who have read them. But, the Spirit guides key people to these writings. While the vast majority of people use the Internet for shopping, porn and social nonsense, there are people whose souls are evolved enough to find their answers in these writings. Therefore, when they get to the hereafter, and they are then able to examine the life they lived, and attempt to make excuses for themselves, they will be confronted by the fact that they were provided the answers, but refused to engage as a seeker. And in these writings I explain how EVERYONE has the ability to tap into the Inner Source of Truth, if they are willing to develop those aspects of mind that enable them to do so. Therefore, they don't have to believe anything -- because each person who walks the face of the earth has the innate ability to tap into the Source of Universal Knowledge within them, and know the Truth of all Truths.

There is no judgement day as envisioned by the faux-church and institutionalized religion. The life we are living is as a learning experience and a testing to see if we can advance. But since we have the ability to review any thought or point in our life, it is impossible to make excuses for our failures. An important part of mental and spiritual development is the exercise of our freewill and choices, and then live out these choices in order to experience them. Since most people are complacent followers who never make the effort to seek and prove the truth, their Soul has yet to evolve. And they live life after life making gains at a snails pace (see Soul-Evolution - Reincarnation And Soul-Development ). In the case of critics and atheists, while they are intelligent enough to see that the Church is a fraud, are they intelligent enough to recognize and embrace the valid path of truth when they encounter it.

The fact that I have never had a teacher -- neither am I part of any church or organized religion -- and my only Teacher is the Source within me -- that exists equally within everyone. I lived the first 25 years of my life mentally undeveloped and spiritually disenfranchised, until I encountered truths that began my search for the greater truth. And this was orchestrated, so that no one could make excuses. If I could arise out of cultural ignorance, then so can anyone else.

By restoring the original Gospel teachings, I have done the major work that is necessary to restore these important teachings. Which means that no one who has encountered these writings, will have an excuse for not considering what is presented. The bottom line is that they chose not to seek truth when it was presented to them. Each of us has a Higher Self (see ) that guides us -- so in most instances, those who encounter these writings were guided to them by their own Higher Soul-Self, but they chose to ignore their own True-Self. And when they get to the hereafter, this failure to listen to their True-Self and the Source within them, will be their own failure.


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